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Introduction to Financial Hospital


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Here at Financial Hospital we build a solid foundation for you to reach your desired destiny of financial stability through proper foundation and execution of financial planning as well as financial goals. As ever, we would like to be a part of your success. Since 2004, Financial Hospital has successfully serviced each and every client's from India or abroad. Be it Financial Planning, Tax advice or investment planning in equity, debt or alternate category; our team backed by strong research and latest economic trends, are always ready to serve our beloved investor's any queries or needs. Today, with the rich experience of our professional team comprise of CA's, MBA''s, CFP's and other technocrats, a thorough knowledge of the markets, strong leadership, innovative and focused research and having 7 office across India, Financial Hospital itself defines its value and success story.

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Introduction to Financial Hospital

  1. 1. Y E A R S Its All About Consulting… Analysis Advice Roadmap “In today's scenario people don't have market risk, They have risk of choosing right Financial Advisor.....”
  2. 2. About Us At Financial Hospital we build a solid foundation for you to reach your desired destiny of financial stability through proper foundation and execution of financial goals as well as planning. As always, we would like to be a part of your success. Since 2004, Financial Hospital has successfully serviced each and every client from India or abroad. Be it Financial Planning, Tax advice or investments in equity, debt or alternate category; our team, backed by strong research and latest economic trends, are always ready to serve any query or need of our beloved investors. Our professional team comprises of CAs, MBAs, CFPs and other technocrats whoarecommittedtodeliverthebestservices. Client Base 15,000+ AUM 100 Crore+ National Presence 7 Offices
  3. 3. We, at Financial Hospital believe that a sound financial plan is fundamental to achieve your life's goals and enhance your quality of life. We also believe in ongoing and proactive implementations; delivered through advice that is personal, comprehensive, objective, competent and ethical - to be indispensably caring in all aspects of Individuals wealth. We understand that the greater the wealth, the more complex the needs and higher the level of personal attention required. Therefore, at Financial Hospital, we offer youanunmatchedblendofpersonalizedfinancialservicesandwealth managementopportunities. As our client, you benefit from the insight of an entire team of professionals each of whom brings his or her own expertise and experience to manage your assets. Our core philosophy is to help you to navigate the ups and downs of the market and manage your investment portfolio, risks and returns while paying close attention to the needs and the factors that may affect your individual circumstances. We believe that no two clients are alike and one size does not fit for all. Our Relationship Manager identifies your needs and then works with appropriate product specialists and client associates to fulfill them. We proactively provide the up-to-date investment intelligence and innovative wealth management solutions designed to assist you to preserve, enhance and grow yourwealth. Failing to plan planning to fail means F I R S T inancial Planning & Wealth Management nvestment Planning etirement Planning pecific Goal Planning ax Planning Services We Offer
  4. 4. Financial Planning - Process. We, as a Financial Planner will clearly explain and document the service to be provided to you and define both your and our responsibilities and confidentiality. We will explain you how we will be paid and by whom. You and we willagreeon h o w l o n g t h e p r o f e s s i o n a l relationship should last andonhowdecisionwill bemade. Establishing The Client and Planner Relationship Step - 1 Analyzing and Evaluating your Financial Health Step - 3 Developing and Presenting Financial Plan and Life Chart Recommendation Step - 4 Review of Financial Plan on regular intervals and make suitable amendments Step - 6 Implementing the Financial Planning recommendations Step - 5 We, as a Financial P l a n n e r a s k f o r information about your financial situation. We and you should mutually define your personal and financial goals, understand your time frame for result and discuss, if relevant, how you feel about risk. We will gather all the necessary documents before giving you the adviceyouneed. Data Gathering & Goal Settings Step - 2 We, as a Financial Planner will analyze your information to assess your current situation and determine