ANNUAL   REPORT   2003

Corporate Profile

           Universal Health Services, Inc.

is one of the largest and most

experienced hospital manag...
Financial Highlights

TO OUR SHAREHOLDERS                                                                       UNIVERSAL

       UHS is proud...
25          YEARS

                                                                                       Through their ...
Entering Las Vegas:

    An Uncommon Opportunity

       In 1979, the highway leading

    north out of Las Vegas ended

From its frontier-town origins,
were in serious need of renovation.      of Las Vegas, he saw an uncommon

    Helping to Change an Industry              population growth was higher than             Las Vegas the fa...
25          YEARS

Opened in 2003,
Spring Valley
Hospital Medical
Center in Las Vegas
meets the health-
care needs of a...

                                                                            UHS first embraced the California...
25           YEARS

the community’s only trauma center,

providing emergency medical services,

trauma surgery, intensiv...

                                                         McAllen Medical Center in McAllen, Texas, was built ...
25           YEARS

This diverse network also includes          UHS entered the Amarillo market

McAllen Heart Hospital,...

                  The rapidly-evolving site
                  of Wellington Regional
25          YEARS

replacement programs for adults who      Manatee Memorial Hospital               nuclear medicine, an...

25          YEARS

Memphis, Tennessee, has provided

psychiatric and chemical dependency

treatment services to area adu...
UNIVERSAL                                 25                YEARS

Director y of Hospitals and Centers

     A C U T E C A R E H O S P I TA L S         Edinburg Regional Medical Center  ...
B E H AV I O R A L H E A LT H C E N T E R S   North Star Children’s Hospital                  Clinique Le Louvre
Board of Directors


T H E 2 5 - Y E A R H I S T O RY O F U H S I S C O M P O S E D
1980 Year-End Results:
                                                                             Gross Revenues: $80,50...
Corporate office building      Acquisition of Qualicare, Inc.
   acquired at 367 South Gulph              completed, addin...
1988 Year-End Results:
     Gross Revenues: $860,300,000
      Net Revenues: $554,000,000
           Net Income: $6,400,00...
Linda L.E. Reino appointed
                                                                        Assistant Vice Presiden...
Acquired three behavioral          John F.Williams, Jr., MD,Vice            Acquired Rancho Springs         Opened new 126...
Opened The Heart Hospital of                    2002 Year-End Results:               Alan B. Miller is listed in Modern
universal helath services  2003Front
universal helath services  2003Front
universal helath services  2003Front
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universal helath services 2003Front

