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Republic_AnnRpt auto nation


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Republic_AnnRpt auto nation

  1. 1. Financial Highlights Selected Financial Data As of and for the Years Ended December 31, (In millions, except per share data) 1997 1996 1995 1994 1993 Revenue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10,305.6 $6,094.6 $4,526.9 $3,376.8 $2,695.3 Income from continuing operations before extraordinary charge. . . . . . . . $ 200.2 $ 7.4 $ 38.3 $ 48.5 $ 37.8 Net income (loss) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 439.7 $ (15.8) $ 18.1 $ 47.1 $ 12.2 Basic earnings (loss) per share: Continuing operations . . . . . . . $ .50 $ .02 $ .16 $ .26 $ .21 Discontinued operations . . . . . . $ .59 $ .03 $ (.08) $ (.01) $ (.14) Extraordinary charge. . . . . . . . . $ — $ (.10) $ — $ — $ — Net income (loss) . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 1.09 $ (.05) $ .08 $ .25 $ .07 Diluted earnings (loss) per share: Continuing operations . . . . . . . . $ .46 $ .02 $ .15 $ .26 $ .21 Discontinued operations . . . . . . $ .56 $ .02 $ (.08) $ (.01) $ (.14) Extraordinary charge. . . . . . . . . $ — $ (.09) $ — $ — $ — Net income (loss) . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 1.02 $ (.05) $ .07 $ .25 $ .07 Total assets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $10,527.3 $6,735.0 $5,336.8 $3,405.5 $2,921.9 Revenue earning vehicle debt. . . . $ 4,172.1 $3,380.4 $2,961.2 $1,829.2 $1,509.1 Long-term debt, net of current maturities. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 370.9 $ 393.6 $ 329.7 $ 298.9 $ 265.2 Shareholders’ equity . . . . . . . . . . . $ 3,484.3 $1,413.0 $ 772.8 $ 425.8 $ 368.2 See Notes 2, 4, 6, 10 and 11 of Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements for discussion of business combinations, notes payable and long-term debt, shareholders’ equity, restructuring and other charges and discontinued operations and their effect on comparability of year-to-year data. TOTAL ASSETS REVENUE SHAREHOLDERS’ EQUITY ($ in millions) ($ in millions) ($ in millions) $12,000 $12000 $3600 3,484 10,52 10,306 9,000 9000 2700 6,735 6,095 6,000 6000 1800 5,337 1,413 4,527 3,377 3,406 2,922 2,695 3,000 3000 900 773 426 368 0 0 0 1993 1994 1995 1997 1996 1993 1994 1995 1997 1996 1993 1994 1995 1997 1996 Source: Republic Industries, Inc., 1997 Source: Republic Industries, Inc., 1997 Source: Republic Industries, Inc., 1997
  2. 2. 2 A Message from Management same time, we merged our dealerships and used car megastores into a single “Automotive Retail” division, and in the process we enlarged our automotive Dear Fellow Shareholder: “family” to include more than 50 of the most In this space last year, we told you that Republic successful vehicle dealers in America. Every one of Industries would “continue to expand in exciting these dealers plays a key role in our success. Also ways” during 1997. As it turns out, that may have been during 1997, we opened 18 additional AutoNation an understatement. The growth that your company USA used vehicle megastores, bringing the total experienced in 1997 was nothing short of dramatic. number of megastores in operation to 25. And early During the year, revenue increased to $10.3 billion in 1998, we opened our 26th AutoNation USA compared to the $2.3 billion we reported in our 1996 megastore. annual report. Net income increased to $300 million, In our automotive rental division, Republic’s 1997 or seventy cents per share, excluding non-recurring acquisitions of the National, Snappy, Spirit, Value, gains and charges. And while we closed 1996 with and EuroDollar vehicle rental companies, combined only one franchised vehicle dealership, by the end with the earlier acquisition of Alamo Rent-A-Car, of 1997, Republic had become America’s largest established us as one of the leading vehicle rental automotive retailer, with more than 270 franchised companies in the world. vehicle dealerships owned or under contract. At the From left to right: Steven R. Berrard, President & Co-Chief Executive Officer, Harris W. Hudson, Vice Chairman & H. Wayne Huizenga, Chairman of the Board & Co-Chief Executive Officer.