what you must do to meet your goals. This will include analyzing your assets, liabilities and cash flows, current insurance coverage, investments or tax strategies. We, as a Financial Planner will develop Financial Plan and design your life line with various stages. We will offer financial planning recommendations that address your goals, b a s e d o n t h e i n f o r m a t i o n y o u provide. We will go over the recommendations with you to help you understand them, so that you can make informed decisions. We will also listen your concern and revise the recommendations as appropriate. We, as a Financial Planner and you as a client should agree on h o w t h e recommendations will be carried out. We may c a r r y o u t t h e recommendations or serve as your “coach” co-ordinating the whole process with you and your professionals such as C. A., Insurance Agents, Stock Brokers andBankersetc. As the life and economic scenario changes, we as a Financial Planner will review your situation and adjust the recommendations, ifneeded. periodically
  5. 5. Why Us If your next door person is having medicines for diabetes or cancer, do you start taking the same? Then why this principal for investment…? In life every person has a different goals and dreams. Every person has a different relationship with Risk and Return. We as a Financial Planner appoint a dedicated relationship manager for you, who will understand your relationship with risk and return and suggest you the perfect mix of asset class viz. Equity, Debt, RealEstateandAlternate. Review your portfolio often to keep investments on track. It is imperative for investors to review their portfolio on a regular basis to check whether their investments are performing well. Investor, who doesn't review his / her portfolio, has lots of dead or loss making stock or assets in it. However, as the life and economic scenario changes, our team will review your portfolio periodically and suggest you to do suitable changes or amendments inyourportfolio. At Financial Hospital, we understand and respect your busy schedule. We provide you our automated portfolio management solution which not only update your portfolio but also provide you option to set various alert through SMS or mail. you can buy or sell MF, Equitieswithouronlineplatform. Don't choose different agents, choose a complete Financial Planner..In today's complex scenario, people don't have time to visit or maintain different agents for various investment products. We offer you a very wide range of basket of products which suits to your every need. Financial Hospital, a single point shopping mall for a l l y o u r i n v e s t m e n t n e e d s . Personalized Service Timely Review Online Platform
  6. 6. FinancialPlanning FinancialPlanningisasystem aticwayof organizingone’spersonalfinancesw ith efforts m ade foroptim izingbetween assets,liabilities and cash flows. Investm ent Planning To m eetyourfinancialgoals,the need fora well-diversified and professionallym anaged investm entPlan iscritical.It also takes into accountthe safetyofinvestm ent aswellasliquidityand levelofreturn. Retirem entisone ofthe m ostim portantlife’s eventm anyofusw illeverexperience from both personaland financialperspective, realizingacom fortable retirem entisan incrediblyextensive processthat takessensible planningand years ofpersistence. Different Shades Of Financial Planning... Retirem entPlanning
  7. 7. SpecificGoalPlanning You know w here you wantto go and we know how to getyou there.Ifanyperson w ishesto achieve anyspecificgoalbutdoesn't know how to build corpusforthe sam e,thisis aperfectm odule ofconsultancy TaxPlanning IfTDSisyourbiggestburden and you need asolution ofhow to m axim ize yourtake hom e salary;then taxplanning isthe rightblend foryou. Estate Planning Estate iscom prised ofeverythingyou ow n-yourcar,hom e,otherrealestate, FDRsand savingsaccounts,investm ents, life insurance,furniture,personalpossessions. Plan Today..... for Better Tomorrow.....
  8. 8. Financial Planning Investment Planning Retirement Planning Tax Planning Estate Planning Insurance Planning Specific Goal Planning It Includes Financial Planning is a systematic way of organizing one's personal finances with efforts made for optimizing theassets,liabilitiesandcashflow. Financial Planning is a process of achieving your life's goals by a professional approach and strategic planning. Life’s goal can be buying a house, saving for your children educationorplanningfordreamretirement. Our comprehensive financial plan involves gathering financial information, setting life goals, examining current financial position status and coming up with a strategy orplanonhowyoucanmeetyourgoals.. “People with clear, written goals accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them can ever imagine.”
