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schering plough 2006-Company-Overview

  1. 1. BUILDING A NEW KIND OF HEALTH CARE COMPANY — The Transformation Unfolds Schering-Plough 2005 Company Overview
  2. 2. Schering-Plough is a global pharmaceutical company with leading prescription, consumer and animal health products. Today, the Company is focused on delivering the Turnaround phase of its five-step Action Agenda, the blueprint for a fundamental transformation that began in 2003. Our goal is to provide a steady flow of innovative, science-based medicines and services, and to earn the trust of the physicians, patients and other customers we serve. By doing this well, we seek to build long-term, sustainable growth. In everything we do, we remain committed to business integrity, quality and compliance. Cover Story: “Knowing that people are depending on encountering scientific challenges, you makes me realize how important situations where you know the answer the work we do here is. As an analytical is out there and it’s just a matter of Kristan Amicone is a scientist in Analytical Development, Pharmaceutical Sciences, chemist, my job is to make sure that finding it. Through cross-functional team- for Schering-Plough Research Institute only high-quality, effective medications work and collaboration, we find those in Kenilworth, N.J. She works as an ana- lytical chemist primarily on pharmaceuti- get to the patients in our clinical trials answers, and in the process help make cals in late-stage development. and in the health care systems. We do sure Schering-Plough continues providing this by developing laboratory experi- a reliable supply of high-quality medi- ments to test the purity, potency and cines that do good things for patients.” stability of our medicines. We’re always - Kristan Amicone
  3. 3. “The people of Schering-Plough are steadily building an exciting new enterprise. Step by step, we are succeeding – and growing.” Fred Hassan, Schering-Plough Chairman and Chief Executive Officer The trademarks indicated by Capital Letters in this publication are the property of, licensed to, promoted or distributed by Schering-Plough Corporation, its subsidiaries or related companies. As used in this publication, the terms “Schering-Plough” and the “Company” refer collectively to Schering-Plough Corporation, the publicly held parent company, and its domestic and international subsidiaries, which are engaged in the discovery, development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical products worldwide. Copyright © 2006, Schering-Plough Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. Fred Hassan, chairman and chief executive officer, Schering-Plough Corporation. A Message from “It all begins with the people.” the people of Schering-Plough are steadily building an exciting new the CEO This mindset has been driving a remark- enterprise. Step by step, we are suc- able and continuing transformation of ceeding – and growing. our organization. Today, I look with a lot of pride at what has been achieved The roadmap for our transformation has by putting such faith in our people. been a six- to eight-year Action Agenda that began with the Stabilize Out of a company that was under and Repair phases. Even as important severe stress three years ago, dimensions of that work continue,
  5. 5. we are now deeply engaged in driving cal education and patient-access also meeting with our customers our Turnaround phase. We are moving programs. We see our role as a and with other stakeholders. What I from survive mode into thrive mode. champion for doctors and patients. see and hear is that our teams are We are investing for the long term – energized. They are passionate. in better processes, in our supply chain, Our aim is to become very good in They are getting in tune with each in research and development, and in every dimension of our work, to keep other and with our stakeholders. other areas, around the world. learning, improving and reinventing They are taking the time to listen ourselves. Our people know that to others and to learn. They are This long-term commitment is so superb medical science must be at striving to execute with excellence. important because bringing new the heart of this. medicines from the lab to patients is When we began this transformational a 10- to 15-year process. For example, We also feel a special responsibility. journey almost three years ago, we we are investing heavily in creating We understand that our work directly said that our vision was to earn trust – a new treatment for hepatitis C. affects the health and happiness of with each other, in our Company, and This compound could change the way patients. We know that the potential with our stakeholders. We know that doctors treat tens of thousands new medicines in our pipeline are trust gets earned by behavior and per- of patients suffering from this terrible precious discoveries. They could save formance. Step by step, we believe disease. It is one of a number of someone from cancer, prevent heart we are making progress. promising new therapies that disease, or bring new treatments to we are advancing from our labs people