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usg BO_2002

  1. 1. Business Overview 6 Businesses Products and Services Gypsum United States Gypsum Company Manufactures and markets gypsum CGC Inc. wallboard, joint treatments and tex- USG Mexico S.A. de C.V. tures, cement board, gypsum fiber panels, plaster, shaft wall systems and industrial gypsum products Ceilings USG Interiors, Inc. Manufactures and markets USG International acoustical ceiling panels, ceiling CGC Inc. suspension grid, specialty ceilings and other building products Distribution L&W Supply Corporation Specializes in delivering construc- tion materials to job sites
  2. 2. 7 Best-Known Brand Names Geographical Areas Served Customers SHEETROCK gypsum panels, United States, Canada, Mexico purchasers : specialty drywall SHEETROCK joint compounds, centers, distributors, hardware DUROCK cement board, FIBEROCK cooperatives, buying groups, gypsum fiber panels, HYDROCAL home centers, mass merchandis- gypsum cement, IMPERIAL and ers; influencers : architects, DIAMOND building plasters specifiers, building owners; end users : contractors, builders, do-it-yourselfers ASTRO, ECLIPSE and RADAR United States, Canada, Mexico purchasers : specialty acoustical ceiling panels; DONN DX, FINELINE and more than 125 countries in all centers, distributors, hardware- and CENTRICITEE ceiling grid; parts of the world: North, Central cooperatives, home centers, con- COMPÄSSO suspension trim; and South America, the Caribbean, tractors; influencers : architects, CURVATURA 3-D ceiling system Europe, the Middle East, Asia, specifiers, interior designers, the Pacific Rim, Africa building owners, tenants, facility managers; end users : contrac- tors, builders, do-it-yourselfers United States purchasers and end users : contractors, builders USG Corporation 2002 Annual Report
  3. 3. 8 Board of Directors Corporate Officers Robert L. Barnett Valerie B. Jarrett William C. Foote Jean K. Holley ( 3, 5, 6*) ( 2, 5, 6 ) Executive Vice President, Managing Director and Chairman, Vice President and Motorola Corporation Executive Vice President, Chief Executive Officer Chief Information Officer The Habitat Company and President Keith A. Brown Marcia S. Kaminsky (3, 4, 6) President, Vice President, Marvin E. Lesser Richard H. Fleming (3, 4, 5) Chimera Corporation Managing Partner, Executive Vice President Communications Sigma Partners, L.P. and Chief Financial Officer James C. Cotting Karen L. Leets ( 1, 4*, 6 ) Former Chairman and Vice President and Treasurer John B. Schwemm Raymond T. Belz ( 1, 2, 3 ) Chief Executive Officer, Former Chairman and Senior Vice President, Michael C. Lorimer Navistar International Chief Executive Officer, Financial Operations Vice President; President Corporation R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company and Chief Operating Officer, Edward M. Bosowski Senior Vice President, L&W Supply Corporation Lawrence M. Crutcher Judith A. Sprieser ( 4, 5*, 6 ) ( 2, 3*, 4, 5 ) Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer, Corporate Strategy and D. Rick Lowes Veronis Suhler Stevenson Transora, Inc. Marketing; President, Vice President and Controller USG International William C. Foote ( 1* ) Committees of the Board of Directors Peter K. Maitland Chairman, Stanley L. Ferguson 1 Executive Committee Vice President, Chief Executive Officer Senior Vice President 2 Compensation and Organization Compensation, Benefits and President and General Counsel Committee and Administration Audit Committee 3 Finance Committee 4 W. Douglas Ford ( 1, 2, 6 ) James S. Metcalf Governance Committee 5 Clarence B. Owen Former Chief Executive, Senior Vice President; Corporate Affairs Committee 6 Vice President and Refining and Marketing, President, Building Systems * Denotes Chair Chief Technology Officer BP Amoco p.l.c. Brian W. Burrows J. Eric Schaal Vice President, David W. Fox (1, 2*, 4, 5) Corporate Secretary and Former Chairman and Research and Technology Associate General Counsel Chief Executive Officer, Brian J. Cook Northern Trust Corporation and A note of thanks: Vice President, The Northern Trust Company In January 2003, Human Resources Robert B. Sirgant retired. His years of commitment, dedication and leadership are greatly appreciated.