  3. 3. or family use, or to replace a vehicle that is being In the solid waste segment, strategic acquisitions repaired. At the same time, Republic is making and strong internal growth propelled Republic a significant investment in upgrading the into the leading ranks of solid waste companies in computerized reservation systems of its vehicle America. Major waste acquisitions during the year rental companies. These system improvements included Taormina Industries in California, Silver will enable improved fleet coordination among State Disposal Services in Nevada, National Serv-All all of our vehicle rental companies. in Indiana and AAA Disposal Services/Rainbow In its solid waste segment, Republic’s strategy Industries in Virginia. is to grow revenue and earnings through internal One of the most significant milestones of the sources and strategic acquisitions. We believe the year is the fact that we grew from fewer than move toward consolidation in solid waste will 5,000 employees at the end of 1996, to more than continue and that Republic will play an important 50,000 employees by the end of 1997. role in this trend. We are also leveraging our scale Notwithstanding the significant operational and to achieve operating efficiencies and to improve financial gains during the year, Republic’s stock price margins in existing operations. for much of 1997 did not reflect our achievements. Also during 1997, Republic Industries welcomed This was a major disappointment, especially since Robert Brown, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer the fundamentals of our businesses are sound and of B&C Associates, Inc., to your Board of Directors. the consensus for the future is bright. The consensus Mr. Brown brings more than 35 years of management analysts’ estimate for 1998 is for a nearly 80 percent experience to his post. His company helped pioneer increase in revenue to $18 billion and full-year the field of social and public responsibility. earnings per share of $1.20 – an increase of more 1997 was indeed a year of tremendous growth than 70 percent versus 1997. Our main mission in for your company. Our automotive retail division 1998 is to do our best to ensure that our businesses became the largest vehicle retailer in the country. produce these results. We believe that this kind Our vehicle rental division became one of the largest of continued strong financial performance will be automotive rental companies in America. And our reflected in the stock price. solid waste division joined the ranks of the nation’s And what is our strategy for achieving these largest waste companies. We look forward to your results? In the automotive retail segment, Republic support as we continue to grow in the years to come. seeks to become America’s leading retailer of transportation products and services. To do this, Sincerely, we have assembled an unparalleled network of franchised dealerships and used car megastores. Experienced dealers manage these operations. Working in retail districts, they are eliminating inefficiencies and lowering costs. And by cooperating on such key business drivers as inventory management, marketing, advertising, sales, service, and management, our dealer partners are helping Republic become the H. Wayne Huizenga low cost provider of new and used vehicles wherever Chairman & Co-Chief Executive Officer we compete – improving margins and building customers for life in the process. In the vehicle rental segment, Republic is leveraging the equity of its brand names to improve its business in three areas: business, leisure and local/replacement rentals. In the business rental arena, National has made significant improvements in its customer Steven R. Berrard service record. This progress was confirmed recently President & Co-Chief Executive Officer by a J.D. Power survey in which National tied with Hertz and Avis for first place in an annual measurement of customer satisfaction. On the leisure side, Alamo remains a leading provider of rental vehicles at many of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. And in the local/replacement rental category, Republic has Harris W. Hudson launched the CarTemps USA™ brand to serve Vice Chairman & customers who want to rent a vehicle for personal Chairman Republic Solid Waste Division
  4. 4. 4 The U.S. Auto Industry: 100 dealership groups in the DECLINE IN THE NUMBER OF DEALERSHIPS United States have a combined (in thousands) A Trillion Dollar Opportunity market share of less than 30 29.6 27.9 The U.S. vehicle retail and vehicle rental 10 percent of a $700 billion 24.7 24.8 25 22.6 industry – defined as new and used vehicle retailing, market. Republic enjoys the 20 vehicle rentals, parts and service, and vehicle finance – largest share at slightly more accounts for more than $1.3 trillion in annual 15 than one percent. Further, revenue, making it one of the largest industries in these 100 dealership groups 10 America. Beyond its size, the vehicle retail and account for no more than 5 vehicle rental industry is undergoing dramatic roughly five percent of total 0 changes, as market forces drive greater operating dealerships in the United 1975 1980 1985 1990 1997 efficiencies, higher consumer satisfaction and stronger States, underscoring the Source: National Automobile Dealers Association brand presence. A highly fragmented market with fragmented state of automotive retailing. In all, there excess costs, disgruntled consumers and no strong are more than 22,000 franchised dealerships in the national retail brand translates into “the trillion United States today, down from more than 36,000 in 1960. dollar opportunity” – an opportunity that Republic To further illustrate this fragmentation, compare Industries is uniquely positioned to develop. the automotive retail industry to the consumer electronics industry, where the top 10 players have 1997 DOMESTIC AUTOMOTIVE MARKET a combined 60 percent share; or to the home ($ in billions) improvement industry, where the top 10 companies account for 40 percent of the Retail Rental Finance Parts/ VALUE OF VEHICLE market. In short, despite the $16 $459 Service SALES TRANSACTIONS $189 ($ in billions) rapid growth of Republic, New Used Vehicles Vehicles automotive retailing in the $800 $330 $370 688 700 United States remains a 700 660 366 370 627 363 600 very fragmented business. 