How to Make Search Work


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Presented by Mattias Brunnert at Intranets 2013, in Sydney Australia.

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  • I am going toconvinceyouwhyyoushouldinvest in search and howto make it work. That shouldn’t take 20 minutes now should it? Please take questions at the end
  • I work for a company called Findwise, we only do search, or Findability as we like to call. I have been there for 7 years working in various roles. I moved from Sweden last year and I think you can tell why from the pictures.
  • Have you seen the tv-show hoarders? We are all hoarders when it comes to information, and we spend a lot of time and money doing it. We never throw anything away. And we aren’t very good at keeping order either. And you know what?
  • A unique survey because it focuses on practitioners, not consultants or vendors. I will go through a few of the results, the report is available for free soon
  • 95 % thinksearchable informationwillincrease
  • Planning To Make A Plan Is Not A Plan
  • Big and small – my tips.
  • No!!!Thisdoes not work. Search engines do not know your users, your content or your organisation.
  • From the survey – the verysatisfiedhave 1-2 FTE:sworkingwithsearch. Make someoneresponsible for search
  • This tip is admittedly extraordinarly biased, but it is still true. Just because someone is expert on a CMS like SharePoint system, does not mean they know search. Good search requires specific technical, information management and usability knowledge to get the effects you want. Make sure that they know how to work with the technology, a lot of ”search experts” just do a basic install.
  • Autosuggestion, spell check and facetsare a must to guide the user. Is anyone not clear on facets? Amazon or gumtree is a great example of using facets. Result presentations should be clear and include a descriptionof the hit as well as metadata, such as section and date in thiscase.
  • Search engines can go a long way to find structure in your content, but there’s nothing like good old metadata.Make sure to configure the search engine to use the informatoin architecture in your intranet, for facets, result presentation and more.
  • This one is something that can be done with less effort. Even a email link will do. Don’t direct it to a general support list, make sure the cases are taken care of by someone who cares. This can turn unhappy users to ambassadors.
  • Or web search, or peoplesearch or documentsearch. It is about making starting a long term journey towards using search to deliver information to your users in the context they need it. Intranet search is still a great first step though.
  • Read more about the survey at the Findwise blog
  • How to Make Search Work

    1. 1. ENTERPRISE SEARCHHow practitioners make search work
    2. 2. Who am I?• I only do Findability• 7 years of search experience• Various roles
    3. 3. Information that cannot befound has ZERO value!
    5. 5. Information will increase95%
    6. 6. What is your level of satisfactionwith the existing searchapplications within yourorganisation?
    7. 7. very or mostly satisfied19%
    8. 8. Do you have a search strategyin place?
    9. 9. yes24%planning to in 2013/1438%
    10. 10. What are the obstacles to findingthe right information?
    11. 11. 64% Inconsistency in how we tag content64% Don’t know where to look54% Lack of adequate tags53% Poor search functionality
    12. 12. Search lessens needfor structure ANDenables findability
    13. 13. WHAT CAN WE DO?7 things I recommend
    14. 14. Install the right search engineSit back and watch the magic
    15. 15. Appoint a search manager** 61% of S & VS have more than 1 FTE
    16. 16. Get help from search experts
    17. 17. Design a modern interface
    18. 18. Metadata* – use it!* 73 % of S & VS have metadata standard, 47% use taxonomies
    19. 19. Get feedback** 82% of S&VS have feedback functionality
    20. 20. It is not aboutintranet search
    21. 21. RecapWhy search and survey results• We are information hoarders• We struggle with organising• We struggle with finding• Our survey show most organisationsstruggle, you are most likely not an exception
    22. 22. • Adapt the search engine to your needs• Design a modern user friendly interface• Add Metadata• Appoint a search manager• Hire or contract search expert(s)• Get feedback• Your search strategy should include more thanintranet searchRecapWhat to do
    23. 23. in touch