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BUY-OUT OF FOUNDING PRINCIPALThe Principals of the RP Capital Group have agreed to purchase the equity interest of Mr. Pet...
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RP Capital Group Buys Out Founding Partner


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Principals of RP Capital Group have decided to purchase the equity interest of Mr Petr Kellner, one of the Group’s founding partners. The purpose behind this buyout is twofold: it will permit Mr Kellner to realise value on a non-core investment, whilst also enabling him to avoid prospective conflicts of interest with his partner, Generali Group. As a result of this decision, Mr Kellner will no longer serve on the Group’s board, but will retain all of his entity investments in the funds and companies it manages. Following the announcement, Mr Kellner has expressed his gratitude to Rafael Berber and the Group for years of successful and enriching cooperation.

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RP Capital Group Buys Out Founding Partner

  1. 1. BUY-OUT OF FOUNDING PRINCIPALThe Principals of the RP Capital Group have agreed to purchase the equity interest of Mr. Petr Kellner, one of thefounding partners of the RP Capital Group.Mr Kellner has always maintained a non-executive role within RP Capital Group, positioning himself as a passiveinvestor. The reason for the buyout is to enable Mr Kellner to realise value on a non-core investment. Furthermore,the buyout enables Mr Kellner to fully comply with his commitments to his strategic partner, Generali Group, theItalian insurance giant, on potential conflicts of interests. The basis of the buy-out frees up a significant portion ofthe groups equity for the executive principals of RP Capital Group.As part of the arrangement Mr Kellner will resign from his seat on the board of RP Capital UK Limited but will retainall his direct and related entity investments in the Funds and Companies managed by the RP Capital Group.COMMENTARYPetr Kellner “The principal reason for my original investment in RP Capital - given Rafael Berber’s experience -was to participate in transactions that would not otherwise have been available for me at the time.I feel enriched by the international experience and investment opportunities I have been involved inthanks to RP Capital. I highly appreciate the successful co-operation with Rafael Berber and otherprincipals of RP Capital and wish the business every success in the future.”Rafael Berber “Petr has been a true friend of mine for many years and we at RP Capital Group would like toexpress our gratitude to him for his invaluable contribution to RP Capital Group in its founding yearsand thank him for his support and his trust. We intend to continue to successfully manage theassets he has decided to leave with us, and are looking forward to continued cooperation in thefuture.This transaction will see the remaining principals significantly increasing their collective stake in thebusiness. This higher level of equity ownership will continue to align the economic interests of theprincipals with those of our investors.”15 September 2009