Development of Special-Purpose Vehicles
From the Design Sketch to the Finished Test Vehicle

From the idea ...

Development of Special-Purpose Vehicles

Concepts – Design – Product Development

u Package layout
u Developmen...
u Planning and coordinating test drives
Development of Special-Purpose Vehicles
F 05/05

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Development of Special-Purpose Vehiclas


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Development of Special-Purpose Vehiclas

  1. 1. Development of Special-Purpose Vehicles From the Design Sketch to the Finished Test Vehicle From the idea ... Special-Purpose Vehicles u Public-authority vehicles, e.g. police cars u Emergency ambulances u Fire command vehicles u Taxis u Driving-school vehicles u Vehicles equipped with driver assistance systems Armored Vehicles Individualization u IAV also has a broad range of development expertise in Task relation to individualizing The specific components of special-purpose vehicles must be integrated in vehicles and to armored the existing basic vehicle in the best way possible. vehicles (armoring classes B4 to B7). Due to the ongoing decrease in available installation space, the package of modern vehicles makes it very difficult to integrate additional components. Solution This is true for visible areas, such as the instrument panel, as well as for IAV is ideally equipped to deal with installation positions “hidden” behind cladding or panelling. these demanding tasks. We provide a depth of competence in Smart concepts and detail solutions are required that do not entail substantial electrics/electronics, developing changes to the basic production version of the vehicle. Another challenge specific exterior and interior developers are faced with is to adapt the specific components to the high- components, parts list systems as quality interior design of modern vehicles. well as in testing and constructing test vehicles. We use modern project The integration of electric components into the vehicle’s production power management tools to reach the supply system requires major interventions, especially on modern vehicles fully targets set by the “magic triangle” of interlinked by a CAN bus. Electric components can no longer be integrated deadlines, quality/technology and into the CAN control unit system and messages no longer be imported and costs. exported by simply “connecting” the respective components, as in the past. It is, for example, no longer possible to subsequently add functions to the basic vehicle’s CAN bus without performing special measures. Excellence in Automotive Research and Development
  2. 2. Development of Special-Purpose Vehicles Concepts – Design – Product Development Concepts u Package layout u Development of concept variants u Concept visualization/design sketches (to support decisions) Design u Virtual and actual package analyses u Components and assemblies design u Preparation of drawings Development of Power Supply System u Concept selection u Component selection u System diagram u Wiring diagram u 3D wire routing (package) u Electromechanical design u Form-board drawing (production drawing) Control Unit Development u Feasibility analyses (CAN connection, validation, etc.) u Algorithm definition u Preparation and monitoring of specifications u Algorithm integration (power supply control unit/door control unit/steering column switch module, etc.) u Vehicle testing (CAN/special functions) u Preparation of drawings u Clearance support Comfort CAN Comfort CAN Documentation u Assembly instructions, installation documentation u Circuit diagrams Power supply Door control Steering Instrument control unit unit column switch cluster u Support in preparing user manuals and service documents
  3. 3. Testing u Planning and coordinating test drives Prototype Construction u Assembly and disassembly tests u Construction of test and press u Component and vehicle tests 1 Environmental simulation (cold and hot weather, paint resistance, sunlight demo vehicles simulation, corrosion) u Manufacturing of prototype 1 Component tests (e.g. continuous operation of doors and lids) parts 1 Misuse tests 1 Stereolithography 1 Support for vehicle endurance and fatigue strength tests 1 Selective laser sintering u Vehicle safety 1 Fused deposition modeling 1 Offset, lateral and rear impacts 1 Vacuum casting 1 Head impact tests 1 Deep drawing 1 Airbag inflation tests u Calibration of prototype parts u Function tests u Preparation of EMC measurements u Stall-current measurements u Start-up System Integration u Entering data into the database u Definition of technical constraints and prohibitions u Preparing, coordinating and monitoring clearances u Change management Door endurance testing Process Integration Depending on the client’s need, IAV's special-purpose vehicles team also takes care of integrating these vehicles in the production or assembly processes concerned. Here, it makes no difference to the special-purpose vehicle experts whether vehicles are to be assembled by hand or quot;polishedquot; on the mass-production line. Support starts as early as in the planning phase and is provided in close consultation with the Production, Quality Assurance and Logistics departments of the manufacturing site until pre- production and start of production. If needed, IAV also provides a task force after SOP.
  4. 4. Development of Special-Purpose Vehicles F 05/05 Further Activities Cost Optimization u Product management u Project management Fierce competition and strong cost u Marketing/sales support pressure in the special-purpose u Procurement support vehicles sector are counteracted by u Support in financial controlling cost-effective solutions. This includes: u Support in quality assurance u Optimizing component costs by way of close cooperation with Marketing/sales support includes the evaluation of customer complaints component suppliers as early as in and, based on the results, the preparation of model improvements, analyzing the design phase competitors’ products, observing and introducing new technologies as well as u Adapting production processes to helping with the preparation of marketing campaigns, service and repair the number of units ordered manuals. u Optimizing production methods and assembly processes IAV’s scope of services may, upon request of the client, even go as far as u Closely cooperating with the client’s providing support in procurement processes, i.e. selecting, assessing and monitoring suppliers and coordinating sample delivery processes, in financial Procurement and Controlling controlling, e.g. elaborating cost-saving measures, and in quality assurance, departments e.g. by examining and guaranteeing conformity with group guidelines, standards, rules and laws. … to Mass Production Product planning Project management Package, concepts, design Product development, design Prototype construction and testing Clearances and system integration Process integration, production Preproduction, Procurement activities production Marketing and sales Quality assurance and measures 18-24 months of special-purpose vehicle development Contact: +49 (53 71) 8 05-12 55 Contact: +49 (53 71) 8 05-15 30