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Enterprise Search Case Study: Forsmark


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Published in: Technology
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Enterprise Search Case Study: Forsmark

  1. 1. Enterprise Findability Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB Forsmark nuclear power plant is one of the largest power plants in Sweden producing a sixth of all electricity used in the country. Forsmark had a need to enhance simplicity in internal processes and to facilitate knowledge transfer within the organisation. With assistance from Findwise, Forsmark decided to provide its employees with one common search tool giving easy access to documentation and information stored in various information systems. Business Challenges To be able to produce energy in a safe, reliable and efficient manner, Forsmark has many internal IT systems for document, project, resource and process management, issue tracking and internal commu- nication. As many employees are approaching retirement age, there is a great need for efficient knowledge transfer to new employees taking over their duties. Forsmark realized the value of having a simple, yet powerful knowledge management tool for facilitating the finding, compilation and transfer of internal knowledge. Findwise Solution The solution was to create one comprehensive Findability solution that utilised search technology to bring relevant electronic knowledge resources all together in one place. Forsmark decided to build a search service based on a service-oriented architecture. This enables the company to interlink information stored in various systems together not only to be used by employees via a web-based search application, but also to provide the means by which internal applications can access information stored in other systems without human intervention. The first application to use the search service, was a web-based search tool accessed from the intranet by the employees.Findwise | |
  2. 2. Solution Details and Effects  Provides one entry point to knowledge, which raises organisational productivity as employees do not need to search for information separately in different systems. 3 out of 4 end-users report that the search tool often or always helps them find reliable information as compared to using other methods of finding information.  Provides smart ways for end-users to refine their searches by using drill-down navigators that filter the documents on the basis of, for example; format, author, source, department, information type and information status. The solution also offers an optimized query comple- tion feature to help users compose better queries to find known and new information.  Provides a customizable web-based interface enabling employees to personalize their search experience providing them with even faster access to the information they access often.  Is based on the Autonomy IDOL 7 search platform and implemented in a service-oriented architecture that enables Forsmark to capitalize on the investment in various new ways in the future, besides the web-based search interface accessed from the intranet.  Has a well-tuned relevance model and advanced search statistics features used to promote popular content to end-users and enhance findability of popular content over time as the solution is used.  Comes with multi-language support of which Swedish and English are currently used. About Findwise Findwise helps you to reach your business goals by making information findable. Our impressive track record includes implementing hundreds of search driven Findability solutions that have provided easy access to all desired information, both inside and outside the firewall. Findability by Findwise is all about meeting your various information access needs and maximising business value from search technology investments. Our customers are located in various countries and industries with a common desire to make relevant information available to both employees and customers. We are a vendor independent expert with knowledge and experience from the leading enterprise search technology platforms: Autonomy IDOL, Microsoft (SharePoint and FAST Search products), Google GSA, IBM OmniFind, LucidWorks Enterprise and Apache Lucene/Solr (Open Source). We take pride in offering a large number of unique search related skills in areas such as usability, linguistics, information manage- ment and security. By combining our technical expertise and unique skills we can help you avoid the common pitfalls, tailoring a Findability solution to meet the needs of your organisation, today and in the future. Will you be next to benefit from Findwise expertise? Drottninggatan 5 Sveavägen 28-30 Valkendorfsgade 13 A, 1. sal Brugata 1 411 14 Göteborg 111 34 Stockholm 1151 København K 0186 Oslo Sweden Sweden Denmark Norway +46 31 288 400 +46 8 213 600 +45 6180 9540 +47 97 767 606Findwise | | 2011-10-19 v. 1.1