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Caterpillar and Oil & Gas


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Caterpillar and Oil & Gas

  1. 1. 14 2007 CATERPILLAR Annual Report We’re building on industry strength. Deep and integral presence in the world’s critical natural resource sectors is a major driver powering Caterpillar’s current and future growth. Case in point: oil and gas. Caterpillar engines and Solar® turbines – backed by comprehensive service and support – have powered the industry since its infancy, building long-term customer relationships by meeting needs as they develop. In this and other key industries, the Caterpillar and Solar names mean efficiency and durability, environmental responsibility and safety. We deliver unrivaled power selection, expertise and performance, and service that’s integral to every solution, at virtually every link in the value chain. For oil and gas customers all over the world, from exploration to end user, Caterpillar and Solar are there. PARTNERS ATEVERY POINTIN THEPROCESS. CATERPILLAR AND OIL & GAS:
  2. 2. 15Caterpillar and Oil & Gas
  3. 3. 16 2007 CATERPILLAR Annual Report Explore  The oil and gas industry is engaged in an increasingly important effort to locate and analyze new resource deposits in every corner of the world. Caterpillar is there, with individual power offerings for virtually any application or horsepower requirement. Power to construct and operate drilling sites and rigs that find new reserves – and power for the trucks and ships that supply them. 30,000 horsepower Solar off shore gas compressor module, bound for Tapti field, India’s Gulf of Cambray
  4. 4. 17 Extract  Once they find the oil and gas, customers use Caterpillar power to get it to the surface from miles below, efficiently and reliably. Engines and generator sets for every kind of production facility and platform, on land and sea, every place our customers drill, worldwide. Power for injecting, gathering and moving natural gas. Pressure power for on- and off shore well stimulation. And once beyond the well head, power for moving oil and gas through the pipeline. Caterpillar and Oil & Gas
  5. 5. 18 2007 CATERPILLAR Annual Report Process  Caterpillar machines power oil and gas processing and treatment facilities with reliability and durability, serviceability and safety. With clean-burning turbines, reciprocating diesel and natural gas engines for every stage. In oil, from crude via distillation towers to crackers, through hydrotreatment and blending to final product. In natural gas, from unprocessed to pipeline quality. Caterpillar is there. Cat Titan 130GS generator sets supply electrical power and steam for the refinery process
  6. 6. 19 Transport  Caterpillar power delivers the final product from the oil refinery or gas processing plant to the distributor or end user. Cat pipelayers and other machines for pipeline construction, and a complete range of advanced, high-performance Cat reciprocating engines and turbines to drive the pipelines once they’re built. Natural gas compression engines for gas injection into and extraction from storage. Then, to market: diesel marine power for tankers, Caterpillar diesel engines for trucks. Cat 330C hydraulic excavator, Cat 583R, 583T, 587T pipelayers, 300-mile, 36” natural gas pipeline installation Caterpillar and Oil & Gas
  7. 7. 20 2007 CATERPILLAR Annual Report power  Caterpillar power generation systems deliver unique solutions, including highly innovative Combined Heat and Power technology. A clean, efficient, reliable, environmentally sustainable approach to converting fuel into electrical and thermal energy. Utilizing the heat byproduct of power generation to decrease energy costs and increase efficiency by up to 90 percent. Now that’s power. Cat 3516 diesel power generator sets
  8. 8. 21 support  Caterpillar delivers service and support, every step of the way. In exploration, extraction, processing, transportation, storage and distribution, for smooth, efficient, continuous operation. Standby fire pumps and emergency generator sets for safety and security at land-based facilities and on off shore platforms. Service for engine re-power and overhaul. For customer support – across the country and across the world, here, there and the middle of nowhere – Caterpillar answers the call. Caterpillar and Oil & Gas