  2. 2. Corporate Profile Universal Health Services, Inc. is one of the largest and most experienced hospital management companies in the nation. We have focused our efforts on managing acute care hospitals, behavioral health hospitals, and ambulatory surgery and radiation oncology centers. We believe hospitals will remain the focal point of the healthcare delivery system. We have built our success by remaining committed to a program of rational growth around our core businesses and seeking opportunities complementary to them. The future of our industry remains bright for those whose focus is providing quality healthcare on a cost-effective basis. Index Financial Highlights..................................................... 1 Shareholders Letter....................................................... 2-3 25 Years of Growing Communities ............................ 4-16 Financial Results - 10K................................................ 0-79 Directory of Hospitals................................................. 80-81 Board of Directors....................................................... 82 The UHS 25 Year Timeline.......................................... 83-89 Officers/Corporate Information.................................. 90
  3. 3. Financial Highlights PERCENTAGE 2003 2002 2001 YEAR ENDED DECEMBER 31 INCREASE NET REVENUES $ 3,643,566,000 $ 3,258,898,000 12% $ 2,840,491,000 NET INCOME $ 199,269,000 $ 175,361,000 14% $ 99,742,000 EARNINGS PER SHARE * (DILUTED) $ 3.20 $ 2.74 17% $ 1.60 PATIENT DAYS 2,724,942 2,564,022 6% 2,253,611 ADMISSIONS 436,259 414,390 5% 355,117 AVERAGE NUMBER OF LICENSED BEDS 11,131 10,648 5% 9,966 * The earnings per share have been adjusted to reflect the two-for-one stock split declared in the form of a 100% stock dividend which was paid in June 2001. Net Revenues Earnings Per Share Admissions (in millions) (diluted) (in thousands) $3,644 $3.20 436 $3,259 414 $2.74 $2,840 355 $2,242 265 $2,042 242 $1.60 $1.50 $1.22 $0 0 $0 99 00 01 02 03 99 00 01 02 03 99 00 01 02 03
  4. 4. TO OUR SHAREHOLDERS UNIVERSAL UHS is proud to have completed Medical Center that added 176 beds in total in that country to 1,588 beds. 25 years of growth and innovation. the fast growing southeast quadrant of In addition, major construction We are now one of the nation’s largest the city. And we announced plans to projects were completed at a number and most respected companies with develop a fifth facility in the Northern of our facilities including a 90 bed $3.6 billion in revenues and over 100 Centennial Hills area. addition to Northwest Texas Hospital, facilities nationwide, and in Puerto We are also pleased that President a 56 bed patient tower at Auburn Rico and France. Bush chose Spring Valley Hospital to Regional Medical Center and an This past year was a fine one for announce the passage of historic expansion and renovation at our company. Net revenues for 2003 Medicare legislation, which included Wellington Regional Medical Center. were $3.64 billion a 12% increase the first prescription drug benefit Construction was begun at Lakewood from 2002. Net income was $199.3 program for our senior citizens. Ranch, a new hospital development million or $3.20 per diluted share. We have also made a number of southeast of our Manatee Memorial Net income increased for the strategic acquisitions this past year. Hospital, scheduled to open late in 2004. eleventh consecutive year. At year-end UHS acquired Corona Regional 2003 shareholders equity increased Medical Center, 228 beds, as part of a Our management strength – 19% to $1.09 billion. Our return on three-hospital group. Corona will UHS’s people equity was 20.0%, which, once again, complement our other two facilities In addition to the strong financial was among the highest in the entire in southern California. underpinnings of the company, which industry. The Wall Street Journal To further strengthen our market has facilitated this growth, we have shareholder scoreboard ranks the position in New Orleans, Louisiana, made appropriate operating manage- performance of 1,000 major U.S. we acquired a 90% ownership interest ment promotions and realignments. companies based on total returns to in the 306-bed Methodist Hospital In the Acute Care Hospital Division shareholders. UHS was once again and we purchased the 156-bed four groups were created: an Eastern the leader among hospital manage- Lakeland Medical Center. The combined Region group led by Marc Miller; ment companies. net revenues from these five acquisitions a Louisiana Group led by Larry We plan to continue our growth will be approximately $360 million Graham; a North Central group led by adding to our portfolio of quality in 2004. by Moody Chisholm; and the South health care facilities through strategic In the Behavioral Health area, Texas Group directed by Dan McLean. acquisitions in key geographic where we have the leading group in The Western Region, reporting to Vice markets and the development of the nation, we added the North Star President, Mike Marquez, will create new hospitals. Hospital, North Star Children’s Hospital an additional group shortly. and two outpatient counseling centers Our ability to make this reorgani- Continued Expansion in Anchorage, Alaska. zation all with talent from within the In Las Vegas we opened our fourth Médi-Partenaires, our hospital company speaks to the breadth and facility, the Spring Valley Hospital company in France, added five out- depth of UHS’s management. standing facilities during 2003 and In the Corporate staff Steve Filton early 2004 with 481 beds bringing our was appointed Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Charles 2
  5. 5. 25 YEARS Through their support we have built Boyle was named Controller and These elected officials place a corporation, whose position in the Cheryl Ramagano was promoted to political contributions ahead of communities we serve around the Treasurer. All three have long tenure their responsibility to constituents. with the company. John Paul Christen It is indisputable that in states nation and in the capital market, is was promoted to the newly created that placed caps on non-economic something we can all be proud of. position of Assistant Vice President, damages, excessive awards have Most of all, thanks to my fellow Hospital Finance. Jay Hornung was moderated and insurance premiums named the new head of Design and have been kept at manageable levels. UHS employees for the vital role you Construction, and Craig Conti was It’s up to each state to enact this legis- have fulfilled in our successful first appointed Director of Development. lation, as it has proven impossible to quarter century, and I look forward to date to have the U.S. Senate follow the sharing a bright future with you. A Dynamic and Challenging Industry lead of the U.S. House of Representatives The hospital management which passed cap-legislation and acted industry remains both dynamic on this issue. and challenging. Recent national