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monsanto MON_06/25/04c

  1. 1. Technical Presentation Roundup Ready® Flex Cotton Update Investor Tour June 25, 2004 Leland, MS Mark Oppenhuizen Research Manager, Cotton Roundup Ready® Flex cotton is not approved for sale or distribution in the United States. 1
  2. 2. Technical Presentation Roundup Ready Flex Cotton Presentation Outline Product Concept Discovery/Development U.S. Field Testing (2000-2003) Tolerance Agronomic Regulatory Weed Management 2004 U.S. Field Testing Seed Company variety development Product Timelines 2
  3. 3. Technical Presentation Roundup Ready® Flex Cotton Product Concept Over-the-top window of application Roundup Ready® Flex Cotton Roundup Ready® Cotton (< 4 lf.) Emergence Layby Preharvest Harvest Expanded window of application (over-the-top) - Increased margin of crop safety - More ‘flexible’ weed control Increased grower convenience Reduced need for specialized spray equipment 3
  4. 4. Technical Presentation Roundup Ready® Flex Cotton Discovery / Development Roundup Ready Flex Cotton - MON 88913 Same gene as in Roundup Ready cotton – new promoters Transformed Coker 312 cotton using the ‘Agro’ method CP4 EPSPS protein is expressed in pollen, providing reproductive tolerance to Roundup during flowering Expression in rest of plant provides excellent vegetative tolerance CP4 EPSPS Expression Pollen viability Roundup Ready Flex technology Roundup Ready cotton Roundup Ready cotton Roundup Ready Flex technology Mature Pollen 1.12 lb ae/A 4&8 node OT 4 - Chen, S., et al., July 2000.
  5. 5. Technical Presentation Roundup Ready® Flex Cotton U.S. Field Testing 2000-2003 Trial types Tolerance Agronomic >60% of locations with Regulatory University scientists Weed Management Systems / Demonstration *does not include seed company partner breeding locations 5
  6. 6. Technical Presentation Roundup Ready Flex Cotton Tolerance Field Trial Leland, MS 2001 Roundup Ready Flex Roundup Ready Cotton Cotton Events (Current Product) Nontransgenic Buffer Nontransgenic Buffer Roundup applied OT @ 1.5 or 2.25 lb ae/A sequentially at 3,6,10 & 14 nodes 6
  7. 7. Technical Presentation Roundup Ready® Flex Cotton Weed Management Systems Studies (2003) Auburn University Oklahoma State University University of California Clemson University Texas A&M University University of Georgia Louisiana State University Texas Agricultural Experiment Station University of Missouri Mississippi State University University of Arizona University of Tennessee North Carolina State University University of Arkansas Cotton Acres 5 – 13066 13066 – 37841 37841 – 76467 76467 – 169729 169729 – 306706 - Participating Universities 7
  8. 8. 8 Technical Presentation Entireleaf Morningglory Ivyleaf Morningglory Pitted Morningglory Palmer Amaranth + + lin Red Sprangletop lin Yellow Nutsedge ta tha pre- y a e ime ron p d bydb i on end Pen metur lowe e etu o ow o e Goosegrass om nt foll 8 nod Velvetleaf Sicklepod -n Fu Flu rgent 5-8 2138a t5 Cotton* erg s te Weed Control with Various Herbicide Treatments e g em phosa em o p g ly g ly + + b al n alin e- a r - by eh eth r d im o p d b dim on Dr. Bob Hayes University of Tennessee Jackson, TN d Pen metur llowe de Pe metu l o e de l o en fo 3 4 no f o 2088a n Flu r ent e 3-4 erg ate f em phosa e ph gy g ly fb f fb eaf b a e + -2 le s t r 1- sat r pho hlo node hlo o p Gly etolac 3-4 n Gl e o a - 2615a e S m os t S-m osat e ph p g ly g ly b b af f af b 2 le a + e+ st i - e sat lin 1- de Lbs Seed Cotton/A po pho hala o o Gly i t 3-4 n Gly imet 3-4 n 2255a end o ate e pen hosat d ph gy g ly b e fb de nod a* 4n e a 3-4 ode e3 a e -8 no sat 5-8 n hs pho te 5 lp ate Gly hosa 2403a pho ae ae G y .5 lb Gly .5 lb c 1 @1 @ b fb ode od b -4 n a 3-4 de e 3 n de ae sat 8 no h s 58 pho a e 5- l p sa t e Gly 2802a e ae pho b a ph g y 125 lb gly .125 l b 1 @1 ef e af -2 l - b *1 a ** te* ate (fb) d . osa (fb ode. pho by yph d by - no Gly wed te 3-4 2741a o t o f ll o a ae fol hosa ae a ph b g y .75 lb gly .75 l 0 @0 @ WeatherMAX® b Phytotoxicity (lbs ae or ai/A) ai/A) Treatments **Roundup 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 2003 *Cotton Percent Control (114 DAT-A)
  9. 9. Technical Presentation Roundup Ready® Flex Cotton Research Timelines/University Testing (2004) University of Arkansas Auburn University ~60 University of California Clemson University University of Florida Louisiana State University University University of Georgia Mississippi State University Cooperator University of Missouri North Carolina State University Sites University of Tennessee Oklahoma State University Research USDA ARS Texas A&M University Weed Management Virginia Tech Texas Agric. Experiment Station Crop Tolerance University of Arizona ‘Systems research’ ~30 ~25 Roundup Ready® Cotton launched Glyphosate tolerant cotton developed Development of Additional Target Roundup Ready Single internal glyphosate tolerance field trials Launch* Flex Cotton start field trial in plants (EPSPS) ● Early Early 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 1980s 1990s * - pending regulatory approvals 9
  10. 10. Technical Presentation Roundup Ready® Flex Cotton Field Testing No. of field trial sites Field Research 250 • Efficacy testing • Agronomic trials 200 • Regulatory studies • University trials • Seed company work 150 100 50 2001 2002 2003 2004 0 Year 10
  11. 11. Technical Presentation Seed Companies Monsanto expects to broadly license the Roundup Ready Flex cotton trait. Numerous seed companies are incorporating Roundup Ready Flex cotton into their product lines under existing R&D agreements. 11
  12. 12. Technical Presentation Roundup Ready® Flex Cotton Estimated Product Timelines Event Testing & Selection 2000-02 Regulatory Trials 2002/03 Submissions to US, Japan* 2003/04 Approvals* 2005 Commercial Launch* 2006 *Targeted milestones and timelines. Commercialization will depend on many factors, including successful completion of regulatory processes. 12