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Symantec 2006_Annual_Report


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Symantec 2006_Annual_Report

  2. 2. PRO
  3. 3. 2 SY M A N T EC TECTION YOUR INFRASTRUCTURE. YOUR INFORMATION. YOUR INTERACTIONS. ONLY SYMANTEC PROTECTS THEM ALL. Today, everyone lives in a digital world. Our entertain- ment, financial transactions, business activities, and communications are largely comprised of digital data, transported over digital networks, and delivered on digi- tal devices. The benefits have been extraordinary — our productivity, efficiency, comfort, enjoyment, and ability Our digital infrastructures (whether the servers and PCs to connect and collaborate with others have increased of a family business or a vast corporate network), infor- almost exponentially. mation (from personal photos to proprietary research Unfortunately, so have the potential problems. data), and interactions (email, instant messaging, file sharing, e-commerce, and more) have become both more Once we only worried about a corrupted hard drive integral to our lives and more at risk than ever before. or disk error that could turn our PC into a slab of useless Without protection, those risks can rapidly foster doubt, metal. As the digital world grew more connected and uncertainty, and lack of confidence in the digital world. distributed, we needed to beware of viruses, worms, With protection, however, we can be sure that our infra- and malicious hackers — not to mention missed soft- structures, information, and interactions are secure ware patches, neglected backup schedules, policy and unfettered. non-compliance, or other self-inflicted mistakes that could destroy data. Today we still face all of these Protection inspires trust. It instills confidence. It provides challenges, as well as insidious emerging threats from freedom for anyone anywhere to work and play in the sophisticated criminals who use email phishing, connected world. Only one company has the experience spoofing, and phony websites to steal money, personal and technological expertise to provide this kind of com- identities, and corporate secrets. prehensive digital protection. That company is Symantec.
  4. 4. A PROVEN APPROACH Focusing on our customers has driven Symantec’s trans- formation into a broad-based provider of integrated security and availability solutions for consumers, small- and medium- sized businesses, and large enterprises.
  5. 5. 4 SY M A N T EC …WITH EXACTLY THE RIGHT SOLUTION. Symantec’s offering is broad, encompassing more than RECOGNIZE AND RESPOND 150 stand-alone and integrated solutions. Our con- sumer line of Norton products includes award-winning TO CUSTOMER NEEDS… desktop security and backup/recovery software. For the It should be no surprise that Symantec is the worldwide corporate market, from small- and medium-sized busi- leader in data security and storage management. After nesses to large enterprises, we provide network security all, over the past 24 years we’ve made it our job to recog- and policy-compliance technology for all tiers: gateway, nize how the digital universe is changing and to quickly server, and client, including mobile devices. We also develop solutions to keep our customers ahead of emerg- have leading data, systems, and application availability ing risks. It’s how we’ve evolved from specializing in PC solutions that optimize backup and recovery, data stor- utilities and desktop antivirus technology to pioneering age, and the management of servers, infrastructure, and advanced storage management solutions to providing applications in heterogeneous environments. holistic protection for all of our customers’ digital assets And because we recognized that the growing complexity and activities. of large networks would prompt many customers to seek This focus on our customers has always been one of help in designing, implementing, and maintaining the Symantec’s core values — the others are innovation, protection of their digital assets, Symantec has created trust, and action — and it has driven our transformation a global services organization that provides customers into a broad-based provider of integrated data security worldwide with training, consulting, and technical sup- and availability solutions for consumers, small- and port. We also offer fully outsourced management of our medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises. These customers’ security and data management needs. As with core values continue to inform everything we do, from all Symantec solutions, our goal is to ensure that custom- developing new protection technologies to providing ers have comprehensive and sustainable protection of all unsurpassed customer service to actively pursuing our aspects of their digital environments — from infrastruc- corporate responsibility initiatives. ture to information to interactions.
  6. 6. 5 SY M A N T EC 475 OF THE GLOBAL 500 COMPANIES USE SYMANTEC SOLUTIONS INFRASTRUCTURE MASTER COMPLEXITY The digital infrastructure of a modern Whether your infrastructure supports a small- to medium- corporation has become unimaginably sized business or a large multinational corporation, complex with heterogeneous server you want to ensure that it is up and running whenever platforms and operating systems, mul- you need it to be. Symantec helps make it happen by tiple storage devices, and huge numbers protecting all layers of your environment against all man- of applications. In response, Symantec ner of security threats — viruses, spyware, unauthorized has developed a uniquely standardized access — and by enabling you to monitor all elements of approach to managing information your digital environment, from stand-alone PCs and infrastructures: a single layer of software that delivers world-class data protection servers to complex data centers, to make sure that they and management of all servers, storage are provisioned, patched, backed up, and running at devices, and applications. We are the only optimal performance. vendor with the breadth of technology to provide this kind of holistic solution — one We understand that complexity is unavoidable in today’s that reduces complexity, lowers opera- heterogeneous environments, so we have developed tional costs, and frees IT to once again be solutions to provide a standardized management soft- a source of competitive advantage. ware layer that can support the multiple platforms found in a modern data center. This unified approach allows customers to deploy the most advanced storage, server, and application management tools — for any platform, in any configuration — and do so more reliably, easily, and affordably. Infrastructure management has long been considered a necessary, but time-consuming and frustrating task. Symantec protection can transform these critical IT functions from a cost center into a source of competi- tive advantage.
