The Findwise Spirit


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For us, it is crucial that you can put your talents to use here at Findwise. We therefore sincerely hope that you feel encouraged to act independently and bravely, and that you come to work each day filled with joy and anticipation. We gladly walk this talk. Because without you and your fellow talents, this company would not exist – let alone thrive.

You are Findwise.

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The Findwise Spirit

  1. 1. THE SPIRIT
  2. 2. QUICK FACTS ABOUT FINDWISE • Big data company creating search driven solutions for intranets, web, e-commerce and applications • Consulting services include strategy, business consulting, implementation and support • Vendor independent with knowledge and experience from the leading search technology platforms • More than 90 employees • Offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Malmö, Copenhagen, Oslo, Warsaw and Sydney • Profitable growth from the start in 2005 • Awarded several Gazelle awards for rapid growth • More than 200 clients and 800 successful projects
  3. 3. FIND [FAHYND] v. found (found), find·ing, finds 1. To come upon or discover by searching or making an effort. 2. To discover or ascertain through observation, experience, or study. 3. To experience or feel. WISE [WAHYZ] adj. wis·er, wis·est 1. Having the ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting. 2. Exhibiting common sense. 3. Having great learning. 4. Provided with information; informed.
  4. 4. you have been handpicked to work here because of your unique expertise and passion for search technology. And for us, it is crucial that you can put your talents to use here at Findwise. We therefore sincerely hope that you feel encouraged to act independently and bravely, and that you come to work each day filled with joy and anticipation. Therefore, statements about your well- being can never be underestimated. We gladly walk this talk. Because without you and your fellow talents, this company would not exist – let alone thrive. You are Findwise. FORWARD The Founding Partners
  5. 5. findwise approach to management is to continue to uphold an open, trusting environment with a flat corporate structure, in which flexible working hours, freedom and own responsibility are principal. »Use your own judgment« is the golden rule which encourages a fighting spirit and the desire to develop new ideas. we gladly walk this talk. And it has paid off so far. We are now employing more than 90 people, have managed more than 800 client projects and have enjoyed steady and profitable growth since the start in 2005. We are well on our way towards becoming a world-leading enterprise in our field, and it is all thanks to the talented people who work here. OUR APPROACH TO MANAGEMENT WALK THE TALK
  7. 7. once upon a time corporations and organizations were filled with vast amounts of information, haphazardly spread throughout their computer systems. Few understood the importance of obtaining sharp and custom-made tools to be able to quickly get hold of the right information – at the right time. »This is a waste of talent and time«, thought the three founding partners. »What good is information if it can’t be found?« one said. The three partners discussed the situation thoroughly, and established that the problem was deeper than the fact that traditional approaches were insufficient. An entirely new approach was needed: The three founding partners had to think along new paths. This led them to the conclusion that they had to develop a solution based on search technology, which broadened the concept of searching, and combined it with flexible skills able to optimize possibilities for the customer. In summary, it meant a sophisti- cated approach that could manage and find the true meaning of and relationship between information, people, places, things and issues in a company or organization, and allow information to be found and converted into knowledge. »So that information could be truly findable«, one of the partners said. »Findability«, they all exclaimed and looked at each other. A company was soon founded. The ‘findability’ concept proved to be a very good idea. Simply put: It allowed access to information, which could in turn become knowledge and finally wisdom. And Findwise became the name. ONCE UPON A TIME
  8. 8. the founding partners had accumulated between them 60 years of corporate experience. This made them wise enough to recognize that they needed talented employees, who would be respected as equals and be given the freedom to create and innovate. NOT WITHOUT THE FINDWIZARDS Findwizards without whom h ere would be no magic.
  9. 9. OUR MISSION Better knowledge makes better decisions. To help people and organizations increase their knowledge, we make their data and information actionable.
  10. 10. The vast ocean of information presents new challenges. We provide the solutions for finding and collecting information, and then interpreting, converting and presenting this information to the right person at the right time. Connecting people with information is key. Findwise use search technology to create customized Findability solutions. We are market leading and can proudly state that we attract the very best employees – passionate Search and Findability experts.