342 527 500 279 With fragmentation $1.3 Trillion Opportunity comes significant inefficiencies 400 Source: National Automobile Dealers Association 300 322 330 that increase the price that 297 285 200 248 The challenge for Republic is to use its financial consumers pay for a vehicle. 100 resources, operating expertise, marketing skills According to industry statistics, 0 and vast retailing experience to achieve its goal as much as 30 percent of a 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 of becoming the nation’s leading retail provider USED VEHICLES NEW VEHICLES vehicle’s selling price is tied Source: National Automobile Dealers Association of automotive transportation and related services. up in distribution costs. Clearly, Republic participates in every segment of the the potential to provide greater value to consumers by automotive retail industry, positioning itself as reducing costs through consolidation and operating the “total transportation solution” to its customers’ efficiencies is significant. Considering that today’s needs. Our broad-based participation will allow us average price of a new vehicle is nearly $23,000, to take a total life-cycle approach to each vehicle. which most Americans cannot afford, it’s not Using this strategy, we look at each vehicle as an surprising that alternatives to traditional automotive asset whose value can be maximized through retailing, such as buying services and the internet, have multiple transactions throughout its useful life. developed quickly. A fragmented and inefficient industry has Automotive Retail: A Fragmented Industry translated into a fickle and unsatisfied consumer. Many customers never return to the same dealership The automotive retail business is highly for service, much less to buy another vehicle. fragmented. According to industry data, the top
  5. 5. in other ways. According to industry estimates, DEALERSHIP PROFIT BY DEPARTMENT approximately 30 percent of the total number of 1985 1997 New used vehicle sales are made through classified ads Parts & Vehicle Service Sales 57% and casual private transactions between 77% Used individuals. In addition, more than two-thirds of Vehicle Sales 7% consumers do not like negotiating price and 15 percent pay someone else to do the negotiating. New Parts & Vehicle Service Sales 16% 14% Used Vehicle Rental: Continuing Opportunities Vehicle Sales 29% The U.S. vehicle rental business has undergone Source: National Automobile Dealers Association a dramatic transformation in a short time. Whereas A recent New York Times survey found that only many rental companies were once owned and used 14 percent of automotive consumers are satisfied by auto manufacturers to dispose of vehicles that with their buying experience, and a University of could not be sold at retail, vehicle rental companies Maryland study said that consumers would rather today are owned primarily by companies working to visit a dentist than a vehicle dealer. maximize revenue and profitability. Given the great number of dealerships and Revenue in the vehicle rental business is expected the low levels of consumer satisfaction, it is also not to grow at a healthy rate through DOMESTIC VEHICLE surprising that there is little retail brand equity in the remainder of the decade, RENTAL REVENUE the dealer community. The marketing opportunity GROWTH ($ in billions) and analysts expect the based on this consumer dissatisfaction is to build a 16.4 industry to grow to $20 billion $16 retail brand that consumers know and trust. This is 14.6 by the end of the year 2000. 13.0 12.7 what Republic is doing with its AutoNation USA brand. Republic is well 12 11.1 Republic believes the consolidation trend in the positioned to become a major franchised vehicle dealership segment will continue, player in the vehicle rental 8 given the auto manufacturers’ increasing recognition industry, with National Car that their dealership networks are too large. Republic 4 Rental as its primary business is in the vanguard of this consolidation process. brand, Alamo Rent-A-Car as Used Vehicles: A Booming Consumer Market 0 the main brand for leisure 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 travelers, and CarTemps USA Source: Auto Rental News Over the last decade, the used vehicle market as its new brand in the local/replacement rental has performed even better than the new vehicle business – a market segment that serves consumers retail market, with revenue increasing at a six percent whose own vehicles are being repaired or replaced. annual rate. Also, used vehicle margins are generally In summary, this is the U.S. vehicle higher than those for new vehicles. retail and vehicle rental Growth in the used vehicle market has been industry today: a huge, yet 1997 DOMESTIC RENTAL spurred by the increasing price of new vehicles, the VEHICLE FLEETS fragmented market under- availability of a range of financing options, and (in thousands) 310 going dynamic change in an improved vehicle quality. The result is that the used 300 effort to deliver increased vehicle market has become a primary profit maker 250 consumer value while for many franchised vehicle dealerships. 200 200 eliminating unnecessary American consumers are generally as unhappy 125 costs and achieving greater with their used vehicle buying experiences as they 100 profitability. It is a market are with their new vehicle buying experience. They looking for what Republic are often dissatisfied with the service, pricing and 0 Industries is uniquely quality offered by traditional vehicle dealers. Their BUDGET AVIS HERTZ REPUBLIC positioned to provide. dissatisfaction has caused them to seek used vehicles Source: Auto Rental News