legislation provided for solid 25 Years: An Exceptional Milestone reimbursement for hospitals yet Universal Health Services is privi- the recovering economy has yet leged to commemorate 25 successful to produce the number of jobs years in business and to be one of the anticipated. Admissions to hospitals leaders in our industry over this peri- have lessened as a result and the od. We have helped to transform one number of uninsured Americans, of America’s most important indus- now estimated at 44 million, tries and produced a financial record continues to grow – as does bad second to none in our field. UHS debts for providers. ranks with the best in industry overall. We have seen increases in medical Our company has consistently malpractice expense, which is not provided high quality care in a man- only an economic burden but has ner that has kept our reputation for made it difficult for physicians in ethics unblemished. This is a tribute certain specialties to continue to to our talented and dedicated employ- practice. Recent medical school ees who are responsible for bringing Alan B. Miller graduates in obstectrics, orthopedics our corporate mission to life. Chairman of the Board and neurosurgery are reluctant to We appreciate the many physicians President and Chief Executive Officer locate in states that have excessively who partner with us to serve our high malpractice insurance premiums. communities with dedication and This comes about as a result of many expertise and we thank our local gov- legislators unwilling to restrain trial ernment officials, vendors, bankers, lawyers’ potential jackpot paydays. hospital boards and volunteers. 3
  6. 6. Entering Las Vegas: An Uncommon Opportunity In 1979, the highway leading north out of Las Vegas ended just a few miles from the famous Strip. Beyond it was a vast, largely uninhabited desert. In the city itself, a stagnant U.S. economy had dampened tourism, and many of the legendary casino hotels UNIVERSAL 4
  7. 7. From its frontier-town origins, were in serious need of renovation. of Las Vegas, he saw an uncommon Las Vegas has become But a closer look at long-term opportunity for his young company to America’s fastest-growing trends told a different story. The take part in the community’s growth. major city, with a glittering population of Clark County, which Nearly a quarter of a century skyline and 24/7 activity. On the left is Las Vegas in includes greater Las Vegas, was later, that opportunity continues 1978, and on the right, the approaching half a million residents – to represent the epitome of the same location present day. up dramatically from 273,000 at the UHS strategy. start of the decade. So when Alan Miller visited Valley Hospital Medical Center in the center 25 YEARS O. EDWIN FRENCH PRESIDENT OF THE ACUTE CARE DIVISION 5
  8. 8. UNIVERSAL Helping to Change an Industry population growth was higher than Las Vegas the fastest-growing major One year earlier, in 1978, Miller the national average. city in America. And the re-named had founded Universal Health With a strong capital foundation Valley Hospital Medical Center Services on the belief that the nation’s already in place, UHS had the resources became the city’s premier acute care hospital industry was poised for major to take Valley Hospital to a new level. provider. change, as struggling community It entered a successful bid, and set Under UHS ownership, the hospi- institutions began to seek private about building a presence in the tal thrived on a combination of new ownership. nation’s penultimate growth market. services, new facilities, and new man- He was confident that his new agement initiatives. And its staff was company could bring strong manage- Success Breeds Success energized by a strong emphasis on ment skills and high quality standards During the 1980’s and 1990’s, an excellence in medical care and an ori- to the industry. And he resolved that economic recovery and an explosion entation toward patient satisfaction. UHS would build or acquire hospitals in casino development helped make Naturally, success breeds success. in areas – such as Las Vegas – where So UHS continually accelerated its investment in ever-greater levels of service, facilities, and medical expert- ise. And it made Valley Hospital the cornerstone of a broader expansion Valley Hospital Medical Center as it looked in 1978 – and as it stands today 6
  9. 9. 25 YEARS Opened in 2003, Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center in Las Vegas meets the health- care needs of a previously under- served community. strategy in the state of Nevada. In 1983, UHS opened Sparks And it continues to expand at a Family Hospital, now known as rate of approximately 6,000 new facilities and services to serve the Northern Nevada Medical Center, residents per month. growing needs of the community. in Sparks, Nevada. In 1997, From its modest beginning, For example, 2003 brought the Summerlin Hospital Medical Center UHS has become a dominant opening of Spring Valley Hospital was completed, and in 1998 Desert provider of acute care services to Medical Center in Las Vegas, a 176- Springs Hospital, also in Las Vegas, patients throughout the region. bed acute care facility and the fourth was purchased. The combined UHS network member of the Valley Health System. Each facility is a leader in its in Las Vegas currently employs own right. And the entire network more than 4,800 professionals – Finding Opportunity, Again benefits from the ability to collaborate compared with approximately 200 Now, history is about to repeat on medical services, patient care, staff members at the original Valley itself again in a far northwestern and purchasing. Hospital – and serves hundreds of corner of Las Vegas, where UHS has thousands of patients annually. broken ground on its fifth acute care The Tradition Continues And true to its tradition, the facility, the 176-bed Centennial Hills Today, the highway out of company continues to invest in new Hospital. Centennial Hills is an area of Las Vegas stretches to the horizon, scattered housing developments, vast passing mile after mile of suburban ranchlands – and relatively few roads. development. But as it has demonstrated from the The population of Clark start, UHS has a unique ability to see County is estimated to exceed 1.5 opportunities that others miss – and million – more than three times to forge its own path to the future. greater than it was in 1979. MICHAEL MARQUEZ VICE PRESIDENT OF THE ACUTE CARE DIVISION - WESTERN REGION 7
