Enterprise Search Case Study: Wolters Kluwer Scandinavia


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Enterprise Search Case Study: Wolters Kluwer Scandinavia

  1. 1. Findability Support Wolters Kluwer Scandinavia Wolters Kluwer Scandinavia (WKS) is a leading information publishing and software company. Specializing in the areas legal, tax, accounting and public administration, it serves legal and accounting professionals as well as public sector organisations. Wolters Kluwer Scandinavia consists of Norstedts Juridik in Sweden, Magnus Informatik in Denmark and Akelius in Norway. Business Challenges As market leaders in online legal publications, online information and software products by Norstedts Juridik, Magnus Informatik and Akelius are used by legal and accounting professionals in their everyday work. Many of these products are search driven, contain millions of articles, pages and documents and are used by a wide range of customers every day. WKS’s challenge is to ensure that their online environ- ments are fit to meet these demands. They had previously experienced instability and performance problems that affected end users, and wanted to prevent this from occurring again. Findwise Solution WKS wanted a partner to provide governance services and application support for their Enterprise Search solution together with expertise for new development and services. As a first step, Findwise helped WKS design a distributed deployment plan for their Enterprise Search platform that delivered fault tolerance, high performance and scalability. In order to identify and prevent potential issues, a Quality Assurance process was defined. For monitor- ing purposes, Findwise Admin Tools are used in conjunction with SNMP (Simple Network Monitoring Protocol) based monitoring agents to identify possible problems at an early stage, and to alert system administrators whenever an issue arises in the Enterprise Search platform. In the solution front-end, the content quality is monitored continuously, and data retrieval from external sources is supervised to guarantee that indexed data reflects the content. The illustration summarises the governance services provided by Findwise both at the back-end and front-end of the Enterprise Search solution.Findwise | www.findwise.com | info@findwise.com
  2. 2. Solution Results and Effects The effects of Findwise continuous work with WKS’s Enterprise Search platform has improved availabil- ity, search quality, and has provided operational cost savings through early identification of problems:  Distributed deployment now means that broken hardware can be taken offline and fixed without the users being affected.  Ongoing Findwise development work has led to an improved search quality for end users.  Through Findwise regular system monitoring, potential issues are spotted and corrected much earli- er, saving time and costs. Often Enterprise Search platform being resolved before any noticea- ble impact to end users. Findwise acts as a layer between WKS and the search platform vendor, providing expert support on the specific solution. “System downtime has been reduced to a minimal level since Findwise was involved in the development and governance of our Enterprise Search platform”, says Halbe Huitema, Manager Online Platforms at Wolters Kluwer Scandinavia. About Findwise Findwise helps you to reach your business goals by making information findable. Our impressive track record includes implementing hundreds of search driven Findability solutions that have provided easy access to all desired information, both inside and outside the firewall. Findability by Findwise is all about meeting your various information access needs and maximising business value from search technology investments. Our customers are located in various countries and industries with a common desire to make relevant information available to both employees and customers. We are a vendor independent expert with knowledge and experience from the leading enterprise search technology platforms: Autonomy IDOL, Microsoft (SharePoint and FAST Search products), Google GSA, IBM OmniFind, LucidWorks Enterprise and Apache Lucene/Solr (Open Source). We take pride in offering a large number of unique search related skills in areas such as usability, linguistics, information manage- ment and security. By combining our technical expertise and unique skills we can help you avoid the common pitfalls, tailoring a Findability solution to meet the needs of your organisation, today and in the future. Will you be next to benefit from Findwise expertise? Drottninggatan 5 Sveavägen 28-30 Valkendorfsgade 13 A, 1. sal Brugata 1 411 14 Göteborg 111 34 Stockholm 1151 København K 0186 Oslo Sweden Sweden Denmark Norway +46 31 288 400 +46 8 213 600 +45 6180 9540 +47 97 767 606Findwise | www.findwise.com | info@findwise.com 2011-10-19 v. 1.1