  6. 6. 6 The District Model: Delivering this promise will move Republic toward its objective of building “customers for life.” Greater Consumer Value Each district is managed by an experienced During 1997, Republic merged its franchised automotive retailer familiar with the given market, vehicle dealerships and used vehicle megastores providing Republic with the opportunity to into a single division. The company also established leverage his or her local knowledge. a network of automotive retail districts for operating The district model is designed to deliver these combined businesses. Republic expects the consumer benefits by leveraging economies of scale results of these actions to include significantly to lower advertising costs, and to achieve discounts enhanced operating efficiencies. A major goal of on parts and supply buying, insurance and other every retail district is to ensure that Republic is administrative expenses. We believe these savings consistently the low cost provider. Making good on and other efficiencies will position Republic as the South Florida
  7. 7. low cost provider for both new and used vehicles. that will be implemented across the district Coupled with our efforts to build services that drive and which will ultimately be applied throughout customer satisfaction, our district model provides AutoNation USA. a way for Republic to leverage the talents and In addition, retailers in each district are thousands of years of collective experience of working together to share “best practices,” so that its world-class automotive retailers. customers will enjoy a similar vehicle buying Then there are the benefits of having experienced experience when they come to any Republic automotive people working together to make local franchised vehicle dealership or used vehicle market decisions. This wealth of talent is every bit megastore. These best practices run the spectrum, as important an asset as the vehicles we sell, finance, from the most efficient way to manage inventory, rent and repair. Automotive retailers in each district to those programs and policies that best deliver on are developing customer-friendly operating standards customer satisfaction.
  8. 8. 8 Another benefit of the district model is that the reflects the consumer-buying patterns of each AutoNation USA used vehicle megastores will also specific market. benefit from the inventory generated by Republic’s In time, Republic will build the brand equity network of high-quality franchised vehicle dealerships of the AutoNation USA name so that it spans our that sell over 35 different vehicle brands. Republic is entire automotive retail division, making AutoNation developing an inventory management system that will USA the first truly national, broad-based retail enable it to track and move inventory in each district, automotive brand in the United States. AutoNation based on the needs of consumers and the individual USA provides customers with a consistently high- vehicle dealerships and used vehicle megastores in quality vehicle buying experience, no matter which that district. The objective is to ensure that the Republic outlet they visit. This is basic to building vehicle inventory in our megastores and dealerships the kind of brand equity that will differentiate
  9. 9. AutoNation USA from the competition. We deliver a variety of benefits to all of our AUTOMOTIVE RETAIL DISTRICTS customers: a convenient, comfortable atmosphere in which to shop; fair, honest service; a range of vehicles and price points to choose from; an equally broad range of financing alternatives and access to a growing range of benefits that come from being a “citizen” of AutoNation USA. These benefits should translate into the lifelong relationship with customers 276 Franchise Dealerships that is the cornerstone of our strategy. 30 So. California 28 South Texas 9 Southwest 17 North Texas 31 Denver 33 Northeast 18 Northwest 35 South Florida 32 Southeast 43 North Florida
  10. 10. 10 Buying A Used Vehicle: buy a used vehicle and backs it up with no-haggle prices, a large and broad selection of high quality AutoNation USA Makes It Easy vehicles, customer-friendly sales assistance, a 99-day For many people, buying a used vehicle is one limited warranty and a seven-day money back of life’s truly unpleasant experiences. Poor service, guarantee. AutoNation USA’s goal is to offer the lowest limited selection and a lack of convenience are priced, highest quality used vehicles, supplemented by hallmarks of the traditional used vehicle buying a package of “citizenship” benefits that create even experience. The process is ripe for change. more value in the relationship with our customers. Republic’s AutoNation USA used vehicle Citizens of AutoNation USA receive a “passport,” megastores are helping to drive this change. which entitles them to several benefits, including one AutoNation USA “makes it easy” for consumers to year of free 24-hour roadside assistance and discounts Coconut Creek, Florida