living with HIV/AIDS. As we look ahead, we see a bright toward patients. and fresh dawn breaking for Schering- This sense of special purpose is part Plough. We have a lot of challenges Everywhere we look today, the health of what makes me feel good about ahead, but I have confidence about care environment is changing at this Company and what we are doing. our growing strength to overcome high speed. This can be unsettling, I am also moved by the attitude and them. Above all, it is rewarding to even frightening – especially for performance of our people. know that we are succeeding because more vulnerable populations. As we we are doing good things for health. drive the continuing transformation Our people have shown a special of Schering-Plough, we are striving to courage in confronting the difficult Yes, it all begins with the people. put the patient at the center of how challenges we have faced as we build we think and what we do. a new Schering-Plough. They are learn- Sincerely, ing and growing in a unique school of We are working hard to create value transformational change. through superior R&D and manufac- turing, and then transfer the value I spend a lot of my time visiting our Fred Hassan through empathetic and useful medi- operations around the world and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  6. 6. Dialogue: Fred Hassan and Leon G. Smith, M.D., M.A.C.P. Fred Hassan, Schering-Plough chairman and CEO, and Leon G. Smith, M.D., M.A.C.P., chairman of Medicine at Saint Michael’s Medical Center, Newark, N.J., and executive vice president, Health Care Policy, for Catholic Health & Human Services, exchanged ideas (below) on current health care issues and pharmaceutical research challenges. Dr. Smith is a practicing physician and globally recognized infectious disease expert. Hepatitis C is such an under-treated new treatments, not only for hepatitis C Some people have the expectation that Q: and misunderstood disease. What can and HIV/AIDS, but for other serious everything can be solved, and that they be done to improve this situation? infections. Avian flu appears to show us do not have responsibilities. The reality also – again – the challenge posed by is that we all need to take responsibility Hepatitis C causes enormous organisms that mutate and can resist for our own health, for health mainte- DR. SMITH: damage to societies around the world. established treatments. The bacterial nance and disease prevention. Things like It is the number one cause of liver resistance problem is huge and growing. eating right, getting exercise, not smok- transplants in this country. In some ing, getting vaccinated. places it is a worse problem even than This is an area in which research- HASSAN: HIV/AIDS, and it is also very commonly based pharmaceutical and biopharma Speaking of health literacy and Q: a co-infection with HIV. companies could have been doing much awareness, what about advertisements more over the past decade or so. for prescription drugs? The key needs right now are to get better Now attention is being re-focused on this screening for HCV so people can get area. It is an important example of where I actually believe even more DR. SMITH: treatment, and we need to have better the key is to keep thinking outside of communication with consumers, health literacy and behavior so people the box, not accepting common wisdom. including more advertising, would be do not get infected in the first place. appropriate. It’s all in how you do it. How it is executed is key. I personally Choices about prescribing and Q: This disease still carries a stigma, feel health education advertising about taking medicines depend on striking HASSAN: somewhat like HIV/AIDS. We must disease states would be compelling. a balance between effectiveness and break down that stigma. This will take safety. Where are we today, post the courage, including political courage. Advertising and other communi- Vioxx withdrawal? HASSAN: Also, we need better treatments. While cations with consumers are something treatment has improved, there is still The pendulum has clearly swung relatively new when it comes to prescrip- HASSAN: a huge, unmet need. too far. We are seeing a preoccupation tion drugs. Everyone is learning. As a with safety that could begin to harm the result, I think you will see different kinds Not long ago many people said that flow of new treatments that patients of communications in the next few Q: there was not a big need for new need. If we expect total safety from a years – more appropriate, more tailored treatments for infectious diseases. medicine, we will have no new medicines. to the special situations of health care. Now we hear about new, resistant Even aspirin has side effects. This calls strains of bacteria and, of course, the for a much higher level of health and avian flu threat. What’s going on? science literacy in our societies. Then we can begin to get the right, It was a big mistake to be balanced approach. DR. SMITH: complacent – although I have to say I have never felt complacent about Another way of looking at this DR. SMITH: infectious disease! Clearly we need is that expectations are unrealistic.
