Non food products from plants


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Non food products from plants

  1. 1. Lai Chia Chen (156942) Tan Sze Theen (159471) Kok Shen Nee (161405)Syafinaz binti Mohd Sabri (162399)Muhammad Shafi’in bin Mat Shayuti (163732) Thee Kar Yan (165046)
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Non-food agriculture can be defined as agriculture activity which produces non-food products or services from the natural resources system. Since 1993, farmers have started the production of agriculture raw material for non-food purposes on set-aside land. Non-food industries, in contrast to the food industries, have a wide variety of end uses and almost all non-food agriculture products require a high degree of processing. The combination of natural raw materials with synthetics and other artificial substitutes (e.g. fibre) are increasingly used in non-food industries.
  3. 3. Non-food products from PlantsAgriculture Agriculture Non-food Non-food for Non- productsProduction Food from Animals Area Advantages of Non-food Agriculture
  4. 4. ANIMAL
  5. 5. ANIMAL Main component of modern agriculture Benefits to animal husbandry (raisings animals) and crops Helps to cultivate fields and harvest crops Usually involved domesticated animals such as cattle, sheep, goat, buffalo and etc Production of various products such as leathers, clothes, cosmetics and etc.
  7. 7.  Wool is the best natural fiber for fabric  Easy to clean  Many products can be produce such as clothes, handbag, wallet and gloves.SHEEP
  8. 8.  Produce leather products such as belt, shoes and jackets from the skin.  Bones are use to make charcoal.  Instrument and tennis racquet string made upCATTL from internal organ.E
  10. 10. PLANTS
  11. 11. clothesHousehold Soy-based inkdetergents Non food products from plants furniture Rubber Fuels
  12. 12. HEMPHemp is earth’s most beneficial agriculturalcrop, providing all the basic necessities forhuman life: food, clothing, shelter, andmedicine.
  13. 13. NON-FOOD PRODUCTS OF HEMP Non-food uses for hempseed oil are: lamp lighting, printing, lubrication, and household detergents, stain removers, varnishes, resins and paints. Most valuable parts of the hemp plant is the fiber. Hemp fiber can made cloths for summer and winter. Long and short hemp fibers is used in twine, textiles, paper, household goods, building materials…… Hemp biomass as a source of fuel ,potentially the biggest industrial use of the plant. Traditional hemp oil formulas were applied topically to treat abscesses, boils, pimples and swellings. Currently marketed products include lip balm, moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners, soaps, perfum
  15. 15. AGRICULTURAL NON-FOOD PRODUCTION AREA • Flax is grown both for its seeds and for its fiber. • It makes coatings and floorings friendlier, concrete tougher, and fibre products stronger. • In addition, it also widely used for the manufacture of fine paper, composite products and oil in the cosmetics industry
  16. 16.  Widely use in industry like bio-energy Maize cob is very attractive for several industrial processes such as surface finishing and heat and sound insulation Maize particles can also be used in the packing industry for fragile goods.
  17. 17. AgricultureFor Non-FoodADVANTAGES& IMPACT
  18. 18. RenewableMaterialssubstitute forFossil and MineralMaterialsReduce Depletion OfThe Earth’s Resources
  19. 19. PLANT • FuelSubstituting • Heat For Fossil • Electricity • Polymers In Fuels & Plastics Fossil • Lubricants MaterialsVEGETABLES ANIMAL BIODIESEL OIL FAT
  20. 20. EconomicCompetitiveness Of Industry Development Of New Markets And Products
  21. 21. Social Rural Benefits Communities New EstablishmentMarkets For Of Local Farmers Industries
  22. 22. ENVIRONMENTCuttingWaste &Pollution Greenhouse Gases
  23. 23. INDUSTRIAL PROCESSING Timber  Furniture, Paper, Building Materials DEFORESTATION Loss Of Wildlife , Soil And Water Resources & Soil Erosion
  24. 24. Huge Amounts Of Feed,Pastureland, Water, And Fossil Fuels • Massive Amount of Turning Skin Energy & Dangerous into Leather Chemical • Water Pollution • Exposure to Toxic People / Workers Chemical • Cancer
  25. 25. CONCLUSION
  26. 26.  There are many products that can be obtained from agriculture besides food. Government should give more budget to raise the productivity of agriculture especially for non food product. Businessman should have the courage to expand their business. Humans should be aware because there are still some waste that can be use. Livestock market give lots of benefits to increase the productivity of agriculture economy.
  27. 27.  Shoes, shirts, belt and others can be obtained from animals. Plants have lots of advantages such as produces medicine and act as shelter. Flax can be use in cosmetic industry and maize can be use as bio-energy. Besides give profits to the economy it also help to safe the environment. Although it have many benefits but it also come with some disadvantages for human.
  28. 28. THANKYOU!!!