  10. 10. UNIVERSAL UHS first embraced the California spirit in 1981, and currently operates a total of seven facilities in the state, including six acute care hospitals, and a behavioral health center. Southwest Healthcare System Located due north of San Diego, Southwest Healthcare System An aerial view of the comprises the Inland Valley Campus Inland Valley Campus Embracing the California Spirit and the Rancho Springs Campus. in Wildomar, California, With its sun-drenched climate, in the 1990’s. The system enjoys a strong reputation world-class business environment, for quality healthcare in the region, and conspicuous wealth, California and was named 2002 Large Business lives up to its billing as The Golden of the Year by the local Chamber State. In fact, if it were an independ- of Commerce. ent nation, its economy would rank The Inland Valley Campus is #8 worldwide. It is also America’s an 80-bed acute care facility that most populous state, with more than provides a full range of comprehensive 34 million residents, and perennially healthcare services to the town of among the fastest-growing. Wildomar. The hospital also serves as The Inland Valley Campus of the Southwest Healthcare System today. 8
  11. 11. 25 YEARS the community’s only trauma center, providing emergency medical services, trauma surgery, intensive care, diagnostic imaging, rehabilitation, and other medical services. In 2003, the Inland Valley Campus was named as one of the nation’s 100 Top Hospitals that has achieved excellence in quality of care, efficiency The thriving community of of operations, and sustainability of Wildomar, California. overall performance. It is the second and services. These include a This aerial picture was taken time that Inland Valley has been new 28,000 sq. ft. administrative in February of 2004. so recognized. support service building to house In nearby Murrieta, the Rancho administration, education, medical Springs Campus is a 96-bed acute care records, medical staff, and information facility serving a growing community services. In addition, the hospital Center which is 40 miles from of more than 41,000 residents. plans to add a new obstetrics Rancho Springs. In September, 2003, Rancho department with labor, delivery, Other Facilities Springs broke ground on a major and recovery beds; a triage/ Our behavorial health facility in redevelopment project that will monitoring room; postpartum the southernmost portion of the expand many of its departments beds; a newborn nursery; OB Golden State is Del Amo Hospital, surgical suites; and a neonatal located in Torrance, California. intensive care unit. To the north, in the Antelope The plan also calls for the Valley near Los Angeles, UHS owns hospital’s emergency department to Lancaster Community Hospital. more than triple its capacity from Acquired in 2002, this acute care eight to 26 treatment bays. And the hospital provides technologically radiology department will expand advanced emergency care, cardiac to include mammography and care, physical therapy and reha- ultrasound services. bilitation, and inpatient/outpatient Adding to our network in surgery services. this area, UHS purchased the 228-bed Corona Regional Medical 9
  12. 12. UNIVERSAL McAllen Medical Center in McAllen, Texas, was built by UHS in 1985. Today, McAllen Medical Center is the largest full-service hospital in the upper Rio Grande Valley. greater McAllen has been transformed hospital in the upper Rio Grande Succeeding in a Texas-Size Market into a major international trade area, Valley, McAllen Medical serves Running close behind Las Vegas is teeming with activity in such areas as patients from the entire Rio Grande McAllen, Texas, the nation’s fourth manufacturing, retailing, import/export, Valley and northern Mexico, and has fastest-growing metropolitan area. and tourism. Home construction is earned a reputation for superior Located in the Rio Grande Valley, just also booming, as suburban communities medical expertise, state-of-the-art four miles from the U.S./Mexico border, spring up to accommodate the rapid- technologies, and modern facilities. McAllen has seen a huge influx of ly-rising population. residents in recent decades. Between UHS first entered the McAllen South Texas Health System 1990 and 2000, the area’s population market in 1985 by purchasing the Like Valley Hospital in Las Vegas, grew from 383,000 to 569,000 and is former McAllen Municipal Hospital, McAllen Medical Center serves as the expected to reach 715,000 by 2010. now known as McAllen Medical hub of a thriving healthcare network Once a rural, agricultural region, Center. As the largest full-service known as South Texas Health System. 10
  13. 13. 25 YEARS This diverse network also includes UHS entered the Amarillo market McAllen Heart Hospital, McAllen in 1996 by acquiring Northwest Texas Medical Behavioral Health Center, Hospital. Since then, UHS has made Rehabilitation Institute of McAllen, significant investments in the facility – RICHARD C. WRIGHT VICE PRESIDENT - Edinburg Regional Medical Center, and in the local market. DEVELOPMENT and The Rehabilitation Pavilion. In Today, Northwest Texas Hospital is 2003, the network was the dominant the centerpiece of the Northwest Texas Fort Duncan Medical Center and provider in the region. Health System, a network that also Doctors Hospital of Laredo As the McAllen region expands, includes the J.O. Wyatt Community Elsewhere in Texas, UHS’s Fort competition in the healthcare market Health Center, Northwest Texas Duncan Medical Center is located in is also on the rise. In response to Women’s and Children’s Center, Eagle Pass, one of the fastest-growing this trend, South Texas Health System Northwest Texas Sports Medicine cities in the state. With 297 beds, Fort plans to streamline its operations, Center, Northwest Wound Care Duncan holds more than 70% of its elevate its Service Excellence and Center, and the Pavilion. local market, and experienced double- Quality Improvement Programs, In 2003, Northwest Texas Health digit revenue growth in 2003. and establish itself as a leader in System expanded this market-leading Laredo, Texas, the home of healthcare education. network yet again by opening the Doctors Hospital of Laredo, is also Heart Hospital of Northwest Texas expanding quickly. Doctors Hospital Northwest Texas Health System and The Children’s Hospital at has experienced strong growth in Hundreds of miles north of Northwest Texas Healthcare System. admissions, revenues, operating McAllen, the storied city of Amarillo These two facilities represent a total profits, and medical staff on the continues to attract new residents and of 90 new beds, and have already strength of its quality care, modern businesses through its thriving energy met with strong demand from the facilities, and recently-completed industry and relaxed lifestyle. local community. cancer treatment center. Acquired in 1996, Northwest Texas Hospital is now part of a six-facility network. 11