  11. 11. on automotive merchandise at AutoGear accessory shops within the AutoNation USA megastores. We are exploring additional services that would make passport citizenship even more valuable, including access to service and repair work and discounts on rental vehicles from Republic’s vehicle rental companies. From the moment a customer sets foot in an AutoNation USA megastore, he or she knows that they are in an environment very different from the usual. Everything – from the open, customer-friendly store layout to the spacious outdoor display areas, to
  12. 12. 12 the indoor play centers for kids to the coffee bar/cafe forms of binding agreements. – conveys comfort, convenience and friendliness In addition, we intend to drive additional to the consumer. revenue and earnings through expansion of our In 1997, Republic opened 18 new AutoNation captive finance subsidiary. AutoNation USA’s USA megastores, bringing the total number of finance arm will provide a strong competitive megastores to 25 at year’s end. Republic opened its advantage over traditional vehicle dealers by 26th AutoNation USA megastore in early 1998. offering special financing terms and innovative This greater critical mass enables the company financial products to AutoNation USA buyers. to begin building a national automotive retail brand. In 1998, AutoNation USA will also benefit The sites necessary for additional future expansion greatly from the district model concept, especially as have been identified and most are under various it relates to the sourcing of quality used vehicles. Our
  13. 13. goal for 1999 is to obtain the majority of AUTONATION USA MEGASTORES AutoNation USA’s used vehicles from internal sources.This will give Republic a clear and sustainable competitive advantage versus competitors. AutoNation USA will continue to build on its consumer-friendly positioning while adding new customer benefits and new locations. In doing so, it will improve the used vehicle buying process and it will build the value of its brand franchise. AutoNation USA Megastores – 26 Reconditioning Centers – 7
  14. 14. 14 Republic Vehicle Rental Division: have integrated all of these rental companies into a single division, to take full advantage of group Building on Momentum purchasing opportunities and administrative efficiencies. During 1997, Republic became the largest This is expected to drive down costs and improve on-airport vehicle rental company in America, as margins. Our ability to manage costs make the measured by fleet size. As such, the company is prospects for increases in vehicle rental profitability well positioned to take full advantage of the changes extremely bright. that are driving dramatic growth and expansion Republic’s National Car Rental brand is a leader in the vehicle rental market. in the business travel market, while Alamo Rent-A-Car Republic acquired six different vehicle rental has a similar position in the leisure market. Because brands in the past 18 months, including Alamo National rents most of its vehicles during the week Rent-A-Car and National Car Rental System. We and Alamo is busiest on weekends, we are looking to Newark, New Jersey
  15. 15. take advantage of opportunities in markets that will accommodate customers, National built more result in better fleet utilization and more profitable, than 200 additional exits over the past year to allow productive use of each rental vehicle. At the moment, customers to leave rental locations with a minimum sharing of fleet between the two companies is on a small of time and hassle. This and other customer service scale, focusing primarily on special-purpose vehicles. enhancements led to National tying for first place in By early 1999, however, this program should expand the 1998 J.D. Power Domestic Rental Car Customer to involve the division’s entire fleet of vehicles. Republic is also working hard to improve existing business processes in its vehicle rental companies. For example, the success of National’s Emerald Aisle “pick your own” vehicle approach significantly increased the speed of the rental process. To
  16. 16. 16 Satisfaction Survey, and leading in three of the five number two in this market, with $200 million in revenue. customer service categories. At Alamo, a focus on In the future, there is room for significant growth improving fleet utilization, greater attention to through geographic expansion, further development customer service and a new marketing and of strong relationships with insurance companies and advertising campaign are driving significant leveraging our franchised vehicle dealerships as operation improvements. additional sources of local/replacement rental business. Republic also entered the local/replacement We plan to expand our local/replacement rental rental market with the acquisitions of Spirit Rent-A- business by opening new locations across the country Car and Snappy Car Rental. The company is building and by installing local/replacement rental locations at a national presence in this market under the banner our franchised dealership locations and at AutoNation of CarTemps USA. Today, CarTemps USA is a distant USA megastores. This will give Republic additional Los Angeles, California
  17. 17. outlets for this business, increasing our prospects for It’s what a company does with its size that determines growth in this very attractive market. success. Republic intends to use its market presence In the international arena, Republic acquired and scale in the vehicle rental market to achieve U.K.-based EuroDollar Holdings plc, the second efficiencies and levels of customer satisfaction largest rental vehicle company in the U.K., with 110 not otherwise possible. branches throughout the U.K. and a substantial presence in the corporate rental vehicle market. Republic has subsequently rebranded EuroDollar operations as National Car Rental, a platform for building a pan-European rental business. Being the largest in any market is not enough.
