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Creative Alchemy by Megan Nuttall and Monica Lo


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Up next in this video series is a panel entitled "Creative Alchemy: Convert Career Opportunities into Career Gold". Featuring Monica Lo, Senior Art Director at kbs+ and Megan Nuttall, Senior Writer at kbs+, this video is an inspiring introduction to the concept of creative alchemy.

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Creative Alchemy by Megan Nuttall and Monica Lo

  1. 1. how to convert opportunities into career gold Every experience is an opportunity for learning as well as personal and professional development. By mastering the practice of “creative alchemy,” you’ll move one step closer to being able to convert your experiences into career gold. Using ingredients like your passion projects, network of relationships, and portfolio—even your personality—you’ll uncover how to transform your degree into a paycheck, jobs that seem hopeless into tickets ahead, and pennies into prosperity.
  2. 2. relationships
  3. 3. make stuff you care about passion projects
  4. 4. blur the line between work & play portfolio
  5. 5. optimism is your biggest asset personality