comcast Board of Directors and Corporate and Division Executives


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comcast Board of Directors and Corporate and Division Executives

  1. 1. Comcast 2005 Annual Report Board of Directors and Corporate Executives 75 BOARD OF DIRECTORS AND CORPORATE EXECUTIVES Board of Directors S. Decker Anstrom Edward D. Breen J. Michael Cook Ralph J. Roberts President and Chairman and Retired Chairman and Chairman Chief Operating Officer Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer Executive and Landmark Communications, Inc. Tyco International, Ltd. Deloitte & Touche LLP Finance Committee Kenneth J. Bacon Julian A. Brodsky Jeffrey A. Honickman Dr. Judith Rodin Executive Vice President Non-Executive Vice Chairman Chief Executive Officer President Housing and Pepsi-Cola and The Rockefeller Foundation Joseph J. Collins Community Development National Brand Beverages, Ltd. Michael I. Sovern Chairman Fannie Mae Brian L. Roberts Aegis, LLC Chairman Sheldon M. Bonovitz Retired Chairman and Chairman and CEO Sotheby’s Holdings, Inc. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Director Emeritus Chief Executive Officer Time Warner Cable C. Michael Armstrong Duane Morris LLP Retired Chairman Comcast Corporation Corporate Executives Brian L. Roberts Arthur R. Block Joseph F. DiTrolio Charisse R. Lillie Chairman and CEO Senior Vice President, Vice President Vice President General Counsel and Financial Operations Human Resources Ralph J. Roberts Secretary Senior Vice President Marlene S. Dooner Chairman Human Resources, Mark A. Coblitz Executive and Vice President Comcast Cable Finance Committee Senior Vice President Investor Relations Kenneth Mikalauskas Strategic Planning John R. Alchin William E. Dordelman Vice President Robert S. Pick Executive Vice President and Vice President Finance Co-Chief Financial Officer Senior Vice President Finance Marc A. Rockford Corporate Development Stephen B. Burke Kamal Dua Vice President and Lawrence J. Salva Executive Vice President and Vice President Senior Deputy General Counsel Chief Operating Officer Senior Vice President, Internal Audit and D’Arcy F. Rudnay President, Comcast Cable Chief Accounting Officer and General Auditor Controller Vice President David L. Cohen Leonard J. Gatti Corporate Communications C. Stephen Backstrom Executive Vice President Vice President Joseph W. Waz, Jr. Vice President Financial Reporting Lawrence S. Smith Taxation Vice President Gregg M. Goldstein Executive Vice President and External Affairs and Payne Brown Co-Chief Financial Officer Vice President Public Policy Vice President Corporate Development Amy L. Banse Strategic Initiatives Kerry Knott Senior Vice President Karen Dougherty Buchholz Interactive Media Vice President President Vice President Government Affairs Comcast Interactive Media Administration
  2. 2. 76 Division Executives Comcast 2005 Annual Report DIVISION EXECUTIVES Comcast Cable Stephen B. Burke David M. Fellows Stephen E. Silva Michael A. Doyle President Executive Vice President and Executive Vice President President Chief Technology Officer Digital Development Eastern Division David A. Scott David A. Juliano Douglas Gaston Bradley P Dusto . Executive Vice President Administration and Finance Executive Vice President General Counsel President Marketing and West Division David N. Watson Kevin M. Casey Product Development John H. Ridall Executive Vice President President John Shanz Operations Northern Division President Executive Vice President Southern Division Madison Bond William Connors National Engineering and Charles W. Thurston Executive Vice President President Technology Operations Programming Administration Midwest Division President Comcast Spotlight Comcast Content Jeff Shell Ted Harbert David Manougian Neal Tiles President President President President E!/Style Networks The Golf Channel G4 Joseph M. Donnelly Gavin Harvey Diane Robina Sandy Wax Chief Financial Officer President President President David T. Cassaro OLN Emerging Networks PBS KIDS Sprout President Rod Shanks Jack Williams Comcast Network Sales President President AZN Comcast SportsNet Comcast Interactive Media Amy L. Banse Samuel H. Schwartz President Executive Vice President Strategy and Development Comcast Spectacor Edward M. Snider Sanford Lipstein Chairman Executive Vice President Finance and Fred A. Shabel Chief Financial Officer Vice Chairman Philip I. Weinberg Peter A. Luukko Executive Vice President and President General Counsel Comcast Spectacor Ventures