  7. 7. “It All Begins With the People” The people of Schering-Plough are making our transformation happen. With passion, courage and tenacity, they are building a new kind of health care company. In the pages that follow, some of our people introduce themselves and what they do.
  8. 8. Jerry Shipps, Ph.D., is director of chemical research for Schering-Plough Research Institute in Cambridge, Mass. He also is the scientific co-founder of NeoGenesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., from which Schering-Plough acquired assets in 2005. His team in Lead Discovery focuses on identifying drug development candidates in cancer, inflammation and infection. “We work at the forefront “In our labs, we apply proprietary screening this process, and to work for a major and chemistry technologies to identify pharmaceutical company that can take a of science in drug novel, active compounds. Someday these compound from early discovery to discovery, looking for new compounds or variations may become the global health care marketplace.” medicines to treat cancer, inflammation compounds to affect or infection. The idea that my work could the pathways of disease.” in the future help improve someone’s health or save a life is compelling. I find it exciting and energizing to be part of - Jerry Shipps, Ph.D.
  9. 9. Bo Kwok is a district trainer and professional sales representative for respiratory products. Her territory is Manhattan South in New York City. “It’s rewarding to know “The patient is really the focus of what I goal – making the best treatment do. As a sales representative, I’m on choices for their patients. I feel great that the scientific the frontlines every day, speaking with when I hear about success stories information I provide can health care professionals who directly and how better treatment has helped counsel and treat patients. I work hard to improve the health of a patient.” help doctors make better build relationships with my customers – treatment decisions for and to earn their trust. I find that this their patients.” happens when I am providing new infor- mation that helps them achieve their - Bo Kwok
  10. 10. Maria Teresa Rico is general manager, Greece, based in Athens. She is responsible for Schering-Plough’s business operations in Greece and Cyprus. “What makes me feel “Our goal is to deliver on our commitments by being aligned in how we work, we are and to earn the trust of our stakeholders. adding value and serving our patients great is coaching my One of the key initiatives in my country and doctors better.” people and seeing operation has been to bring alive our Company’s commitment to a collaborative, them make a difference.” shared-accountability way of working with colleagues. This is resulting in a better, more efficient and trusted organi- zation. In Greece, we are seeing that, - Maria Teresa Rico
  11. 11. Stephen Morales is senior product manager, Global Cholesterol Marketing, in Kenilworth, N.J. His responsibilities include the marketing of Vytorin and Zetia, cholesterol-lowering medicines managed through a joint venture with Merck & Co., Inc. “Science is at the center “Communicating science and information rewarding working with researchers is an important part of my job. We work to communicate the science behind of our cholesterol-lowering to provide doctors with the tools they Vytorin and Zetia. Sharing scientific franchise, and it adds a need to help their patients understand innovation and education ultimately the value of lowering their cholesterol, benefits patients, helping them live powerful message for of getting to goal. High cholesterol is one healthier lives.” our products.” of the major risk factors for heart disease, a leading killer of women and men around the world. This is why I find it so - Stephen Morales
  12. 12. Beth Anne Lange, Ph.D., is senior director of Sun Care R&D and New Technologies for Consumer Health Care in Memphis, Tenn. Her team in Sun Care R&D develops innovative sunscreen products. In New Technologies R&D, her team identifies novel technology solutions for sun care and foot care products and over-the-counter medicines. “It’s fascinating to work “Skin cancer is the most prevalent of all new benefits. Coppertone Continuous types of cancers, yet it is largely prevent- spray Sunscreen is an example of on creating technology able. We need to find ways to make it how we joined a known packaging solutions that can deliver easier and more pleasant for consumers system and sunscreen formulation to protect themselves against the to create a significantly improved improved product damaging effects of the sun. In Sun Care consumer experience.” benefits for consumers.” R&D and New Technologies, we’re dedi- cated to identifying technology solutions to create innovative products that bring - Beth Anne Lange, Ph.D.
