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Database Design and Data Modeling | PowerDesigner to All Access


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PowerDesigner by Sybase uniquely combines several standard data modeling techniques together with leading development environments, to bring business analysis and formal database design solutions to the traditional software development lifecycle.

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Database Design and Data Modeling | PowerDesigner to All Access

  1. 1. Move up from Sybase PowerDesigner TRADE-UP ® ™ to Embarcadero All-Access ® ™ Get more, do more, save more on your tools leveRaGe YOUR existiNG sYbase pOWeRDesiGNeR liceNse tO MOve Up tO eMbaRcaDeRO all-access Sybase PowerDesigner is a tool for database design and data modeling. But you know it takes more than just a modeling tool to successfully architect and deploy systems. It’s about having access to all the right tools at the right time to successfully design, develop, test, deploy, optimize, monitor and manage changes across your enterprise. For this, you need Embarcadero All-Access, the ultimate, multi-platform database and application development tool chest. And now you can use your existing database tooling investments to reap the enormous cost-savings opportunities available through Embarcadero All-Access. What is all-access? select YOUR all-access MeMbeRship level Embarcadero All-Access is about moving from an array of standalone Embarcadero All-Access provides all the modeling and architecture tools products to a modernized tool chest; from managing multiple vendors to you need – when you need them – across all major DBMS platforms, a single trusted relationship. All-Access provides the benefits absolutely frameworks, and programming languages. It’s the single, cost-effective crucial for your large organization: toolbox solution for architects, developers, performance testers, and • Industry leading, award-winning tools for data professionals and DBAs. All-Access is available in four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and developers. Platinum. • Ease of software asset management, and improved budgetary select YOUR DesiReD FORM OF liceNsiNG predictability, through a single license covering multiple tools, All-Access is not only about providing more capability at less cost. It’s platforms, and user roles. about managing your software assets more easily. All-Access provides • Centralized licensing, with reporting and optimization options to three licensing options – Workstation (single user, single machine), maximize your license value, simplify your license management, and Network Named User (network-authenticated user licensing), and ease compliance. Network Concurrent (fully pooled shared licenses). These more flexible • Hassle-free software deployment, including a zero-install option licensing options help you measure and maximizing license utilization: available through a revolutionary on-demand model. getting the most out of every license while reducing the hassle of asset management and compliance. iDeNtiFY YOUR QUaliFYiNG tRaDe iN MaKe the sWitch Embarcadero wants to make it easier and less expensive for you to trade up to Embarcadero All-Access and get really productive – fast. With Embarcadero All-Access you get: With this limited-time trade up program, you can make the leap • All-Access Pass – a license key that unlocks all tools for a given from ERwin to the world’s most comprehensive database tool chest, All-Access level. Embarcadero All-Access, which includes ALL the tools you need for data • All-Access Client – a portal into the All-Access toolbox, providing modeling, enterprise model metadata management, administration, SQL convenient access to your tools including launching, installing, optimization, database change management, compliance, and more! updating, versioning, and more. Identify your Sybase product(s) below and determine which level of • All-Access Server – provisions licenses, installs, and updates to All-Access to trade up to: All-Access Clients on your network. Qualifying All-Access • All-Access Membership – provides support, updates, upgrades, PowerDesigner® Editon Membership Level new products, access to the Embarcadero Developer Network (EDN), PowerDesigner DataArchitect Silver plus Embarcadero® InstantOn™ for click-and-run access to your tools with no installation. PowerDesigner Silver PowerDesigner Developer Silver PowerDesigner Studio Enterprise Gold PowerDesigner Studio Personal Gold PowerDesigner DataArchitect Enterprise Gold PowerDesigner Developer Enterprise Gold Download a Free Trial at Corporate Headquarters | Embarcadero Technologies | 100 California Street, 12th Floor | San Francisco, CA 94111 | | © 2009 Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. Embarcadero, the Embarcadero Technologies logos, and all other Embarcadero Technologies product or service names are trademarks or registered trademarks of Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. TU-SYB/DS/2009/04/28