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ecolab 2002TurnItUp

  1. 1. Ecolab 2002 Annual Report up turn it
  2. 2. The complete, step-by-step MarketGuard program helps supermarkets abroad achieve and maintain the highest stan- dards of cleanliness and sanitation. up Our wide selection of Raburn warehandling racks turn it save our restaurant and food- service customers money by reducing breakage and Pro replacement costs. 6 Our EpiSoft Foaming Soap System combines luxurious lotion soap with innovative dispensing technology, transforming handwashing in the janitorial market. that power a higher standard of clean. Our Quadexx custom sanitation system for food and beverage processors utilizes advanced product chemistry, equipment and Web-based information technology.
  3. 3. The high-temperature Ecotemp Omega HT dishmachine delivers one-pass results by providing a choice of cycle length and prod- uct concentration depending on soil loads. Kiseki is the Japanese version of our GeoSystem 9000 Solid Warewashing System, which combines superior cleaning power, improved safety and maximum ease of use. ducts TURN IT UP 7 ECOLAB Advanced chemistry. State-of-the-art dispensing. Sleek, space-saving packaging. Only Ecolab solutions offer this brilliant combination – and much, much more. Because while our products and systems are the most sophisticated in the industry, we’re never content with just meeting expectations. With a keen, unerring eye toward our customers’ every need, we continue to revolutionize the industry with progressive cleaning and sanitation practices. After all, we’re in the business of raising standards. And we’ll never be satisfied with yesterday’s best.
  4. 4. up turn it TURN IT UP 8 ECOLAB How do you take the best and make it better? That’s the question our company’s 20,000 associates are asking themselves every day. At Ecolab, we’ve always had the best associates in the industry. We know that today we’re better than we were 10 years ago, and tomorrow we’ll be even better yet. With new tools, techniques and training, coupled with an insatiable hunger for success, our experts are equipped to perform even greater feats for our customers. Because we’re determined to outdo our very best.
  5. 5. eople TURN IT UP 9 ECOLAB driven to top their very best.
  6. 6. up turn it Se TURN IT UP 10 ECOLAB Service excellence. It’s an Ecolab tradition – one that built the $3.4 billion cleaning and sanitation leader. We take great pride in our exemplary service record. And today, we’re poised to surpass it. How? By knowing the needs of our customers before they do. By taking on their toughest problems and solving them. By listening to customers, understanding every inch of their business and always being ready for a challenge. Every day. Every time. We want each Ecolab customer to feel like the only Ecolab customer. We’re pursuing service stardom. And we intend to shine.
  7. 7. vice TURN IT UP 11 ECOLAB that outshines expectations.
  8. 8. up turn it Res TURN IT UP 12 ECOLAB Magic formulas? Our customers may think so. Right now, Ecolab’s research and development team is discovering new and better formulas for clean. Utilizing everything from petri dishes to nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, we combine cutting-edge technology with proven techniques to create and evaluate new applications. Simultaneously, experts in technical service test new solutions against “real world” conditions. Mixing inquiry, intellect and intensity, our scien- tists are making breakthrough strides toward a higher level of clean. That’s a winning formula for our customers and our company.
  9. 9. earch TURN IT UP 13 ECOLAB that unveils winning formulas.
  10. 10. up turn it Global TURN IT UP 14 ECOLAB
  11. 11. to customers anywhere, everywhere. reach TURN IT UP 15 ECOLAB Looking to the horizon isn’t enough for Ecolab. We see farther. Because our mission is to offer complete solutions to customers everywhere. In the smallest European villages. The largest Japanese cities. America’s suburbia. And everywhere in between. We’re adding more talented associates to our global workforce to better serve our growing breadth of customers, no matter where they live and do business. Because location shouldn’t limit anyone’s access to Ecolab’s quality of clean. We don’t just say “Circle the Customer - Circle the Globe,” we live it.