Unveil the hidden values in your organization


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By using search as a tool for collaboration it is possible to connect people, social networks and information in new ways. It implies an opportunity to create completely new insights and it is a potential gold mine for businesses. This presentation at Findability Day 2013 gives you an idea of both the previously undiscovered potential and lays out a path for how to leverage your search solutions to convert this potential into real business value for your organization. It also gives an overview of search in Sharepoint 2013.
For more information about Findability Day, go to findwise.com/findability-day-2013

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Unveil the hidden values in your organization

  1. 1. Are you familiar with…?
  2. 2. • Core Enterprise Search• Integrated SharePoint Experiences• Extending Search
  3. 3. Office 365 Suite Integration
  4. 4. DynamicsSupply ChainInventoryProduct CatalogPricing/Tax/ShippingFAST Index Multi-Channel RenderingeCommerce Web PartsCheckout &PaymentOnlineConsumersProduct CatalogConnectorBack officeeCommerce with Dynamics & SP IntegrationProduct catalog published to SharePointOrder Fulfillment via Dynamics Runtime (Pricing, Sales Tax and Shipping)
  5. 5. Big Data Increases eCommerce Site RevenueAzure IaaSSharePoint 2013Azure Blob Storage Hadoop on AzureASVMappingExternalWebAnalytics(Omniture,WebTrends)ExternalReferralsDirectFeedbacktouser
  6. 6. Summary• Industry trends and opportunities• Social fabric everywhere aligned on models andconcepts• People are more connected• Advances in user experiences• Search powering integrated experiences, withoutexplicit user keyword queries
  7. 7. Public APIUnit of scale/role boundary
  8. 8. Search as a Development Platform• OOB connectors• Custom connectors(BCS)• Security trimming• 3rd party connectors• Continues Crawl• Catalog Support• Custom processing• Web service• Trigger mechanics• Custom entity extraction• Deep links extraction• Smarter metadata• 64-bit + cloud ready• Flexible index schema• Custom relevancy• Partial updates• Analytics engine• User behavior• Map/reduce• Insights/reports• Improves relevancy• Recommendations• Query rules• Business Rules• Targeted/Contextual• Promotions• Machine learning• Dynamic Relevancy• XRANK• Federation• OpenSearch• Result blocks• Open standards• REST/OData• OAuth• No Code Search Apps• Content Search WP• Query builder• Display templates• Device Channels
  9. 9. Search in SharePoint 2013
  10. 10. Search in Cloud & Hybrid• Runs SharePoint Online(2013) in Multi-tenant Service• O365/SharePoint Online complete cloud productivity service• Same FAST engine and search experience• Hybrid Search support across stack• Runs SharePoint 2013 Server• Great flexibility and scale with Azure IaaS VM role’s support• Same FAST engine and search experience• Hybrid Search support across stack• External Content• Runs SharePoint 2013 Server• Same FAST engine and search experience• Hybrid Search support across stack• External Content
  11. 11. http://office https://msft.spoppe.com