  14. 14. UNIVERSAL The rapidly-evolving site of Wellington Regional Medical Center, from 1984 to the present. December, 1984 A Sunny Outlook in Florida For decades, the state of Florida has strained to accommodate an exploding population. From the north, retirees and young families have been drawn to the state’s warm climate, year-round outdoor activities, and booming job market. From the south, families and businesses have made Florida a multicultural gateway to the Caribbean, Latin America, and South America. UHS recognized Florida’s growth potential from the very start, purchasing Doctors’ Hospital of Hollywood, Februar y, 1985 Florida in 1978. Today, the company owns facilities in two of the state’s fastest-growing communities: Wellington and Bradenton. Wellington Regional Medical Center Located in a formerly rural section of Palm Beach County, Wellington Regional Medical Center joined the UHS family in 1986. Since then, its surrounding community has witnessed a population surge, recording double-digit growth in recent years. August, 1985 Incorporated in 1996, the young Village of Wellington features a growing industrial base, a diverse population, several new schools, and large tracts of new housing. Wellington Regional Medical Center has contributed to the area’s growth, allowing residents to find quality healthcare without traveling to congested downtown locations. And, it has thrived by focusing on the services its community needs most, including a full range of joint Februar y, 2004
  15. 15. 25 YEARS replacement programs for adults who Manatee Memorial Hospital nuclear medicine, and obstetrics. participate in golf, tennis, and other On Florida’s West Coast, in the And it will soon join forces with activities that abound in the area. community of Bradenton, Manatee Lakewood Ranch Medical Center, To keep up with increasing Memorial Hospital is also striving to a full-service acute care facility that demand, Wellington will soon add keep pace with above-average growth. is scheduled to be completed by more than 30,000 square feet of Over the past two decades, the popu- UHS in 2004. space to accommodate new operating lation of Manatee County has doubled In 2003, the hospital celebrated suites, outpatient admissions, and a to over 274,000, thanks to a people- its 50th anniversary, and was voted comprehensive obstetrics department. friendly and business-friendly best hospital in Manatee County In addition, it has tripled the size environment, miles of white sandy for the ninth year in a row. Manatee of its intensive care unit while more beaches, and old-style Florida charm. Memorial currently commands a than doubling the size of its staff As a premier provider to the 29% share of the local market, over the past six years. And in 2004, community, Manatee Memorial and plans to increase that share by it will open a new outpatient surgery Hospital offers a full range of beginning construction of a new center for patients who undergo outstanding healthcare services, patient tower in 2004. same-day procedures. including cardiology, oncology, Wellington Regional Medical Center. 13
  16. 16. UNIVERSAL Presently under construction, the new building at Lakeside Behavioral Health System will be completed in 2004. Behavioral Health Division Like the Acute Care Division, the UHS Behavioral Health Division often seeks to establish a network Among the many outstanding of facilities in a region, while behavioral health centers in the ten-bed children’s unit, a 30-bed developing strong relationships UHS network are: adolescent unit, a 32-bed geriatric with referral sources such as medical unit, a 33-bed adult unit, a 33-bed and psychiatric professionals. Peachford Behavioral Health System addictions unit, and a 46-bed This approach has worked excep- Peachford Behavioral Health stabilization unit. It also offers tionally well for UHS, which has built System is a 184-bed psychiatric and partial hospitalization and intensive a nationwide group of more than 40 chemical dependency hospital located outpatient programs to adults and behavioral health centers stretching on 27 acres in an affluent northern adolescents seven days a week. from New England to Alaska. suburb of Atlanta. And a newly renovated 30-bed room In a market segment that is con- Peachford’s facilities include a and board lodging area is available sidered one of the most challenging of for those patients attending these all healthcare specialties, UHS has outpatient programs. established a record of extraordinary success as measured by admissions, Lakeside Behavioral Health System patient outcomes, and profitability. Lakeside Behavioral Health System, a 219-bed hospital located in DEBRA K. OSTEEN PRESIDENT OF THE BEHAVIORAL HEALTH DIVISION 14
  17. 17. 25 YEARS Memphis, Tennessee, has provided psychiatric and chemical dependency treatment services to area adults, adolescents, and children for over 25 years. It operates on a campus setting that consists of eight buildings on 37 acres. Lakeside’s acute care programs include specialty tracts for impaired professionals, trauma patients, and clinical drug trials. In addition, it The Provo Canyon School in offers assessment/referral and one-quarter ownership in a similar Utah specializes in intensive outpatient services in three provider network in Oklahoma City. treating adolescents with emotional, behavioral, satellite locations. Lakeside also serves the eight and learning difficulties. Lakeside is an important part of emergency rooms of the Methodist the Memphis community, operating Health System and the Baptist Health two county alternative schools, one System with consultation and largest provider of acute mental health private alternative school, and five liaison services. services in the state of Alaska. The special education classrooms. In addi- system consists of a 74-bed hospital tion, it owns and operates the Alliance North Star Behavioral Health System and two residential treatment centers, for Behavioral Health, a provider Acquired by UHS in 2003, North and provides psychiatric services to network in Memphis, and has a Star Behavioral Health System is the children and adolescents. Peachford Behavioral Health System in suburban Atlanta. 15
  18. 18. UNIVERSAL 25 YEARS are located in the nation’s fastest- With a strong growing markets, knowing that reputation for growing populations inevitably lead quality and to growing patient volumes. performance, UHS is positioned At all times, we will recognize to deliver caring that healthcare plays an important healthcare role in the public trust. We take that services well into the next generation. role very seriously in every commu- nity we serve, and constantly strive to bring our patients the level of The Next Quarter Century service that they expect and deserve. We will continue to manage While it is impossible to predict Ultimately, we believe that our costs, knowing that private and the future, the next 25 years are approach is simply good medicine. public insurers will always scrutinize certain to be a period of dramatic And as our 25 years of success healthcare-related expenses. and exciting change in the healthcare demonstrate, it is also good business. And, we will continue to build industry, bringing new technologies, and acquire healthcare facilities that new treatment methodologies, and new trends in compensation. And yet, certain fundamental principles will always apply. Which P E R F O R M A N C E O