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How to Plan and Save Money for Kids to Set their Financial Futures and Goals?

Watch this helpful presentation to know why you should contact Financial Freedom Forum. We will provide you helpful tips and ideas about saving and planning money that can save future of your kids.


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How to Plan and Save Money for Kids to Set their Financial Futures and Goals?

  1. 1. Financial Freedom Forum
  2. 2. Perfect Organization for Kids to Approach Financial Planning Everyone's financial situation is different and there is no magic solution to achieve financial freedom. But there are tools, resource and aids to help parents and kids along their journeys. Some of us are trying to help our children learn how to save, plan and invest for their financial futures. Others are trying to figure out how to help a child pay for college and many more of us are wondering how we are going to fund or sustain our retirement?
  3. 3. Financial freedom can start early and finish late in life. This site is for those on the journey. Schools and PTAs will find books and other useful tools for PTA discussion nights. All questions can be directed to Keep in mind that it is never too early not too late to plan for your financial freedom.
  4. 4. Welcome to Financial Freedom What does it mean to you? The opportunity to save more than you spend and to live within your means? It sounds easy enough, but it is one of the most difficult tasks for many of us to accomplish. Financial Freedom means different things to different people.
  5. 5. Whatever it means to you, the right tools, resources and information can help put you on the right track to get you on your way. Sooner or later kids will find themselves with money. Whether from a birthday, a summer job or mowing lawns, they will be confronted with how to manage that money.
  6. 6. Some will spend it, some will save it and some will do both. However, many kids will Miss Key concepts related to money and grow into adults who will pass these missed concepts onto their own kids. While they are young, many don't learn enough - if anything at all - about debt, loans or ways to actually make money via investing.
  7. 7. Many end up with credit card debt in their late teens and find themselves wondering how they are going to pay it back. Too often parents have had to come to the rescue. That can change. As parents and educators, we have the opportunity and the responsibility to teach our children all about money and investing.
  8. 8. From an early age, kids have a chance to learn about saving, building wealth and planning for their financial futures. They just need some guidance to build healthy saving, spending and investing habits.
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