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Executives want a tool that enables them to access the metadata stored in the company’s data models output into a flexible, easy-to-use format without inconsistencies or redundancy. Having centralized and controlled access to corporate metadata, both the business and IT users are able to access the information they need to make strategic decisions based on timely and accurate information to launch the business.

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Access & Analyze Meta Data Models | ER/Studio

  1. 1. Success Story ER/Studio Enterprise Portal reducing time to Market with real-time Business OrganizatiOn Fortune 500 Company’ intelligence and Metadata reporting Financial Services industry Through its implementation of ER/Studio The models were used to profile customers and Financial Services Enterprise Portal, a leading Fortune 500 analyze their risk in order to determine which financial services company has replaced a time- customers qualified for the new service. The appliCatiOn consuming, manual metadata reporting process team needed a centralized and flexible tool and is realizing improved collaboration, better that would enable employees to extract and Metadata Search & Reporting control over data assets and faster response to manipulate the metadata applicable to their area the company’s changing business needs. of focus. tOOls As a provider of federal and private student In addition to providing access to the applicable Embarcadero® ER/Studio® loans in the United States, , data management is metadata, the Enterprise Data Management Enterprise Portal a critical component to this company’s success. group generated daily impact analysis reports The company, listed on both the Fortune 500 for the finance group showing where a field was Challenges and Forbes Global 2000, manages billions in used across the corporate system. The team had In launching a new business debt for millions of borrowers across the nation. been meeting its internal reporting requirements unit, executives wanted a tool by using ER/Studio’s “Where-Used” and “Impact Recognizing the importance of enterprise data that would enable them to Analysis” functionality. In addition, the team also management, this Embarcadero customer access the metadata stored created customized macros that were run nightly employs a team of eight people that are in the company’s data models and shared in a read-only access across the LAN. responsible for the company’s data governance output into a flexible, easy- and data quality initiatives, and supports more Executives overseeing the new line of business to-use format that would than 175 systems. The team resides within IT wanted a tool that would enable them to access not create inconsistencies or under the Enterprise Technologies Group. The the metadata output in a flexible, easy-to-use redundancy in the data, and Enterprise Data Management group has been format that would not create inconsistencies or that could be shared across an Embarcadero ER/Studio client for the past redundancy in the data. business and data analysts. three years, using the data modeling software “We had new power users who wanted to do ad and enterprise metadata repository to solve hoc drill-downs on the metadata and wanted to results the company’s complex data management track data lineage across systems. The standard challenges. As a result of having metadata reports were no longer robust enough. centralized and controlled We needed a more powerful metadata tool to Challenge access to corporate support the business,” said the manager of the Enterprise Data Management group. metadata, both the business With the growing turbulence in the financial and IT users are able to services market, the company made the The Enterprise Data Management team needed access the information they decision to diversify its offering and launched a a centralized tool that would allow them to easily need, when they need it in new business unit. A finance group created to share data and generate metadata reports while support this new line of business required access also maintaining control and consistency of the order to make strategic to the corporate metadata to create financial data. decisions based on timely models. and accurate information to launch the business unit more quickly.
  2. 2. An ER/Studio Success Story sOlutiOn In August 2008, Embarcadero introduced “the powerful reporting and search technology a search and reporting engine for data, makes it easier for the team to share data stored ER/Studio Enterprise Portal, transforming the way metadata, business rules and models are located and accessed. By providing in the er/studio repository. ” greater visibility into corporate data assets, – Manager, enterprise data Management group both business and IT users can achieve an unprecedented understanding of the information in their enterprise and facilitate team to share data stored in the ER/Studio In fact, ER/Studio Enterprise Portal is now company-wide collaboration. repository,” said the manager of the used across the organization for all metadata Understanding this client’s challenges, Enterprise Data Management group. reporting. Embarcadero introduced its latest innovation “And, its web-based nature enables the “The standard reports, drill-down capabilities to the Enterprise Data Management team Enterprise Data Management team and and the friendly search engine make who quickly obtained executive approval to users company-wide to effortlessly browse, reporting easy enough for users to generate purchase the new product due to the fast search and report on metadata quickly their own unique reports on demand. return on investment it offered. and accurately.” This saves our team considerable time “With ER/Studio Enterprise Portal, the which translates into greater productivity,” results team can instantly access enterprise data the manager of the Enterprise Data assets for use in systems development, The small investment has provided the Management group said. integration, data governance and regulatory Enterprise Data Management team As a result of having centralized and compliance. The powerful reporting and with major productivity gains. The team controlled access to corporate metadata, search technology makes it easier for the implemented ER/Studio Enterprise Portal in both the business and IT users are able to a matter of days and has received positive access the information they need, when they feedback from the company’s users. The need it in order to make strategic decisions Portal provides a centralized tool that allows based on timely and accurate information to the team to easily share data, set user launch the business unit more quickly. policies and generate metadata reports. Download Free Trials at Corporate Headquarters | Embarcadero Technologies | 100 California Street, 12th Floor | San Francisco, CA 94111 | | © 2009 Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. Embarcadero, the Embarcadero Technologies logos, and all other Embarcadero Technologies product or service names are trademarks or registered trademarks of Embarcadero Technologies, Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. ERSEP/SS/2009/04/28