F 1 , 0 0 0 M A J O R U . S . C O M PA N I E S C O M PA R E D W I T H T H E I R P E E R S is why those are the principles that TOP TEN HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS will shape our company’s strategy Surplus/Deficit 10-Year Average Healthcare Providers Relative to Industry for the future – just as they have Return (%) shaped our past. Universal Health Services 29.0 15.6 Express Scripts 28.0 14.6 Lincare Holdings 23.6 10.2 For example, we will continue Health Management 22.9 9.5 UnitedHealth Group 19.4 6.1 emphasizing healthcare of the high- Oxford Health Plans 17.8 4.5 Mid Atlantic Medical 16.8 3.5 est quality, confident that patients First Health Group 12.5 -0.9 Omnicare 12.4 -0.9 will always place a high value on HCA 12.2 -1.2 Industry Group Average 13.4 -- professionalism and compassion. The Wall Street Journal is a registered trademark of Dow Jones L. P. The Wall Street Journal Shareholder Scoreboard is a service mark of Dow Jones L. P. The chart displayed in this ad has been excerpted from The Wall Street Journal, March 10, 2003. Reprinted with permission. 16
  19. 19. Director y of Hospitals and Centers A C U T E C A R E H O S P I TA L S Edinburg Regional Medical Center Northern Nevada Medical Center Edinburg, Texas Sparks, Nevada Aiken Regional Medical Centers 169 beds 100 beds Aiken, South Carolina 225 beds Fort Duncan Medical Center Northwest Texas Healthcare System Eagle Pass, Texas Amarillo, Texas Arroyo Grande Community Hospital 77 beds 357 beds Arroyo Grande, California 65 beds French Hospital Medical Center River Parishes Hospital San Luis Obispo, California LaPlace, Louisiana Auburn Regional Medical Center 112 beds 106 beds Auburn, Washington 149 beds The George Washington University Hospital St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center Washington, D.C. Enid, Oklahoma Caribbean Pediatric and Surgery Hospital 371 beds 277 beds Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico 160 beds Hospital San Pablo Southwest Healthcare System Bayamon, Puerto Rico Inland Valley Campus Central Montgomery Medical Center 430 beds Wildomar, California Lansdale, Pennsylvania 80 beds 150 beds Hospital San Pablo del Este Fajardo, Puerto Rico Southwest Healthcare System Chalmette Medical Center 180 beds Rancho Springs Campus Chalmette, Louisiana Murrieta, California 195 beds Lakeland Medical Center 96 beds New Orleans, Louisiana Corona Regional Medical Center 156 beds Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center Corona, California Las Vegas, Nevada 228 beds Lancaster Community Hospital 176 beds Lancaster, California Desert Springs Hospital 117 beds Summerlin Hospital Medical Center Las Vegas, Nevada Las Vegas, Nevada 351 beds Manatee Memorial Hospital 199 beds Bradenton, Florida Doctors Hospital of Laredo 491 beds Valley Hospital Medical Center Laredo, Texas Las Vegas, Nevada 180 beds McAllen Medical Center and 400 beds McAllen Heart Hospital Doctors’ Hospital of Shreveport McAllen, Texas Wellington Regional Medical Center Shreveport, Louisiana 633 beds West Palm Beach, Florida 136 beds 127 beds Methodist Hospital New Orleans, Louisiana 306 beds 80
  20. 20. B E H AV I O R A L H E A LT H C E N T E R S North Star Children’s Hospital Clinique Le Louvre Anchorage, Alaska Paris, France Anchor Hospital 20 beds 25 beds Atlanta, Georgia 74 beds Clinique Montréal North Star Counseling Centers Carcassonne, France Anchorage, Alaska The Arbour Hospital 120 beds Boston, Massachusetts North Star Hospital 118 beds Clinique Notre Dame Anchorage, Alaska Thionville, France 76 beds The BridgeWay 73 beds North Little Rock, Arkansas Palmer Residential Treatment Center 70 beds Clinique Pasteur Palmer, Alaska Bergerac, France 9 beds The Carolina Center for Behavioral Health 106 beds Greer, South Carolina Parkwood Behavioral Health System 66 beds Clinique Paul Doumer Olive Branch, Mississippi 106 beds Paris, France Clarion Psychiatric Center 50 beds Clarion, Pennsylvania The Pavilion 70 beds Champaign, Illinois Clinique Richelieu 46 beds Saintes, France Community Behavioral Health 73 beds Memphis, Tennessee Peachford Behavioral Health System of Atlanta 50 beds Atlanta, Georgia Clinique Saint Augustin 184 beds Bordeaux, France Del Amo Hospital 155 beds Torrance, California Pembroke Hospital 166 beds Pembroke, Massachusetts Clinique Villette 107 beds Dunkerque, France Fairmount Behavioral Health System 117 beds Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Provo Canyon School 169 beds Provo, Utah Polyclinique St. Jean 211 beds Montpellier, France Forest View Hospital 95 beds Grand Rapids, Michigan Ridge Behavioral Health System 62 beds Lexington, Kentucky 110 beds A M B U L AT O R Y S U R G E R Y C E N T E R S Fuller Memorial Hospital South Attleboro, Massachusetts River Crest Hospital Brownsville Surgicare 82 beds San Angelo, Texas Brownsville, Texas 80 beds Glen Oaks Hospital OJOS/Eye Surgery Specialists of Puerto Rico Greenville, Texas River Oaks Hospital Santurce, Puerto Rico 54 beds New Orleans, Louisiana 126 beds Goldring Surgical Center Good Samaritan Counseling Center Las Vegas, Nevada Anchorage, Alaska Rockford Center Newark, Delaware Northwest Texas Surgery Center Hampton Hospital 74 beds Amarillo, Texas Westhampton, New Jersey 100 beds Roxbury Outpatient Surgical Center of Ponca City Shippensburg, Pennsylvania Ponca City, Oklahoma Hartgrove Hospital 53 beds Chicago, Illinois Plaza Surgery Center 119 beds St. Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute Las Vegas, Nevada St. Louis, Missouri The Horsham Clinic St. George Surgical Center Ambler, Pennsylvania Talbott Recovery Campus St. George, Utah 146 beds Atlanta, Georgia St. Luke’s Surgicenter Hospital San Juan Capestrano Timberlawn Mental Health System Hammond, Louisiana Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico Dallas, Texas 108 beds 124 beds Surgery Center of Midwest City Midwest City, Oklahoma HRI Hospital Turning Point Care Center Brookline, Massachusetts Moultrie, Georgia Surgery Center of Springfield 68 beds 59 beds Springfield, Missouri KeyStone Center Two Rivers Psychiatric Hospital Surgical Arts Surgery Center Wallingford, Pennsylvania Kansas City, Missouri Reno, Nevada 114 beds 80 beds Surgical Center of New Albany La Amistad Behavioral Health Services Westwood Lodge Hospital New Albany, Indiana Maitland, Florida Westwood, Massachusetts 56 beds 126 beds R A D I AT I O N O N C O L O G Y C E N T E R S Lakeside Behavioral Health System Memphis, Tennessee Auburn Regional Center for Cancer Care MÉDI-PARTENAIRES (Paris/Bordeaux) 204 beds Auburn, Washington Clinique Ambroise Paré Laurel Heights Hospital Toulouse, France Cancer Institute of Nevada Atlanta, Georgia 195 beds Las Vegas, Nevada 107 beds Clinique Bon Secours Carolina Cancer Center The Meadows Psychiatric Center Le Puy en Velay, France Aiken, South Carolina Centre Hall, Pennsylvania 95 beds 113 beds Madison Radiation Therapy Clinique Claude Bernard Madison, Indiana Meridell Achievement Center Metz, France Austin, Texas 218 beds 114 beds SPECIALIZED WOMEN’S Clinique d’Aressy H E A LT H C E N T E R Midwest Center for Youth and Families Aressy, France Kouts, Indiana 179 beds Renaissance Women’s Center of Edmond 50 beds Edmond, Oklahoma Clinique de Bercy Charenton le Pont, France 92 beds 81
