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  1. 1. Metro Emissions Reduction Project A.S. King Rehabilitation Ron Elsner Project Director June 20, 2006
  2. 2. Presentation Outline MN MERP Overview Allen S. King Project Schedule Overview Status Update ( including progress photos) Key Remaining Activities Influences – Internal & External
  3. 3. MN MERP Overview Emissions Reduction Rider signed into law: Summer 2001 Project development: September 2001 – May 2002 Initial proposal filed with MPUC: May 2002 MERP Project Proposal filed with MPUC: July 2002 Regulatory review and public hearings: Sept 2002 – November 2003 Settlement Agreement executed: November 2003 — King Rehabilitation $382 M May 2007 — High Bridge Combined Cycle $395 M May 2008 — Riverside Repower $212 M May 2009 MPUC Approval: December 18, 2003
  4. 4. King Plant Rehabilitation Install new state-of-the-art pollution control equipment, rebuild the existing boiler, replace the existing steam turbine, install new digital plant control system, and upgrade balance of plant equipment as necessary. In-Service Date: May 2007 Capital Cost: Settlement Estimate: $382 million Emissions Reductions: NOx ~17,000 TPY (89%) SO2 ~24,000 TPY (91%) PM ~90 TPY (20%) HG ~ 15 #/yr (20%)
  5. 5. High Bridge Conversion Install two new natural gas fired combustion turbines operating in ‘combined cycle’ mode to power a new steam turbine. Retire and demolish the existing facility after the new system is installed. In-Service Date: May 2008 Capital Cost: Settlement Estimate: $395 million Emissions Reductions: NOx ~ 4,400 TPY (98%) SO2 ~ 3,100 TPY (100%) PM ~ 100 TPY (100%) HG ~ 66 #/yr (100%)
  6. 6. High Bridge – Future View
  7. 7. Riverside Repowering Install two new, natural gas fired combustion turbines operating in ‘combined cycle’ mode to power the existing Unit 7 Steam turbine. Retire and demolish Unit 8 after completion of the new installation. In-Service Date: May 2009 Capital Cost: Settlement Estimate: $212 million Emissions Reductions: NOx ~ 13,000 TPY (99%) SO2 ~ 12,000 TPY (100%) PM ~ 540 TPY (100%) HG ~ 98 #/yr (100%)
  8. 8. Riverside – Future View
  9. 9. Combined Emissions Reductions NOx ~ 34,000 TPY 91% SO2 ~ 39,000 TPY 93% PM ~ 730 TPY 55% HG ~ 179 #/YR 77% (Projected annual average for combined emissions from three plants over period 2010 – 2020)
  10. 10. King Rehabilitation
  11. 11. Lime Prep Building looking NE
  12. 12. Functional Organization Engineering Manager Co nstruction Man ag er Russ Girtz Project Management Consult an t Byron Nordell Over sight of Design Basis Wayn e Osat iuk Safety Support Data Requests from other Master Project Schedule Constr uction Planning Xcel Ener gy Depts. and/or Business Master Project Cost Contractor Over sight Units Project Scope Site Support Labor Inter face with the B&V Project T eam Project Resour ce Management Site Services Supervision Pr ovide oversight of and dir ection to Project Procurement Inspection and T esting other technical and engineering Project Administr ation Project Risk Management resources on the Project, Including: Project Collaboration Tool ( Expedition) Labor Relations with Minnesota Building Environmental Consultants Project Reporting T rades Council King System Engineer s ES Pr oduction Resources UEC Engineer ing Supply Matter Experts Commercial Manag er Technical Data Review Pro ject Director Construction Suppor t Brian Westerh au s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Supplier Selection Process Ron Elsn er Bid Package Creation Develop and implement Bid Analysis Process Pr oject Plan Contract Administration External Interface Technical A&E Project Management Financial Cat hy Weber Planning and Scheduling Manage and supervise ES contract. Implementation and Ensure engineering activities are carr ied Plant Liaison constr uction out to support the pr oject schedule, Mike Miser Star t- up budget, and needs of all pr oject Distr ibution of: par ticipants. General pr oject infor mation Supervise the engineer ing staff at B&V to Issue specific and/or task specific information ensure that budget and schedule are met. to the plant staff Pr ovide timely reviews of project Communicating schedule infor mation to plant engineer ing status. personnel Ensure that all Quality Assur ance and Participating in and representing plant inter ests in Quality Control requir ements for the development and review of the project engineer ing are met. Start-Up Manager schedule Establish and maintain procedur es and Responsible for determining which groups and/or process. Rich Goshorn individual member s of the plant staff should Develop Star t up & Commissioning Meet with Xcel Energy Core Management pr ovide subject matter expertise on given topics Team to update the project status, note plan and schedule Accountable for assuring that necessary and and r esolve ar eas of concern, and provide Oversee development of Start-Up appropriate groups and/or individuals at the plant Pr oceedur es support as requested. ar e involved in (or, are given the oppor tunity to Pr oject Reporting Oversee Star t-Up & Commissioning of pr ovide input to) the project. Ensure that the ES pr ovided support for all new equipment Accountable for meeting deadlines for review, the r equirements in the King Plant consolidation, and return of data/infor mation/ Rehabilitation Project Settlement comments from the plant to the project. Agr eement.