  13. 13. Colin Walters is a principal scientist, Pharmaceutical Development, in Kenilworth, N.J. He provides technical leadership in developing manufacturing processes for oral dosage forms of Schering-Plough products. “Turning a compound “I’m part of a team working directly in the process – through scale-up and technology product flow pathway from the discovery transfer to the commercial manufacturing into a medicine that laboratory to the patient. We develop site -- we work to ensure that our can be manufactured manufacturing processes for oral dosage compounds consistently meet high quality products for Schering-Plough, providing standards. I learn something new every commercially is scientific expertise and technical support day in this job, as the science and tech- challenging – and during the small-scale manufacture nology continue to evolve.” rewarding.” of compounds used in clinical trials. Throughout the development - Colin Walters
  14. 14. Building a Science-centered Company Every medicine we create begins as their patients, our scientists learned that an idea in the mind of one of our people. the most disturbing aspect of the disease Often the spark comes from witnessing was not the tremors but rather the akine- firsthand a patient’s medical need. sia, or sudden inability to move. So our At Schering-Plough, an important part scientists began focusing on this aspect of my job is to create an environment back in the labs, and today this thinking that allows those ideas to develop into is driving our continuing research into successful drugs – by putting science movement disorders. at the center of a highly collaborative way of working. Similarly, meeting with cancer patients or confronting the tragedy of Alzheimer’s disease drives our discovery and clinical “Meeting with cancer scientists to work even harder to discover a drug that has the “legs” to make it all patients or confronting the the way through initial development and tragedy of Alzheimer’s clinical testing to the patient. disease drives our discovery Another factor in deciding what to pursue and clinical scientists is determining what is mechanistically to work even harder.” possible. We focus much of our research efforts on molecular targets that have the potential to become sources of drugs for multiple therapeutic areas. At Schering- Our primary driver in deciding what Plough, both small molecule and biologics treatments to pursue is medical need. efforts are integrated into a single discov- Input for that comes from a variety of ery organization, positioning us to adopt sources. Communication with physicians the best approach for each therapeutic tar- and with patients themselves is an get. Our Company’s size, the proximity of important source of insight, as are new our researchers to one another, and their scientific findings from labs around collaborative behaviors produce a synergy the world. across these approaches that makes the science move faster. We further strength- A few years ago some of our scientists ened our small molecule and biologics in Milan, Italy, were studying Parkinson’s capabilities in 2005 with the consolidation disease and wanted to learn more about of our California labs to form Schering- what patients really need. By sitting Plough Biopharma and the opening of our down and talking with neurologists and new research site in Cambridge, Mass.
  15. 15. Innovation also results from the science we apply to existing projects and treat- ments. For example, interferon alfa-2b started out as a treatment for hairy cell leukemia, a rare cancer. Through the continued application of clinical science, we discovered new uses, more effective drug combinations and more convenient Catherine D. Strader, Ph.D., is executive vice president for Discovery Research at Schering-Plough formulations. PeG-Intron/Rebetol com- Research Institute in Kenilworth, N.J. She is responsible for Schering-Plough’s global drug discovery operations, including biology, genomics, medicinal and structural chemistry research, bination therapy is now a standard of conducted through both internal programs and external collaborations. care for hepatitis C. This kind of research expands the utility of our medicines, with the result that more patients benefit. “Patients are waiting for cardiovascular and neurological diseases. For patients, new drug delivery systems As we set our research goals, we believe these new treatments. and formulations can be important it is very important that we continue This is what gives our work medical innovations. If a new formulation to go after new frontiers. This is where makes it possible for a patient to take the risk of failure is very high, but where, such urgency.” one pill a day instead of three, that’s if we succeed, we can really change a change that can ensure more consis- the paradigm for treating disease. tent dosing and yield a better medical Patients are waiting for these new treat- outcome. The pharmaceutical science strategy. Conversely, knowledge gained ments. This is what gives our work behind these types of innovations is during the development process can such urgency. a real strength within Schering-Plough. have a tremendous impact on the next compound in our discovery pipeline. One of the hallmarks of Schering- This same collaborative mindset makes Plough’s science is that we focus on us attractive as a partner to smaller getting the job done, not on artificial biotech companies and other outside boundaries. Discovery and development organizations. scientists collaborate with physicians outside the Company and with Schering-Plough invested $1.9 billion in commercial colleagues to bring a drug research and development in 2005, and forward in our pipeline. Wonderful in- we expect to spend more in future years. sights come from these collaborations. These investments have built a strong early development pipeline, with potential The science behind the discovery of treatments for oncology, inflammation, a compound drives the development infectious and respiratory diseases, and - Catherine D. Strader, Ph.D.