  21. 21. Board of Directors (STANDING FROM LEFT TO RIGHT) JOHN F. WILLIAMS, JR., ALAN B. MILLER, ANTHONY PANTALEONI (SEATED) ROBERT H. HOTZ, LEATRICE DUCAT, JOHN H. HERRELL 3, 4 Robert H. Hotz 1, 3, 4, 5 Alan B. Miller Chairman of the Board, Senior Managing Director, President and Head of Investment Banking, Chief Executive Officer Head of the Board of Directors Advisory Service, Member of the Board of Directors, Leatrice Ducat 1, 2, 5 Houlihan Lokey Howard & Zukin, New York, NY; President and Founder, National Former Senior Vice Chairman, Disease Research Interchange Investment Banking for the Americas, since 1980; President and UBS Warburg, LLC, New York, NY Founder, Human Biological Data Interchange since 1988; Founder, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Anthony Pantaleoni 3, 4 National and International Organization Of Counsel, Fulbright & Jaworski, L.L.P. New York, NY John H. Herrell 1, 2 John F. Williams, Jr.,M.D.,Ed.D. 2, 5 Former Chief Administrative Officer Provost and Vice President for Health Affairs, and Member, Board of Trustees, Mayo The George Washington University Foundation; Rochester, MN Committees of the Board: Audit Committee, Compensation Committee, 1 2 Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Nominating/Corporate Governance 3 4 5 82
  23. 23. 1980 Year-End Results: Gross Revenues: $80,509,000 Net Revenues: $65,742,000 Acquired Valley Hospital Medical Center, Net Income: $2,028,000 Las Vegas, NV Venture Capital Group: Citicorp Venture Initial Public Offering - Merrill Lynch, Capital; Security Pacific; First Chicago L. F. Rothschild and F. Eberstadt & Co. 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1981 Year-End Results: Sidney Miller and George Gross Revenues: $119,391,000 H. Strong appointed Net Revenues: $92,174,000 Senior Vice Presidents. Net Income: $4,691,000 Anthony Pantaleoni, Five hospitals, including Esq., of Reavis and Auburn Regional Medical McGrath, elected to Center, purchased from Board of Directors Steward Foundation Leonard W. Cronkhite, 1979 Year-End Results: First Board of Directors Jr., MD elected to Gross Revenues: $30,932,000 included Alan B. Miller, Board of Directors Net Revenues: $25,149,000 Sidney Miller, Net Income: $388,000 George H. Strong, Edwin C. Cohen, Leonard Shaykin and Mary Ann Ninnis, Thomas L.Kempner. now the Director of Advertising, joins UHS
  24. 24. Corporate office building Acquisition of Qualicare, Inc. acquired at 367 South Gulph completed, adding 11 Rd., King of Prussia, PA.Total acute-care and 4 psychiatric space: 70,000 square feet. facilities. Additional psychiatric facility UHS Board of Directors declares under construction. a stock split in the form of a 100% stock dividend. Opening of The BridgeWay, North Little Rock, AR Opening of Sparks Family Opening of KeyStone Recovery Hospital, Sparks, Nevada, later Opening of River Oaks, Center,Wallingford, PA 1986 Year-End Results: named Northern Nevada New Orleans, LA Gross Revenues: $665,784,000 Medical Center. Acquired McAllen Methodist Net Revenues: $473,447,000 Hospital, McAllen,TX, later named Net Income: $1,694,000 McAllen Medical Center Opening of Glen Oaks Hospital, Company issues ten percent stock Greenville,TX dividend as of November 27, payable to holders of Joyce Lunney named Class A and Class B Common Stock. Assistant Vice President - Taxation Opening of Turning Point Care Don Pyskacek named Assistant Vice Center, Moultrie, GA President - Design and Construction 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1983 Year-End Results: Opening of Two Rivers Psychiatric Gross Revenues: $348,998,000 Hospital, Kansas City, MO Net Revenues: $275,712,000. Net Income: $9,807,000 Formation of Universal Health Realty Income Trust (UHT) Acquired Forest View Hospital, Grand Rapids, MI Opening of Wellington Regional Medical Center,West Palm Beach, FL Opened River Crest Hospital, San Angelo,TX 1987 Year-End Results: Gross Revenues: $775,000,000 Net Revenues: $515,800,000 Net Income: $11,800,000 Acquired La Amistad Psychiatric Treatment Facility, Maitland, FL
  25. 25. 1988 Year-End Results: Gross Revenues: $860,300,000 Net Revenues: $554,000,000 Net Income: $6,400,000 Acquired Chalmette Medical Center 1990 Year-End Results Gross Revenues: $1,033,000,000 Net Revenues: $627,100,000 Net Income: $11,600,000 Steve G. Filton promoted to Vice President UHS begins trading its Class B common shares on the New York Stock Exchange Robert H. Hotz elected to the Board of Directors Bruce R. Gilbert appointed General Counsel 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1989 Year-End Results: 1991 Year-End Results: Gross Revenues: $937,400,000 Gross Revenues: $1,129,852,000. Net Revenues: $587,200,000 Net Revenues: $691,619,000 Net Income: $9,000,000 Net Income: $20,300,000 Alan B. Miller elected CEO of the Year For Health Service Industry - Financial World Magazine
  26. 26. Linda L.E. Reino appointed Assistant Vice President - Information Systems Acquired Fuller Acquired Aiken Regional Memorial Hospital, Medical Centers, Aiken, SC South Attleboro, MA 1994 Year-End Results: Acquired The Pavilion, Gross Revenues: $1,465,400,000 Champaign, IL Net Revenues: $782,199,000 Acquired The George Opened Edinburg Net Income: $28,700,000 Washington University Regional Medical Acquired Manatee Hospital,Washington, DC, Center, Edinburg,TX. Memorial Hospital, in partnership with the Bradenton, FL 1992 Year-End Results University Opened Summerlin Gross Revenues: $1,211,600,000 Hospital Medical Center, Net Revenues: $ 731,227,000 Service Excellence initiative Las Vegas, NV Net Income: $20,000,000 is introduced. Ms.Lee Ducat elected to John H. Herrell, Chief 1996 Year-End Results: Board of Directors Administrative Officer of the Gross Revenues: $2,344,421,000 Mayo Foundation, elected Net Revenues: $1,174,158,000 Roy A.Ettlinger named to Board of Directors Net Income: $50,700,000 Vice Presdent of the Behavioral Health Division 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 Acquired four behavioral health- care hospitals from First Hospital Corp. of PA. UHS Management Services established. Acquired Northwest Texas Healthcare System, Amarillo,TX Completed a joint venture UHS named to the to link UHS' Valley and Wall Street Journal Two for one stock split. Summerlin Hospitals with Shareholder Honor Roll Richard Wright appointed Vice Acquired Outstanding shares increase Quorum's Desert Springs President – Development Edinburg Hospital, from 14.4 million to 28.8 Hospital, in Las Vegas. Opened San Pablo Edinburg,TX, million. Del Este, a 180-bed 1993 Year-End Results: later named Initiated Universal hospital in Fajardo, Gross Revenues: $1,336, 215,000 Edinburg Regional Sold 4,000,000 shares of Class B Managed Behavioral Puerto Rico Net Revenues: $761,544,000 Medical Center Common Stock. Net proceeds Health Organization Net Income: $24, 000, 000 approximately$100 million Announced a stock Acquired San Pablo Health repurchase program. Inland Valley Regional Medical Acquired Timberlawn Mental System. Comprised of: 460,000 shares are Center chosen one of the “Top Health System, Dallas,TX Hospital San Pablo and repurchased under this 100 Hospitals” in the country by Hospital San Francisco, San program at an average Modern Healthcare Magazine Micheal Urbach named Juan, Puerto Rico and price of $42/share. Senior Vice President of the Hospital San Pablo del Ambulatory Division Este, Fajardo, Puerto Rico