  18. 18. 18 Republic Waste: Building Critical fourth largest waste company. But with revenue of more than $1 billion, we have approximately a three percent Mass and Sticking to the Basics market share in an industry where only five companies Republic’s solid waste operations are a perfect generate more than $200 million in annual revenue. complement to its auto-related businesses, historically Republic’s strategy is to acquire well-managed, providing strong cash flow and high margins from highly profitable businesses, combine them with a predictable, non-cyclical business. existing operations to create critical mass in key Like the vehicle retail business, the waste markets, and allow local managers to run the business is a fragmented market with inherent businesses. Major acquisitions in 1997 included Silver inefficiencies that can be made more profitable State Disposal in Las Vegas, Nevada and Taormina through consolidation and identification of operating Industries in southern California. Republic’s recent and financial synergies. Republic is now the nation’s waste company acquisitions also include “tuck ins” – Las Vegas, Nevada
  19. 19. smaller waste haulers that add capacity and geographic through these regions, and is providing strong breadth to our existing markets. In Los Angeles, top-line growth. for example, we folded six different companies Republic Waste is sticking to the basic business into one company at one location, resulting in of collecting, hauling and disposal of solid waste, considerable savings in real estate, administration, steering clear of hazardous waste and environmental and fleet utilization. clean-up. At the same time, we are focused on adding Republic has divided its waste business into landfill capacity to further strengthen our operations. four geographic regions, in an effort to gain further Republic Waste’s goal is very simple: pick operating efficiencies. This divisional approach has up more garbage in more locations, and do it more enabled us to reduce truck fleet size and eliminate efficiently than anyone else. We expect that our landfill equipment, delivering dollars to the bottom “sticking with the basics” strategy will help line. Our sales force – more than 250 strong – reports achieve this goal.
  20. 20. Financial Review and Analysis Page Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Consolidated Balance Sheets as of December 31, 1997 and 1996. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Consolidated Statements of Operations for Each of the Three Years Ended December 31, 1997 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Consolidated Statements of Shareholders’ Equity for Each of the Three Years Ended December 31, 1997 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows for Each of the Three Years Ended December 31, 1997 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Report of Independent Certified Public Accountants . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 20
  21. 21. If you are interested in a new or used vehicle, visit one of our locations. Franchised Automotive Dealerships Alabama Jacksonville, Orange Park Toyota, Mike Shad Tennessee Ford, Mike Shad Chrysler-Plymouth/ Birmingham, Hoover Toyota Knoxville, West Side Honda Jeep-Eagle, Sunrise Nissan of Jacksonville Mobile, Lexus of Mobile, Springhill Toyota, Memphis, Courtesy Honda, Covington Pike Kissimmee, Courtesy Suzuki Treadwell Ford, Treadwell Honda Honda, Dobbs Bros. Lexus, Dobbs Bros. Mazda/ Lake Park, Wallace Lincoln-Mercury Buick/Mitsubishi, Dobbs Bros. Pontiac-GMC, Pell City, Miller – Sutherlin Automotive Longwood, Courtesy Pontiac-GMC, Courtesy Dobbs Ford (Chevrolet/ Chrysler-Plymouth/Jeep- Suzuki, Courtesy’s Magic Isuzu, Courtesy Kia, Eagle/Pontiac) Texas Don Mealey Acura Arizona Margate, Mullinax Ford South Arlington, Bledsoe Dodge Miami, Anthony Abraham Chevrolet, Phoenix, Bell Dodge, Lou Grubb Chevrolet Corpus Christi, Padre Ford, Port City Imports Sunshine Ford, Miami Honda, Central (Honda/Jaguar/Hyundai/Volvo), Port City Scottsdale, Lou Grubb Ford Hyundai/Kia, Kendall Toyota, Kendall Kia, Pontiac-GMC Tempe, Tempe Toyota Lexus of Kendall, Maroone Dodge Dallas, Bankston Lincoln-Mercury/Saab, Tucson, Dobbs Honda Orange Park, Sunrise Nissan of Orange Park Bankston Nissan of Dallas, Bledsoe Dodge – California North, Bledsoe Dodge Orlando, Courtesy Suzuki/South, Courtesy Acura, Don Mealey Chevrolet, Don Mealey Mitsubishi, Frisco, Bankston Ford of Frisco Anaheim, Anaheim Mazda/Pontiac/Buick World Chevrolet Ft. Worth, Charlie Hillard Ford, Lexus of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills Ford, Infiniti Panama City, Cook-Whitehead Ford Ft. Worth, Charlie Hillard Buick, Charlie of Beverly Hills Hillard Mazda Pembroke Pines, Maroone Chevrolet, Buena Park, Lew Webb’s Toyota of Buena Park Maroone Oldsmobile/Isuzu Houston, Charlie