  11. 11. for many people, IT and business success means back-up solutions and recovery plans. That has been the way for IT to ensure support to the business. However, the workplace situation has changed for knowledge workers all over the world and the information needs are no longer limited by department, job title or geographical borders. Virtual projects/ organizations and the fact that we use new ways to share/retrieve information put new requirements on IT to support the business. It is key for the knowledge worker to have all information easily accessible to avoid spending time on reinventing the wheel. The cost for not finding the information is following a non-linear curve. Costs grow in an organization when employees have repeated problems finding the information. The manual work finding the information affects the daily business and some information will be recreated in order to limit the manual work. These costs build up in a decentralized manner and the effect is exponential. An estimate based on available research is 9,000 euros per employee per year for an average company. When IT systems are down you usually talk about outage and how often it occurs. In the new collaborative working mode it would make more sense to talk about information outage – meaning when a knowledge worker does not have the information at hand to do the job. A BUSINESS CASE FOR SEARCH
  12. 12. if information within companies is made searchable, it then becomes findable. Once people can find it, they can study it. And then ... ... the possibilities are endless. CONVERTING INFORMATION INTO WISDOM I N F O R M AT I O N WISDOM KNOWLEDGE :-)
  13. 13. at findwise we are experts in helping organizations setting up systems to find their corporate information and presenting it in every way imaginable. But we are not only good at finding the right information, we must also be good at finding the right people to come work for us. the people working here are highly skilled consultants within different areas such as business consulting, information management, text analytics, user experience, system design etc. They all have two things in common; they were handpicked to work here because of their unique expertise and passion for search technology and they could all easily have chosen to work someplace else. Our way of finding these people is based on the notion that talent attracts talent. That means in order to find new talented people we must make the ones who are already working here thrive and come to work each day filled with joy and anticipation. That creates the ripple effect we need to compete for talent with the giants of the IT industry. How do we accomplish that? Well, talented people must be respected as equals and be given the freedom to create and innovate. You don’t hire a talent to tell him or her exactly how to do what they are talented at. That would be like hiring Michael Jackson and then telling him how to write a hit song. We want our talented people to feel encouraged to act independently and bravely, that is how their talents best are put to use for Findwise and our clients. FINDING TALENT
  14. 14. OUR CORE VALUES We are a value based company, and our culture affects everything from how we make every day decisions to how we talk to our clients. Our corporate culture is built on our 5 core values and helps us to create a common ground at all our offices:
  15. 15. TEAM PLAY TEAM OVER INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE »The working climate is very open with a focus on team work and helping each other to excel« Quote from »A great place to work« survey
  16. 16. KNOWLEDGE SHARING COMMON OVER INDIVIDUAL KNOWLEDGE »There is a constant exchange of knowledge and a strive for improvement« Quote from »A great place to work« survey
  17. 17. FIGHTING SPIRIT FIGHTER OVER FOLLOWER »A can-do attitude and we truly want to make our clients happy! I feels like everyone take much pride in delivering to the best of their abilities« Quote from »A great place to work« survey
  18. 18. CLIENT FOCUS LONG OVER SHORT TERM VALUE »Although confident in the delivery we still scrutinize the effort in search for something even more valuable« Quote from »A great place to work« survey
  19. 19. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT INNOVATION OVER SAFE CHOICES »You get to work with innovation within one of the industry’s most interesting areas« Quote from »A great place to work« survey
  20. 20. successful search project does not only involve technology and having the most skilled developers. To utilize the full potential and receive return on search technology investments there are five main dimensions that all need to be in focus when developing search solutions, and that require additional competencies to be involved. This holistic approach to implementing search technology we call Findability by Findwise. FINDABILITY DIMENSIONS
  21. 21. some things should go without saying. Things like sustainability and social responsibility. On the other hand, their importance is of such great value that they deserve to be spoken about: Findwise consciously strive to avoid impact on the environment. We also monitor and ensure active compliance with laws, ethical standards and international norms. Sustainability and social responsibility are integral parts of the Findwise logic. Since we always think long-term, the very nature of our services and products are forward looking. Our work, and how we work, make the world a better place today – and tomorrow. CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY
  22. 22. »what makes me think Findwise is a great place to work is the feeling of community. We have a lot of social activities which I think is great. I´ve never been in a workplace where we’ve had so many before - we even do a lot together outside of work. I definitely feel that there is a family feeling at Findwise« Quote from »A great place to work« survey. FINDWISE FAMILY
  23. 23. We are proud to be recognized as a great place to work by our employees ... FindwiseTHIS IS A GREAT PLACE TO WORK95% 95% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% THIS IS A GREAT PLACE TO WORK 95% of the employees stated that Findwise is a great place to work in the »Great place to work« survey 2014.