  16. 16. “Our business is based Our Customer Focus Our business is based on science. We seek to discover new molecules on science. We seek to that can prevent, modify or block At Schering-Plough, we organize and discover new molecules the progression of disease. When we develop our product lines around our that can prevent, succeed, patients benefit. customers. For primary care physicians, we bring together medicines that will modify or block the In addition to prescription pharmaceu- be most useful to them and appropriate progression of disease. ticals, we also develop and market for the patients they treat. In specialty consumer and animal health products. When we succeed, care, we group our products according Our over-the-counter business enables to the needs of health professionals patients benefit.” us to extend the life cycle of certain treating specialized therapy areas, such as products when their exclusivity as a oncology and infectious disease, as well prescription medicine expires. as hospital-based treatment centers. Cholesterol Franchise * * * Managed through a joint venture with Merck & Co., Inc. Primary Care * * * * * Sold by Schering-Plough in U.S. only Specialty Care * * * * Sold by Schering-Plough outside U.S. only Consumer Health Care Animal Health Banamine Otomax (gentamicin sulfate, (flunixin meglumine) (florfenicol) betamethasone valerate USP, clotrimazole) See inside back cover for INFORMATION ON LICENSED PRODUCTS
  17. 17. Our animal health business also allows nonsedating antihistamines is now tumors; Caelyx, marketed outside of Schering-Plough to take discoveries available in six formulations to help pa- the U.S. as a treatment for advanced made in human pharmaceuticals and tients address their allergy symptoms. ovarian cancer, metastatic breast find new applications in treating cancer and AIDS-related Kaposi’s animal populations. Our U.S. primary care treatments sarcoma; and Intron A for malignant also include the antibiotics Avelox and melanoma and other cancers. Cipro and the erectile dysfunction Cholesterol Franchise medicine Levitra (co-promoted with In cardiovascular care, we assumed GlaxoSmithKline), under a strategic exclusive U.S. marketing rights in 2005 Schering-Plough has rapidly become a alliance with Bayer. to InteGrilin, a GP IIb-IIIa inhibitor used global cardiovascular leader, building on primarily in hospitals to treat heart the strength of its cholesterol franchise. patients with acute coronary syndrome, Specialty Care Our cholesterol-lowering medicines are under a restructured agreement with Vytorin and Zetia, managed through Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc. a joint venture with Merck & Co., Inc. In hepatitis C, we are a global leader in the discovery and development Consumer Health Care Cardiovascular disease is a leading killer of new therapies to treat this serious around the world, with high cholesterol disease, which afflicts more than being a major risk factor. Zetia and Vytorin 10 million people in developed world Our consumer offerings include over- offer physicians valuable medicines markets. The Company offers the the-counter (OTC), sun care and to address this serious health challenge. combination therapy of PEG-Intron, foot care products, primarily in North Discovered by Schering-Plough a once-weekly alpha interferon, America. Our OTC brands include researchers, Zetia is the first agent to with the antiviral agent Rebetol. Claritin, a leading non-drowsy allergy selectively inhibit the absorption of medication, as well as other well- cholesterol in the intestine. Vytorin The newest addition to our anti- established brands including Afrin combines both Zetia and Merck’s Zocor infective portfolio is Noxafil, an oral and Coricidin. (simvastatin) statin