Thomas Ford, Charlie Thomas Cerritos, Lexus of Cerritos, Toyota of Cerritos, Chrysler-Plymouth/Jeep-Eagle/Hyundai/Isuzu, Pinellas Park, Sutherlin Toyota Buick Mart Charlie Thomas Acura, Charlie Thomas Pompano, Maroone Dodge Pompano Costa Mesa, Costa Mesa Infiniti, Chevrolet/Mitsubishi, Charlie Thomas’ Costa Mesa Honda Port Richey, Coastal Cadillac Intercontinental BMW, Charlie Thomas’ Cupertino, Anderson Chevrolet, Sanford, Don Mealey Cadillac/Oldsmobile, Intercontinental Mercedes-Benz, Barney Anderson Chrysler-Plymouth Don Mealey’s Seminole Ford, Royal Jeep-Eagle/ Garver Motors (Land Rover/Mazda/ Chrysler-Plymouth Fremont, Anderson Lexus Volkswagen), Mike Hall Chevrolet, Texan St. Petersburg, Carlisle Ford Garden Grove, Lew Webb’s Ford Lincoln-Mercury/Isuzu, Champion Ford Stuart, Wallace Stuart Lincoln-Mercury, Irvine, Lew Webb’s Irvine Nissan, Humble, Charlie Thomas Mazda/Hyundai Wallace Stuart Mitsubishi Lew Webb’s Irvine Toyota, Irvine Volvo Irving, Bankston Nissan of Irving Tallahassee, Tallahassee Chrysler-Plymouth, Los Gatos, Anderson Chevrolet Katy, Texan Ford Tallahassee Mitsubishi,Tallahassee Motors (Ford) Manhattan Beach, Manhattan Ford, Lewisville, Bankston Nissan of Lewisville Tampa, Anthony Abraham Chevrolet, Manhattan Toyota, Champion Chevrolet Midland, Jack Sherman Chevrolet, Jack Lexus of Tampa Bay Menlo Park, Anderson Chevrolet, Sherman Buick, Jack Sherman Mazda Anderson Cadillac/Oldsmobile Georgia Washington Newport Beach, Newport Auto Center Douglasville, Sutherlin Imports (Honda) (Rolls Royce/Porsche/Audi/Chevrolet) Bellevue, BMW of Bellevue Lithia Springs, Sutherlin Chrysler- Palo Alto, Anderson Honda/Isuzu Spokane, Appleway Chevrolet, Appleway Plymouth/Jeep-Eagle, Sutherlin Nissan Redlands, Redlands Ford Mazda/Subaru/VW/Audi, Lexus of Spokane, of Lithia Springs Redondo Beach, Land Rover South Bay Appleway Toyota, Appleway Mitsubishi Marietta, Chuck Clancy Ford of Marietta, Santa Monica, Infiniti of Santa Monica Sutherlin Nissan of Marietta Torrance, South Bay Autohaus (Mercedes- Tucker, Hub Ford AutoNation USA Megastores Benz), South Bay Volvo, Torrance Nissan Union City, Gene Evans Ford Valencia, Magic Ford,Valencia Lincoln-Mercury Arizona Illinois Colorado Chandler, Arizona Libertyville, Libertyville Toyota Aurora, Emich Lincoln-Mercury, Inc. California Michigan Boulder, Marshall Ford/Kia, Marshall Irvine, California Lincoln-Mercury/Mazda Taylor, Taylor Jeep-Eagle Florida Denver, Chesrown Chevrolet, Chesrown’s Nevada SW Dodge, John Elway Ford Clearwater (St. Petersburg) Henderson, Desert Valley Buick/Pontiac-GMC Englewood, Emich Buick/Pontiac-GMC/Subaru, Coconut Creek Emich Chrysler-Plymouth, John Elway Nissan, Las Vegas, Desert Buick GMC, Jacksonville John Elway Toyota Desert Lincoln-Mercury Pembroke Pines Perrine Federal Heights, John Elway Nissan New Jersey Sanford (Orlando) Golden, Emich Oldsmobile, Emich Subaru Flemington, Flemington Ford/Lincoln-Mercury, Tampa West, Emich Chrysler-Plymouth/Jeep-Eagle/ Flemington Nissan, Flemington Porsche/Audi/ Lamborghini Georgia VW/BMW, Flemington Circle Buick/GMC/ Lakewood, Emich Mitsubishi Alpharetta (N. Atlanta) Chevy/Isuzu, Flemington Infiniti, Flemington Littleton, Emich Dodge Morrow (S. Atlanta) Pontiac/Subaru, Flemington Mitsubishi, Westminster, John Elway Mazda/ Stone Mountain Flemington Chrysler-Plymouth/ Dodge/ Oldsmobile/Hyundai, John Elway Honda Jeep-Eagle/Mazda Indiana Wheatridge, Chesrown’s Friendly Ford Lebanon, Hunterdon BMW Fishers (Indianapolis) Princeton, Princeton Nassau Ford/Lincoln- Florida Michigan Mercury/Audi, Land Rover Princeton Belle Glade, Steve Moore Chevrolet/ Canton Cadillac/Buick/Oldsmobile/Pontiac New York Sterling Heights (Detroit) Bradenton, Bill Graham Ford Williamsville, Al Maroone Ford Brooksville, Jim Quinlan Ford/Lincoln-Mercury Nevada North Carolina Casselbury, Courtesy Buick Henderson (Las Vegas) Charlotte, Superior Nissan Clearwater, Carlisle Lincoln-Mercury, Lexus of Ohio Clearwater, Jim Quinlan Chevrolet, Jim Quinlan Ohio Nissan, Carlisle Dodge, Lokey Honda/Isuzu Beavercreek (Dayton) Amherst, Ed Mullinax Ford Forest Park (Cincinnati) Coconut Creek, Maroone Chrysler-Plymouth/ Brunswick, Mullinax Lincoln-Mercury Jeep-Eagle Texas Mayfield, Mullinax Lincoln-Mercury of Delray Beach, Steve Moore Chevrolet Delray, Dallas Mayfield, Mullinax Jeep-Eagle of Mayfield Wallace Ford, Wallace Nissan, Wallace Dodge Grand Prairie North Canton, Mullinax Ford North Canton Ft. Lauderdale, Maroone Chevrolet, Houston, South Westlake, John Lance Ford Maroone Ford, Star Motors (Mercedes-Benz) Houston, North Wickliffe, Mullinax Ford East Greenacres, Steve Moore Chevrolet Irving Hollywood, Maroone Nissan, Hollywood Lewisville South Carolina Honda, Hollywood Kia San Antonio Charleston, West Ashley Toyota, Northside Nissan Stafford 57 List includes transactions that are closed and/or under contract.