  27. 27. Acquired three behavioral John F.Williams, Jr., MD,Vice Acquired Rancho Springs Opened new 126-bed patient health hospitals from President for Health Affairs Medical Center, a 96-bed acute tower at Desert Springs Hospital Group of America. and Dean of The George care hospital in Murrieta, CA Hospital, Las Vegas, NV Washington University School Alan B. Miller received the of Medicine and Health Acquired Pembroke Hospital UHS listed by the Wall Street First Lifetime Achievement Sciences, elected to the UHS and Westwood Lodge Hospital, Journal as the top healthcare Award 1999 from the Board of Directors two behavioral health hospitals provider over the ten-year peri- Federation of American in Boston, Massachusetts. od 1990-2000 based on Health Systems. Debra K. Osteen achievement of a 38% com- appointed Vice President, Acquired Hospital San Juan pound annual growth rate. Eileen Bove named Assistant and President of the Capestrano, a 108-bed Vice President - Human Behavioral Health Division Resources behavioral health hospital, UHS executed Manatee Memorial Hospital and related clinics in a two for one stock split. Acquired 117-bed Doctors named one of the Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico Hospital of Laredo. “Top 100 Hospitals” for Opened new replacement orthopedics by HCIA. Acquired McAllen Heart facility for Doctors Hospital of Hospital, a 60-bed specialty Laredo, in Texas. McAllen Medical Center heart hospital in McAllen,TX named one of the nation's O. Edwin French joined UHS as “Top 100 Hospitals” Acquired 80% interest in the Senior Vice President, and by HCIA, Inc. fourth largest operator of President of the Acute Care private hospitals in France. Hospital Division Médi-Partenaires is the name of the newly formed company. 1999 2000 2001 2002 Alan B.Miller awarded the presti- Acquired St. Mary's Mercy Michael Marquez appointed gious President's Medal of The Hospital, a 277-licensed bed, Vice President of the Acute Care George Washington University. full service hospital in Enid, OK, Division Western Region later named St. Mary's Regional Grand opening of the new Medical Center St. Mary's Regional Medical replacement facility for The Center named one of the George Washington University Acquired 12 behavioral health country's “Top 100 Orthopedic Hospital. businesses from Charter Hospitals” for 2000 by HCIASachs. Behavioral Health Systems Ground breaking to build McAllen Medical Center named Lakewood Ranch Medical Center, Acquired Fort Duncan Medical one of the nation's “100 Top a 120-licensed bed acute care Acquired North Penn Hospital, a Center, a 77-bed acute care Hospitals: Stroke Benchmarks for hospital, Lakewood Ranch, FL. 150-bed acute care hospital in hospital in Eagle Pass,TX. Success 2000” by HCIASachs. Lansdale, PA, later named Central Inland Valley Medical Center Montgomery Medical Center. selected as a “Top 100 Hospital” Martin C. Schappell named for 2001 by Solucient. Acquired Lancaster Community Vice President of the (Second time recognition) Hospital, a 117-bed acute care Behavioral Health Division hospital in Lancaster, CA Acquired North Star Behavioral Craig L. Nuckles named Health Systems, Anchorage, Grand opening for Wellington Group Director of the Alaska. Regional Medical Center's new $5 Behavioral Health Division million, 13,000 sq.ft.outpatient UHS listed on Forbes Platinum surgery and admitting center. 400 among America's Best Big Companies
  28. 28. Opened The Heart Hospital of 2002 Year-End Results: Alan B. Miller is listed in Modern Northwest Texas and The Gross Revenues: $8,494,000,000 Healthcare as one of the Children's Hospital at Northwest Net Revenues: $3,258,898,000 “100 Most Powerful People Texas Healthcare System.The two Net Income: $175,361,000 in Healthcare.” combined represent a 90-bed addition to Northwest Texas Steve G. Filton appointed Senior UHS announced that it signed Healthcare System. Vice President and Chief an agreement to acquire a 90% Financial Officer interest in Pendleton Memorial Methodist Hospital, a 306-bed, Alan B. Miller featured as full-service acute care facility quot;CEO of the Weekquot; on CNN-TV. in east New Orleans, LA. Caribbean Pediatric & Surgery UHS' IT Department was listed Hospital opened after its con- on the InformationWeek 500, version to a specialty hospital ranking among the nation's 500 from the former Hospital San largest and most innovative IT Francisco, an acute care facility. industry leaders. Opened Spring Valley Hospital Wellington Regional Medical Medical Center in Las Vegas, Center named one of the Nevada, a 176-bed acute care nation’s “100 Top Hospitals” facility and the fourth member by Solucient. of the Valley Health System. 2003 Moody Chisholm, Larry M. UHS named to the Wall Street Graham and Daniel P. McLean all Journal Shareholder Scoreboard named Group Directors of the 2003 as the best performing Acute Care Division stock among healthcare providers 1992-2002. UHS announced agreement UHS named to the Wall Street Opened the new 149-bed patient to acquire Lakeland Medical Journal Shareholder Scoreboard tower at Auburn Regional UHS listed on the Fortune 1000 Center in New Orleans, LA. 2003 as the best performing Medical Center. It includes a new as #1 in total return to investors stock among healthcare surgery department, an OB and 1992-2002. UHS listed on the Fortune providers 1992-2002. women's center, a medical/surgi- 1000 as #1 in total return to cal patient floor, renovations to Marc D. Miller appointed investors 1992-2002. Charles F. Boyle named outpatient admitting and an Assistant Vice President and Controller; Cheryl K. Ramagano addition to the emergency room. Group Director of the named Treasurer; John Paul Acute Care Eastern Region Christen named Assistant Vice President - Hospital Finance UHS has agreed to purchase the assets of three acute care E. Daniel Thomas named Vice hospitals from Vista Health President of the Behavioral System including the 228-bed Health Division; Barry L. Pipkin Corona Regional Medical named Vice President of the Center, Corona, CA; 112-bed Behavioral Health Division; Gary French Medical Center, San Luis M. Gilberti named Group Obispo, CA; and 65-bed Arroyo Director of the Behavioral Grande Community Hospital, Health Division Arroyo Grande, CA.