  24. 24. ... and here are just some of the many reasons why you should join the Findwise family.
  25. 25. WHAT IS IT LIKE TO WORK AT FINDWISE? Meet two of our employees!
  27. 27. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN WORKING AT FINDWISE? Since September 2013. HOW DID YOU JOIN FINDWISE? I first came to join Findwise in January of 2013, when I started my master thesis project during my last semester of Computer Science studies at KTH. WHAT IS YOUR ROLE AT FINDWISE? I’m a software developer. Typical tasks for me include building informative dashboards in Splunk, figuring out the best way to extract metadata from a document, or troubleshooting a broken synonym service. I’m also a thesis supervisor, so I get to explore areas of search technology that I might not have the chance to explore in my day-to-day customer projects. WHAT IS THE BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT FINDWISE? The best thing about working at Findwise is definitely the atmosphere and company culture. Voicing your opinions or concerns is seen as something positive, and the lack of strict hierarchies makes it easy to bring about changes that you might feel strongly about. You can always discuss any technical or architectural decisions you might have to make with your colleagues, and be guaranteed that they’ll all have strong and informed opinions. WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS? I want to improve my skills as a developer within the search technology field. For me, this means getting a taste of many different search technologies to ensure that I’ll become as versatile a developer as I can be. I love learning!
  29. 29. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN WORKING AT FINDWISE? I started working here in 2010. HOW DID YOU JOIN FINDWISE? I joined Findwise straight out of university. I studied Computer Science at Chalmers. WHAT IS YOUR ROLE AT FINDWISE? I’m a developer and Tech lead which and as such I have the technical responsibility for some of our customer projects. Parts of this includes working with our project managers and the customers to find and solve their problems. But the is also a large technical part where I try to help project members make decisions on how to solve problems and guide them to similar solutions that we have built in the past. WHAT IS THE BEST THING ABOUT WORKING AT FINDWISE? The atmosphere and the people are great and there is always some activity coming up. There is also a great freedom in both how/when people work and with how they develop within the organisation. WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS? I would say that I don’t have any tangible goals but rather that I want to be somewhere where I feel that I grow from both a technical perspective and as a person.
  31. 31. Our customers are major players, and they consider us to be serious and skilled. You can learn a lot about a company by studying its customers. And Findwise has an impressive list of satisfied clients.
  32. 32. tomorrow simplicity will rule. Employees will still enter digital workplaces through several devices. But they will also take a higher standard of usability for granted. Simplicity means easier, faster and smarter. We imagine one search for all situations, a Google experience for both employees and customers. With stunningly high accuracy and no middle step. Our vision is that the desired content is displayed immediately, merging search technology with Big Data and Business Intelligence. Taking knowledge based decision making to the next level. That is true Findability by Findwise. Findwise – at your service. THE BUSINESS WORLD TOMORROW
  34. 34. 2nd Edition. Copyright © Findwise 2014. Photos: Jens Ljungblad, Sture Svensson, Åsa Wallin. Print: Holmbergs, Malmö 2014.