  7. 7. INFORMATION Information can be literally priceless. Unlike physical assets and infrastructure, digital data cannot simply be replaced when it is lost or destroyed — and the emo- tional and financial cost to individuals and corporations can be huge. With an estimated 75% of a company’s intellectual property residing in email and messaging sys- tems, managers need advanced message management tools to scan inbound and outbound traffic, accurately categorize the content according to established policies, and retrieve it — all in a single integrated solution. PLAN AHEAD Symantec can provide all this and more, including best- of-breed protection against targeted attacks on email The key to effective digital protection is and database servers. Our innovative technologies also being able to identify and act on problems improve overall data storage and can automatically as early as possible, and Symantec has de- veloped sophisticated tools to see threats analyze and evaluate archived information for rapid, as they emerge around the world. Our cost-effective discovery and retrieval. And our policy- proprietary Global Intelligence Network compliance solutions are among the most advanced in monitors email and web traffic through the industry, allowing you to define and control your more than 24,000 network sensors in 180 internal policy initiatives, meet external regulatory countries. We track vulnerabilities in requirements, monitor activity across all tiers and more than 30,000 operating system and endpoints, and rapidly remediate deficiencies. software applications. And we make sure our customers are armed with regular up- Information, personal or corporate, is your most valu- dates, alerts, and security fixes that allow able asset. Wherever it resides and however you use them to translate these early warnings it, Symantec can help ensure its security, availability, into proactive preparations that maintain and integrity. business continuity.
  9. 9. 9 SY M A N T EC TAKE CONTROL Protection isn’t static. It’s a proactive discipline that constantly adjusts to changing threat environments, new and updated policies, and the evolving state of your infrastructure, information, and interactions. Symantec solutions are designed to provide this kind of proactive control of your security and data man- agement. From our consumer Internet security suite to our integrated security appliances for small- and medium-sized businesses to our Data Center Foundation technology for large enterprises, we streamline the underlying technology and simplify the user interface so that our customers can readily enforce the appro- priate protection of their digital assets. INTERACTIONS The digital world is increasingly defined by collabora- tion. As the Internet environment has continued to evolve — driven by ubiquitous high-speed connections and sophisticated network architectures — individ- uals and corporations have embraced highly interactive models like etailing, instant messaging, supply chain integration, multiplayer gaming, online banking, wikis, blogs, and more. It’s no longer enough to secure net- work elements and data inside the firewall; today the digital interactions themselves need to be protected from attacks, disruptions, and misuse. In response, Symantec is developing ways for all partici- pants in online interactions — businesses and consumers alike — to verify the identities of other participants. We are partnering with financial institutions and e-commerce companies to create stronger trusted models for online transactions. We are also building tools for real-time pro- tection of personal information or sensitive corporate data while it is in transit. As this kind of open data sharing becomes increasingly ubiquitous, the boundaries between consumers and providers will continue to blur and disappear, making inter- actions the next great protection challenge. Symantec is committed to meeting that challenge and to maintaining user confidence in the safety of digital collaboration.
  10. 10. A GLOBAL LEADER IN DIGITAL PROTECTION. AND MORE. 4 Symantec SOCs 11 Symantec Support Centers 8 Symantec Security Response Labs 72 Symantec Monitored Countries 40,000 Registered Sensors in 180 Countries As one of the largest software companies in the world, Symantec has a truly global perspective on its market and its business. Nearly half of our fiscal 2006 revenue Symantec’s active approach also reflects how our corpo- was generated outside the United States. Our nearly rate values align with those of our customers. We are, 16,000 employees are active in 40 countries on five for example, a leading participant in the effort to develop continents. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in effective national legislation to protect online consumer Ireland, our Security Operations Centers around the privacy. We are also actively involved in Internet safety globe, and our extensive network of Internet traffic initiatives, such as the Internet Keep Safe Coalition and sensors make the company an active citizen of the National Cyber Security Alliance. We have strong internal world’s business community. programs that promote workplace and supplier diversity and local volunteerism. And we are a member of Sustain- And as such, we strive to be as engaged and responsible a able Silicon Valley, which is committed to reducing energy citizen as possible. Our emphasis on reasonable and ethi- usage and CO² emissions. cal action reflects a strategic commitment to best business practices that motivate employees, strengthen customer Our commitment to corporate responsibility isn’t just a relationships, confer competitive advantage, and build reflection of our principles. It’s also a good business prac- long-term company value. Our signing of the U.N. Global tice and competitive differentiator, and we believe it has Compact, a framework of ten principles that address been — and will continue to be — an important engine of human rights and labor issues, environmental impacts, our growth as Symantec strengthens its position as the and corruption is a clear reflection of that commitment. world’s preeminent provider of digital protection.
  11. 11. 12 SY M A N T EC
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