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Everything to Know About Invisalign


Published on - Invisalign is the clear way to straighten teeth using aligners instead of braces. As a certified Invisalign provider, Fine Art Dentistry is here to help you discretely, comfortably, and effectively straighten your smile. Dial (704)-461-0685 to speak with our dentist in Charlotte.

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Everything to Know About Invisalign

  2. 2. DENTAL ISSUE Itiscommonthateveryoneeagerforgreat lookingteeth!Butduetomisalignedand crookedteeth,manypeopleneverfeel confidentintheirsmiles. 01 Butduetoadvancementin technology,itbecomespossibleto restorethenaturalsmile.
  3. 3. WHAT IS INVISALIGN? Itisthedentalprocedurethatcorrects misalignedteeth,crookedteeth,overbite andunderbite.Asthenameitself suggeststhatitisinvisibletonakedeyes! Soyoucancommunicatewithotherswith notense! 02
  4. 4. HOW TO GET STARTED? FirstmakesurewhethertheInvisalignisrightforyou. Becauseforsomeinstancelikeseverestraightening orre-spacing,traditionalmetalbracesisstill preferrable.Sohaveaconsultationwithdentistfirst. 03
  5. 5. HOW TO USE INVISALIGN DAY TO DAY Forconsiderableresultwearthealigners20hoursaday!While eating,brushingandflossingyoucanremovethealignersand proceedwithyourprocess. 04
  6. 6. BENEFITS05 1.Invisibleappearance 2.Comfort 3.Improvedcleanliness 4.Safeandremovable 5.Eatwhateveryouwant 6.Betterdentalhealth
  7. 7. ARE YOU LOOKING FOR COMPREHENSIVE DENTAL CARE FOR INVISALIGN TREATMENT? WELCOME TO Wearededicatedtoprovidingtheabsolutebest careforyouandyourfamily!Also,wearefully preparedtohandleallofyouroralhealthneeds. FineArtsDentistryoffersonlythebestgeneral andcosmeticdentistryservicestoguarantee thatyouachieveabeautifulhealthysmilefor life.
  8. 8. CONTACT US (704)461-0685 FineArtsDentistry 1230MannDr#100 Matthews, Monday:8:00am-5:00pm Tuesday:8:00am-5:00pm Wednesday:8:00am-5:00pm Thursday:8:00am-5:00pm Friday:8:00am-1:00pm
  9. 9. THANK YOU!