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Enterprise Findability                                      Ericsson         Ericsson is a world-leading provider of telec...
Solution Results and Effects       Measurements of defined key performance indicators clearly show desirable business effe...
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Enterprise Search Case Study: Ericsson


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Enterprise Search Case Study: Ericsson

  1. 1. Enterprise Findability Ericsson Ericsson is a world-leading provider of telecommunications equipment and related services to mobile and fixed network operators globally. Over 1,000 networks in more than 175 countries utilise Ericsson’s network equipment and 40 percent of all mobile calls are made through Ericsson systems. Ericsson employs around 80,000 people all over the world. Business Challenges With over 80,000 employees on the payroll, it is no surprise that the Ericsson information landscape is enormous with hundreds of different mission-critical information systems used every day. As a pioneer in many areas, Ericsson was early to realise the importance and the value of the company’s internal in- formation. Enterprise Search technology has been used since the 90’s to facilitate the co-workers need for information. Since the information landscape has changed since the introduction of Enterprise Search at Ericsson, the company needed to upgrade to a Enterprise Findability solution that provide co- workers with a single point of entry to the information that they require. Findwise Solution The new Enterprise Findability solution at Ericsson consists of two parts: an Enterprise Search platform and an Enterprise Findability portal web application. The platform integrates and indexes a set of infor- mation sources, with new ones constantly added through an ongoing integration process. Example sources are Intranet web sites, collaboration portals, document management systems, product infor- mation systems, an internal knowledge base and the people catalogue containing information about Ericsson employees. The portal web application provides an easy-to-use, yet advanced search tool ena- bling both quick access to basic information such as corporate instructions and employee phone num- bers and retrieval of advanced information such as best practice instructions from the field about a spe- cific product or all blog entries and documents created by a specific user. Screenshot. The Enterprise Findability portal web application at Ericsson gives co-workers fast and easy access to the information they need in everyday business, yet providing power- ful means to perform advanced queries.Findwise | |
  2. 2. Solution Results and Effects Measurements of defined key performance indicators clearly show desirable business effects with the new Enterprise Findability solution at Ericsson compared to the old Intranet search tool. Three key bene- fits noted at Ericsson are:  Increased employee productivity from quicker access to relevant information and knowledge.  Higher profit margins from improved support to revenue-driving business processes.  Lowered costs by centralising information access to one platform. Effects of new Findability Solution Graph. As indicated by the figures in this graph, the investment in a new Enter- prise Findability solution has had a great impact on many targeted effects at Ericsson. The graph shows the improvement in per- centage as compared to the Intranet search tool used prior to the launch of the new solution. About Findwise Findwise helps you to reach your business goals by making information findable. Our impressive track record includes implementing hundreds of search driven Findability solutions that have provided easy access to all desired information, both inside and outside the firewall. Findability by Findwise is all about meeting your various information access needs and maximising business value from search technology investments. Our customers are located in various countries and industries with a common desire to make relevant information available to both employees and customers. We are a vendor independent expert with knowledge and experience from the leading enterprise search technology platforms: Autonomy IDOL, Microsoft (SharePoint and FAST Search products), Google GSA, IBM ICA/OmniFind, LucidWorks Enterprise and Apache Lucene/Solr (Open Source). We take pride in offering a large number of unique search related skills in areas such as usability, linguistics, information management and security. By combining our technical expertise and unique skills we can help you avoid the common pitfalls, tailoring a Findability solution to meet the needs of your organisation, today and in the future. Will you be next to benefit from Findwise expertise? Drottninggatan 5 Sveavägen 28-30 Valkendorfsgade 13 A, 1. sal Brugata 1 411 14 Göteborg 111 34 Stockholm 1151 København K 0186 Oslo Sweden Sweden Denmark Norway +46 31 288 400 +46 8 213 600 +45 6180 9540 +47 97 767 606Findwise | | 2012-08-14 v. 1.5