  13. 13. Project Approach/ Plan Collection of distinct sub-projects Familiarity and experience with sub-projects Traditional Owner-Managed approach — Owner’s Engineer: B&V — Equipment Procurement and Installation: Self Contract — Construction Management: Utility Engineering — Commissioning & Start-up: Self Perform
  14. 14. Allen S. King Project Schedule Overview Start of engineering: October 31, 2003 Contracted for major equipment: July, 2004 Groundbreaking: April 22, 2005 Foundations and substructures complete: December 28, 2005 Start of new equipment commissioning: March 2006 Unit comes out-of-service: September 5, 2006 Boiler rebuild & steam turbine replacement: Sept 2006 – Jan 2007 ‘First Fire’ on coal: March 2007 Return to service: May 2007 – Project remains on schedule
  15. 15. Activities Completed to Date All environmental permitting complete – State and Federal Detailed design and integration: 95% complete Major procurement: 100% Complete — Competitive bidding process — Firm price contracts Overall construction : ~45% complete Commissioning & startup: — Planning: Complete — Implementation: In progress Operating procedures development: In progress Operator training: In progress
  16. 16. Procurement of Major Components AQCS: – Alstom ECS; Knoxville – Delivery ~95%; Construction ~60% SCR: – Mitsubishi Power Systems; Newport Beach – Delivery ~95%; Construction ~50% Boiler: – B&W; Barberton – Design ~100%; Manufacturing: 90+% Steam Turbine: – Alstom Power; Richmond, Rugby, Elblag – Design ~100%; Manufacturing 90+%
  17. 17. Major Construction Contracts Substructures: Lunda Construction; Little Chute, WI SCR Mechanical: Graycor; Homewood, IL AQCS Mechanical: Graycor AQCS Electrical: Frauenshuh PD; Minneapolis DCS/BOP Electrical: Capital; Kansas City Steam Turbine Area Mechanical: O.J.Boldt; Appleton, WI Boiler Area Mechanical: B&WCC (pending)
  18. 18. General Construction Progress
  19. 19. 1st Pier Being Drilled
  20. 20. Circulating Water Pipe
  21. 21. SCR Structural
  22. 22. AQCS Structural
  23. 23. SDA Vessels
  24. 24. Fabric Filter Structural
  25. 25. Lime Prep Building
  26. 26. ID Fans
  27. 27. AQCS Switchgear
  28. 28. New Cooling Tower
  29. 29. Steam Turbine
  30. 30. Boiler Cyclone
  31. 31. Distributed Control System (on factory test floor)
  32. 32. Key Remaining Activities Cooling Towers In-Service: June 1, 2006 AQCS/SCR Mechanically Complete: September 1, 2006 Unit Out-of-Service: September 5, 2006 Demolition Substantially Complete: October 15, 2006 Boiler Pressure Parts Complete: January 31, 2007 First Fire on Gas: February 2007 First Fire on Coal: March 2007 First synch to the grid: April 2007 Unit Return-to-Service: May 2007
  33. 33. Influences – Internal & External Construction labor availability and productivity in Fall 2006 – Extended periods of multi-shift overtime activities – May be competing with ourselves for resources (Sherco) Tight marketplace and commodity price increases Operator training & initial plant operation – Rehabilitated plant will have some fundamental differences from existing configuration.