  9. 9. Investment Planning Understanding your investment personality, Designing an investment portfolio, Managing & monitoring the portfolio. To meet your financial goals, the need for a well-diversified and professionally managed Investment Plan is critical. It also takes into account the safety of investment as well as liquidity and level ofreturn. The process will take you through the following steps: Setting your investment goals, “ Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don't like.”
  10. 10. Retirement Planning Retirement is one of the most important life’s event many of us will ever experience. From both personal and financial perspective, realizing a comfortable retirement is an incredibly extensive process that takes sensible planning and years of persistence. Even once it reaches; managing your retirement is an ongoing responsibility that carry well into one's golden years. It helps you to maintain your desired lifestyle during old age and it provides financial security to you and your dependents. Accumulation Phase: In Accumulation Phase, you have focused on your accumulation of assets, building a portfolio for the past 30+ years. Now, as you crossover to Phase 2, the Preservation Phase, you will give your attention to structuring on-going income while still creating growth in your portfolio. This crossover ideally happens between age 55 and 60. Preservation Phase: This is where all your monetary and lifestyle retirement issues need to be reviewed and addressed. You will determine the exact amount of monthly/annual income you will require to meet both your basic monthly income requirements and your lifestyle income requirements. Phase 2 is where you evaluate your investments to be certain that your retirement money is structured in a manner designed to fund your income requirements to last your lifetime. Distribution Phase: You are now retired and you begin to receive income, month after month, year after year. During Phase 3, we continue to monitor your investments to be certain that the suitability and relevance of your product choices continues to be maintained during retirement. Annual reviews are a mandatory requirement to keep current on your investmentsuitability. The three phases of retirement planning are: “It never too early to begin planning for Retirement.”
  11. 11. Specific Goal Planning You know where you want to go and we know how to get you there. If any person wishes to achieve any specific goal but doesn't know how to build corpus for the same, this is a perfect module of consultancy. A team of experts in individual fields will assess the various necessary factors and give the best solution. We plan your short term and long term goals which can include: Buying a dream house Children's Education Exotic Vacation Buying a luxury car etc… “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today”
  12. 12. Tax Planning If TDS is your biggest burden and you need a solution of how to maximize your take home salary; then tax planning is the right blend for you. The purpose of tax planning is to discover how to accomplish all the other elements of a financial plan in the most tax-efficient manner possible. Tax planning thus allows the other elements of a financial plan to interact more effectively by minimizing tax liability... The services we offered: Salary Restructuring Multiple House Property Spouse File Management Submission of Declaration Capital Gain Income Impact of budget on your “In Hand Salary”. HUF and its benefits. Different provisions of NRI Taxation It’s Not About How Much Money You Make It’s How You Save It!
  13. 13. Estate Planning Estate is comprised of everything you own-your car, home, other real estate, checking and savings accounts, investments, life insurance, furniture, personal possessions. No matter how large or how modest, everyone has an estate and something in common-you can't take it with you when you die. It is not just for “retired” people, although people do tend to think about it more as they get older. Unfortunately, we can't successfully predict how long we will live, and illness and accidents happen to people of all ages. Estate planning is not just for “the wealthy,” either, although people who have built some wealth do often think more about how to preserve it. Good estate planning often means more to families with modest assets, because they can afford to lose the least. The best benefit is peace of mind: Knowing you have a properly prepared plan in place - one that contains your instructions and will protect your family will give you and your family peace of mind. This is one of the most thoughtful and considerate things you can do for yourself and for those you love. Preparation of Will Formation of Private Trust “All days are not same, save for the rainy days. When you don’t work, saving will work for you.”
