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Findyahan food


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Findyahan food

  1. 1. Food
  2. 2. Small & home business can directly sell online Food Findyahan provides Platform for food Services to the Individual to turn their passion into business to target their customers easily . Food Services includes services like Baking Services, Catering services, Cooking Classes, Desserts, Home cooked meals Services, organic food services etc.
  3. 3. Enable users to find service providers or promote their own skills to earn a quick buck Baking Findyahan offers banking services to the passionate vendor who wanna earn money with their cultural business to target their customers easily. Find right person, you’re looking for at Findyahan. Wanna know more explore
  4. 4. Right talent meets the right customers ! Catering Findyahan aims at providing a background to aspiring young enthusiast who want to grow their business can find right person at findyahan. Need something ! Findyahan. For more view reviews at ng.
  5. 5. Help to find the exact suitable job role Cookery Classes Wanna start a new business with your old business and don’t know how to achieve your Objectives Findyahan is a Platform for such enthusiast individual to easily target their customers. For more review at ry-class.
  6. 6. Connects directly to the suitable target audience ! Desserts Desserts are sweets that are loved by people of all ages and if you love to teach/provide Dessert services and don’t have any ideas how to go by to the customers,the best place is Findyahan to develop your business to the field you love most. Want to review something ! Findyahan at
  7. 7. A Real-time Buyer Powered Market Home Cooked meals In today’s busy schedule everyone want’s healthy home cooked food so, Findyahan is a platform for those want provide Home Cooked meals services directly to the customers and also for learners who wanna learn how to cook. For more explore at cooked-meals.
  8. 8. A Real-time Buyer Powered Market Other Food Service Other food services include mock tail making services, backyard fish farming training, Chinese cuisine chef. The People willing to earn through part time business can go just through Findyahan or more at services.
  9. 9. Infinite marketplace for services & skills Thank You
  10. 10. Connecting the skilled individual to their target customers !