product. Vytorin treatment for serious invasive fungal is the first and only once-daily medication infections. Noxafil was approved in With the well-known Coppertone brand, able to inhibit both the absorption the European Union in October 2005. Schering-Plough is the leader in the and production of cholesterol. A U.S. application was granted priority U.S. sun care market. Our foot care review in February 2006. franchise also leads the North American foot care market, anchored by the Primary Care In the area of anti-inflammatory Dr. scholl’s brand. agents, Remicade is a leading medicine Schering-Plough has long been a leader in a class known as anti-tumor Animal Health in the U.S. respiratory market. For the necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha) treatment of asthma, we broadened therapies. This monoclonal antibody our U.S. product offerings in 2005 with has been shown to offer significant For the past 50 years, Schering-Plough’s Asmanex Twisthaler, an orally inhaled benefits for patients with such global animal health business has corticosteroid. The product is also avail- debilitating diseases as rheumatoid played an important role in extending able in a number of international countries. arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, the life-cycle of our prescription We continue to make available in psoriatic arthritis, Crohn’s disease, medicines and the value of our R&D the U.S. Foradil Aerolizer, a long-acting ulcerative colitis and psoriasis. investment. Today, these products beta2 agonist, for asthma and chronic We make this therapy available in include pharmaceuticals, vaccines and obstructive pulmonary disease. certain countries outside the U.S. parasiticides, having a presence in five entry markets: ruminant, swine, live- For treating allergies, Nasonex, a nasally Oncology is a treatment area where stock, poultry, companion animal and inhaled corticosteroid, became the Schering-Plough intends to grow aquaculture. In addition, our HomeaGain fastest-growing U.S. brand in its category its presence. We offer Temodar, pet recovery service has reunited in 2005. The Clarinex family of a treatment for certain types of brain thousands of pets and owners.
  18. 18. Schering-Plough Globally Connected Schering-Plough is a network of business, research and manufacturing operations reaching around the world. We strive to work as a global team to ensure a steady supply of medicines to our physicians, patients and other customers. We have a presence in more than 120 countries. Below are listed the Company’s principal locations around the world. GERMANY Burgwedel / Friesoythe / JORDAN Amman NORTH AMERICA CANADA Pointe-Claire Munich KAZAKHSTAN Almaty UNITED STATES: GREECE Alimos LEBANON Beirut California Palo Alto HUNGARY Budapest MALAYSIA Selangor Delaware Millsboro IRELAND Bray / County Cork / Rathdrum NEW ZEALAND Upper Hutt Florida Miami Lakes ITALY Comazzo / Lodi / Milan / Segrate PAKISTAN Islamabad Georgia Atlanta / Suwanee PHILIPPINES Manila LATVIA Riga Illinois Rolling Meadows LITHUANIA Vilnius SAUDI ARABIA Riyadh Indiana Terre Haute NETHERLANDS Utrecht SINGAPORE Kansas Williamsburg NORWAY Elksmarka SOUTH AFRICA Gauteng Louisiana Baton Rouge POLAND Warszawa SOUTH KOREA Seoul Maryland Rockville PORTUGAL Agualva-Cacem TAIWAN Taipei Massachusetts Cambridge ROMANIA Bucharest THAILAND Bangkok Nebraska Elkhorn / Omaha RUSSIA Moscow TURKEY Istanbul Nevada Reno / Sparks SERBIA Belgrade New Jersey Berkeley Heights / SLOVAK REPUBLIC Bratislava Branchburg / Cranford / Kenilworth / SLOVENIA Ljublijana LATIN AMERICA Lafayette / Madison / Springfield / SPAIN Madrid / San Agustin ARGENTINA Buenos Aires Summit / Union SWEDEN Stockholm BRAZIL Cotia / Sao Paulo Puerto Rico Las Piedras / Manati / SWITZERLAND Lucerne / Schachen / CHILE Santiago Toa Baja Werthenstein COLOMBIA Bogota Tennessee Cleveland / Memphis UKRAINE Kiev ECUADOR Quito Washington, D.C. UNITED KINGDOM Hertfordshire / MEXICO Mexico City / Beisa Suffolk / Middlesex PANAMA REPUBLIC Colon / Panama City PARAGUAY Asuncion PERU Lima EUROPE AUSTRIA Traiskirchen VENEZUELA Caracas ASIA / AFRICA / AUSTRALIA BELGIUM Brussels / Heist-Op-Den-Berg AUSTRALIA Sydney BULGARIA Sofia CHINA Shanghai CROATIA Zagreb EGYPT Cairo CZECH REPUBLIC Prague GEORGIA Tbilisi DENMARK Farum HONG KONG ESTONIA Tallinn INDIA Mumbai FINLAND Espoo INDONESIA Jakarta / Jawa Timur FRANCE Herouvill-St-Clair / ISRAEL Petah Tikva Levallois-Perret / Segre JAPAN Osaka / Shiga / Tokyo
  19. 19. Corporate Information Executive Offices: Corporate Web Site: INFORMATION ON LICENSED PRODUCTS Schering-Plough has exclusive rights in the U.S. The Company’s corporate headquarters The Company’s Web site address is and Puerto Rico under a 2004 strategic agreement with Bayer to market, sell and distribute Bayer’s is located at: Avelox (moxifloxacin HCl) and Cipro (ciprofloxacin 2000 Galloping Hill Road, Schering-Plough’s Web site offers links HCl) antibiotics and to undertake Bayer’s U.S. Kenilworth, N.J. 07033-0530 to other Web sites providing information commercialization activities for the erectile dysfunction medicine Levitra (vardenafil HCl) Telephone: (908) 298-4000 on Company products and treatment under Bayer’s co-promotion agreement with categories as well as patient assistance GlaxoSmithKline PLC. and support programs. Information Caelyx (pegylated liposomal doxorubicin HCI) is of interest to shareholders is available licensed for marketing outside the U.S., except in in the Investor Relations section of Japan and Israel, from ALZA Corporation. Caelyx the Web site, including news releases, is marketed as Doxil® in the U.S. by Tibotec Thera- peutics, Division of Ortho Biotech Products, L.P. investor frequently asked questions, Securities and Exchange Commission Schering-Plough has exclusive U.S. marketing rights to Foradil Aerolizer (formoterol fumarate filings, corporate governance guidelines inhalation powder) under a 2002 agreement and the charters of Committees of with Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation. the Board of Directors. Through a licensing agreement with Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Schering-Plough markets Integrilin (eptifibatide) Injection, a GP IIb/IIIa Investor Inquiries: inhibitor, in the U.S. and certain countries outside Information for investors can be found in the U.S. the Investor Relations section of the Web Peg-intron (peginterferon alfa-2b) uses propri- site, or investors can call the Investor etary pegylation technology licensed from Enzon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. From Valeant Pharmaceu- Relations Department at (908) 298-7436. ticals International, Schering-Plough has rights to market oral ribavirin for hepatitis C in all major world markets. Careers: Schering-Plough has marketing rights to Information about possible career RemiCade (infliximab) in all global markets except opportunities at Schering-Plough can the U.S., China, Japan and parts of the Far be found in the Careers section of East through an agreement with Centocor, a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary. the Company’s Web site, Temodar (temozolomide) (marketed as Temodal in certain countries) is licensed for worldwide marketing from Cancer Research Technology Ltd. Shares Listed: New York Stock Exchange (Ticker Symbol: SGP)
  20. 20. Building A New Kind Of Health Care Company — The Transformation Unfolds Schering-Plough Corporation 2000 Galloping Hill Road Kenilworth, New Jersey 07033-0530 TEL: 908.298.4000