A guide to buying designer sunglasses for cheap


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A guide to buying designer sunglasses for cheap

  1. 1. A Guide to Buying Designer Sunglasses for CheapSunglasses are simple accessories that can give great comfort as well as style in outdoors. Theyare the handiest solutions for providing protection to the eyes. They shield the eyes from the harshultraviolet rays of the sun. Don’t you know that long term exposure of the eyes to the UV rays candamage the eye’s surface as well as its internal structure? Sometimes, it is the reason forcataracts or clouding of the eye’s lens and macular degeneration, which is the damage of themacula. With the danger that can be incurred by the sun’s UV rays, ophthalmologists andoptometrists recommend the use of sunglasses. This can greatly help prevent such eye conditions.The great thing is that sunglasses are easily accessible at shopping malls as well as online storesand most them come cheap so you don’t need to shell out much cash just to get a decentsunglass that will shield your eyes. However, if you are up for designer sunglasses that will not justprovide protection but will also make a good accessory, you can choose from the many selectionson branded sunglasses. Designer sunglasses are known for their exquisite craftsmanship andstyle. Not to mention that they can cost a lot too. But you can also find designer sunglasses forcheap at most online stores. You just have to be resourceful in finding where is the best dealsoffered.The following are tips to consider the perfect sunglasses:• Look for sunglasses with UV protection – This is probably the most important factor toconsider. Don’t be deceived by the color or the price tag. Keep in mind that UV protection qualitiesof a sunglass are not seen on how dark its lens is. It is true that plastic and glass lenses canabsorb UV rays but when buying, carefully check that the lens is coated with special chemicals that
  2. 2. can really resist UV rays. Pick sunglasses with 99-100% UV protection.• If you are using prescription glasses and you want to wear sunglasses, look for fitovers.Fitovers are sunglasses designed for use over a regular prescription glasses. Usually, wraparoundsare provided. These are designed to wrap around the temples to prevent the sun rays fromentering the sides. This offers added protection.• Make sure that the sunglasses can block enough light. An ideal sunglass should shield out75-90% visible light. To determine if the shades can block as much light as possible, wear one andsee it in front of a mirror. If you can see your eyes through the lens then it is still too light.• Check the quality of the lens. Make sure to pick a sunglass with balanced tint. The hue mustbe uniformly distributed and not light one side and darker on the other side. You can check forsome flaws by holding the glasses at arm’s length and carefully view it at a straight line in adistance. Move the sunglasses across the line. In case the straight line distorts, bends or curves,then the lens is flawed.These tips must help you find the right sunglasses that fit your needs. Keep in mind that eyeprotection is the first thing to consider. Aesthetics is only second.Check out the hottest collection of designer sunglasses for cheap at Find Designer SunglassesOnline. You can get them at guaranteed quality and affordable price or your money back. So checkout designer sunglasses online now.