  14. 14. In my experience Financial Hospital is really a one-stop solution for financial planning and might and the cherry on the cream is their excellent & personalized customer support. I desperately needed somebody who can take care of my financial planning & I found it. - Paul Varghese Aishwarya College. I had purchased a motor insurance from my agent elsewhere and had been delayed for my claim, wherein I spoke to Mr. Hingar as I do all my other investments with him, and I must say he did a commendable job wherein my claim was approved in 2 weeks. This just shows the dedication Financial Hospital has for its clients. It has been a great 4 years with them now and wish them all the best for future. - Harjindar Singh Chandiok Businessman Unlike the majority of other accountancy firms that i have worked with, HNA is a lot more proactive by being prepared to offer a different level of service to local businesses. Initiatives seek the help organizations by introducing new ideas for growth and development through ongoing support. It is an approach that is not offered through traditional accountancy. - Haresh Shetha Director - Colors Concepts - Sandeep Gupta Reliance Industries Financial Hospital has streamlined my tax planning and has made my money work harder for me. Prompt service, sound advise and personalized service is what I have gained in this life long partnership. Thanks, - Ajit Nair Pepsico Amidst a crowded jungle of financial advisors, came across a very unique institution called Financial Hospital (FH) which as the name suggests provides comprehensive solutions around financial care and wellness. Run by a very young and dynamic entrepreneur Manish Hingar, FH seamlessly blends contemporary financial solutions with a human touch. Backed by a very competent team of young talented and skilled counselors, within a short span of time Manish has developed a wide pool of customers ranging from leading corporates, senior company executives, professionals, businessmen and middle class citizens. What I personally admired, is their intense desire to constantly innovate in making their clients fiscal planning easier, effective and without surprises. This they have managed by using latest available technologies and on the human front by engaging with lots of integrity and consistently interacting with clients by using educative approach by holding seminars and other interactive models. I wish them the very best for a great journey ahead. Financial Hospital lives up to its name. We normally go to hospital for one stop shop where all your worries are taken care of and I think they lived up completely to that all our financial worries are completely looked by them and it gives you confidence that you are in right place and you don't have to really worry about your investments. Quite happy with this. -Gautam Salaskar Go Air I Say... I Feel... My opinion about FH : As we seek medical treatment from a physical, I feel Manish and his team help us improve our financial health through their strategic insights and meticulous planning. Hats of to FH for all the good work.... keep up the tempo. B. Anand Director – Finance Future Group I transferred my accountancy services to HNA and the transition was as smooth as they said it would be. I am impressed with the array of services they offer and the quality of the advice they give me. I regard HNA as my business adviser. I would recommend HNA to any business looking for a better service at a competitive price. - Jitesh Pandey Director Air Tran Logestic Pvt. Ltd. HNA has worked very closely with us over the last Five years. At the outset we ran a strategy day looking at how far we had come and where we were going. We had expanded rapidly and its easy to lose sight of the wood for the trees as we all just get on with doing the job. - Vikash Arora Director - Flowers n fruits
  15. 15. Customer Care +91-22-6608 6900, Let’s Start… We will be happy to welcome you to the rapidly expanding and satisfied family of Financial Hospital. We are committed to offering you good and satisfactory solutions of all your financial needs. Come be a part of the journey as our valued member and leaveittoustoflourishittonewfrontiers To Book an appointment with Financial Planners Ms. Shama +91-7506440359, Tax Planners CA Nikhil Sharma +91-8652556620, Ms. Suchita Hingar +91-9004690861, For Corporate Tie-ups / Franchise Enquiries:
  16. 16. Points you should keep in mind... Set measurable goals. Understand the effect your financial decisions have on other financial issues. Re-evaluate your financial plan periodically. Start now - don’t assume financial planning is for when you get the wealthy. Start with what you’ve got - don’t assume financial planning is only for the wealthy. Look at the big picture - financial planning is more than just retirement planning or tax planning. Don’t’ confuse financial planning with investing. Don’t expect unrealistic return on investments. Don’t wait until a money crisis to begin financial planning Mumbai Thane Pune Udaipur Bhilwara Office 3, EMP - 48, Thakur Village, Kandivali (East), Mumbai - 400101 T: +91- 22-66086900