Data Modeling Tools for Security Management


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ER/Studio’s new security management features can manage users, permissions, and roles within a logical or physical model and give us the ability to go beyond planning the usual database structures, including model and design security. The challenges were that Idea's Needed an effective, repeatable delivery of high-quality software solutions. Effectively manage data with a range of business objectives in mind
Sophisticated data warehouse solutions require extensive modeling, including data lineage. The results were enhanced visibility into customers’ existing assets. Effective communication of models across the enterprise. Enhanced data integration and accuracy by tracing.

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Data Modeling Tools for Security Management

  1. 1. Success Story “Er/Studio’s new security management features can ER/Studio manage users, permissions, and roles within a logical or physical model and give us the ability to go OrganizatiOn Idea Integration beyond planning the usual database structures, ” including model and design security. – Joe Salvatore, idea integration appliCatiOn Enterprise Data Management Idea Integration is a professional IT consulting give them the ability to discover, document, and systems integration firm specializing and reuse data assets. ER/Studio also provided tOOlS in application development, digital data the availability to track data lineage in addition management, business intelligence, to security management and capacity planning ER/Studo® infrastructure, and security, and interactive functionality. This multi-platform solution marketing. With experience spanning two provides a complete environment for analyzing, ChallEngES decades and locations across the U.S., Idea designing, creating, and managing data assets • Needs effective, repeatable Integration delivers targeted, powerful solutions over the long term, allowing them to be used delivery of high-quality to meet clients’ business challenges. Idea and repurposed for new applications. software solutions Integration has the breadth of clients and experience to deliver and implement large-scale BEnEfitS • Effectively manage data applications and solutions as a strong mid- with a range of business market company. Idea Integration also possesses Enhanced Visibility into Customers’ objectives in mind the backing of the professional resources and Existing Data assets • Sophisticated data collective commitment of the MPS Group, warehouse solutions As data volumes grow and environments a Fortune 1000 billion-dollar services firm. become more complex, Idea Integration’s clients require extensive modeling, are finding it increasingly difficult to leverage including data lineage ChallEngE their data to address the needs of their business. To successfully deliver results, Idea Integration ER/Studio provides an easy-to-use visual rESultS needs to properly understand a client’s medium to document, understand, and publish • Enhanced visibility into existing database requirements is paramount information about data assets so that they can customers’ existing assets to delivering successful results. The common be harnessed to support these objectives. Idea denominator with all clients projects, regardless • Effective communication of uses the powerful reverse-engineering, compare/ of the application, is the underlying data and merge and forward-engineering capabilities to models across the enterprise the need to effectively manage it with a range of deliver well-documented and well-understood • Enhanced data integration business objectives in mind-revenue generation, databases. Using industry standard notations, and accuracy by tracing of cost reduction, increased operational efficiency, data modelers can create an information hub data origins etc. For Idea Integration, the effective and by importing, analyzing, and repurposing repeatable delivery of high-quality software metadata from data sources such as business solutions requires effortless data modeling intelligence applications, ETL environments, and physical database generation. And Idea XML documents, and other modeling solutions. Integration’s development of sophisticated data Accurately representing many similar data warehouse solutions requires extensive modeling structures with ease, ER/Studio’s highly- that includes data lineage documentation. readable visual format enhances communication across job functions, from business analysts SOlutiOn to application developers, helping to share information on standards/definitions and To address their existing database requirements promoting consistency and reuse. for clients, Idea Integration selected ER/Studio, Embarcadero’s unique model-driven data architecture and database design solution to
  2. 2. An ER/Studio Success Story Effective Communication of Models “the availability of data lineage tracking and across the Enterprise documentation is vastly superior to all the other ER/Studio brings clarity to models and to complex business rule enforcement. ” solutions we reviewed. The multilevel design layers allow for the accurate visualization of data, which promotes communication between – Joe Salvatore, idea integration business and technical users. Streamlined navigational aids, diagram layout utilities, and powerful report publishing functions Security Management practices. By enforcing standards, and simplify the communication of designs being able to analyze and document within and beyond the data modeling “ER/Studio’s new security management data elements, corporations can better group. The HTML and Word documentation features can manage users, permissions, and understand and utilize their data, reduce produced was leveraged to provide Idea’s roles within a logical or physical model and redundancy, and build consistency. clients with professional documentation. give us the ability to go beyond planning the Ultimately this builds quality into designs, Furthermore, the ability to use ER/Studio’s usual database structures, including model the databases generated, and the automation macros helped to produce and design security,” said Joe Salvatore. applications that run on these databases, standardized models by enforcing these as it automatically enforces sound database standards through application event triggers. COnCluSiOn design principles. ER/Studio makes it easier to understand and communicate the current state of By using ER/Studio, Idea Integration is able Enhanced Data integration and data throughout the enterprise, maintains to better support the data management accuracy by tracing of Data Origins corporate standards, and encourages needs of its clients with increased visibility, appropriate data usage. Bringing all consistency, and integration that address Idea Integration cites ER/Studio’s Data metadata into a central repository helps the their database requirements via data lineage Lineage and Data Movement Rules utilities transfer of knowledge among stakeholders, tracking and documentation with additional as extremely valuable in helping them and allows users to easily see relationships security management and capacity planning understand the many complex source-to- and business rules that relate to their data. functionality. This solution provided a target mappings among decision-support complete environment for helping build systems, ERP databases and transaction quality database design and clarifying improved Data Consistency for processing databases. With a clear complex data design problems through higher Quality applications understanding of where data originated visually clear ‘blueprints,’ for analyzing, and where it is used, their customers can Idea Integration relies on accurate creating, and maintaining database be assured that they know what their and relevant data in order to build the applications. Idea Integration named data actually means and how it can best applications that its clients need to drive security management and capacity planning be leveraged. ER/Studio’s data lineage their business’ forward. Knowledge workers functionality as clear differentiators for functionality provides data professionals can spend significant amounts of time ER/Studio. Additional benefits were realized with the ability to document how data flows looking through data sources, researching while using the capacity planning features through the organization. Attachments what information means, and find that that can forecast storage requirements of also allow organizations to append specific it is not being used appropriately, with newly implemented or existing database information to their models to enhance multiple versions and inconsistency come systems. These capabilities greatly enhanced documentation. “The availability of data inefficiencies in time and other valuable Idea Integration’s ability to better plan what lineage tracking and documentation is resources. ER/Studio helps data architects resources were required for their solutions. vastly superior to all the other solutions we define and reuse common data elements reviewed,” said Joe Salvatore, business and modeling components across projects intelligence technical lead for Idea to establish standards in their modeling Integration. Download Free Trials at Corporate Headquarters | Embarcadero Technologies | 100 California Street, 12th Floor | San Francisco, CA 94111 | | © 2009 Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. Embarcadero, the Embarcadero Technologies logos, and all other Embarcadero Technologies product or service names are trademarks or registered trademarks of Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. ERSII/SS/2009/02/12