  22. 22. Republic Waste Georgia Fort Wayne, National Serv-All, Inc., United Refuse Alpharetta, United Waste Service, Inc. Greenfield, Fisk Sanitation Service, Inc. Division Companies Brunswick, Southland Waste Systems of Georgia, Inc. Mt. Vernon, Springfield Environmental, Inc. Clarksville, United Waste Service, Inc. Terre Haute, Jamax Corporation,Terre Haute College Park, GDS, Inc. Arizona Recycling, Inc.,Victory Environmental Services, Inc. Griffin, Pine Ridge Recycling Page, PSI Waste Systems Wabash, Wabash Valley Landfill Company, LTD Jesup, Broadhurst Environmental, Inc. Yuma, Suburban Sanitation Svcs Kentucky Kathleen, Sullivan Environmental Services, Inc. California Lawrenceville, United Rubber Recycling Ashland, Green Valley Environmental Anaheim, Taormina Industries, Inc. Mableton, United Waste Service, Inc. Barlow, Bluegrass Recycling & Transfer Company Anderson, Anderson Solid Waste, Inc. Macon, Mid-State Environmental, Inc., Riggins Beaver Dam, Ohio County Balefill, Inc. Mill Road Transfer Station, Southland Waste of Imperial, Suburban Sanitation Svcs Bowling Green, Monarch Environmental, Inc. Georgia, Inc., Swift Creek Environmental, Inc. Long Beach, Consolidated Waste Svcs Burlington, CSI of Northern Kentucky McRae, Sullivan Environmental Services, Inc. Ventura, Rubbish Control, Inc. Harrodsburg, Mercer County Transfer Station Milledgeville, Sinclair Disposal Services, Inc. Hopkinsville, City of Hopkinsville T.S. Florida Richmond Hill, Sullivan Environmental Services, Inc. Lexington, Blue Grass Waste Alliance Deland, CWI of FLA, Inc. Swainsboro, Sullivan Environmental Services, Inc. Mayfield, Commercial Waste Disposal Ft. Lauderdale, All Service Refuse Company, Inc., Vidalia, Sullivan Environmental Services, Inc. Morganfield, Dozit Company, Inc. Envirocycle, Inc., Southland Information Destruction Waycross, Southland Waste Systems of Ware Co., Inc. Nicholasville, M & M Sanitation Green Cove Springs, Southland Waste Systems Winder, Oak Grove Landfill, United Waste Owensboro, Daviess County Solid Waste, of Clay Service, Inc. CSI of Western Kentucky Hudson, Seaside Sanitation Idaho Paducah, CWI of Kentucky-Paducah Transfer Station Jacksonville, Southland Environmental Services, Inc. Princeton, Collection Services, Inc. Ketchum, Wood River Rubbish Company, Inc. Lakeland, Florida Refuse Service, Inc. Russell Springs, Russell County Transfer Station Twin Falls, PSI Waste Systems Niceville, Gulf Coast Waste Service, Inc. Stanford, Tri-K Landfill, Inc. Orlando, CWI of FLA, Inc., Southland Illinois Williamstown, Epperson Waste Disposal, Inc. Information Destruction Desoto, Southern Illinois Regional Landfill Sebring, Reliable Sanitation, Inc. Maine Marion, Marion Transfer Station St. Augustine, Nine Mile Road, Inc., Old Orchard Beach, Astro Waste Services Mt. Vernon, Mt.Vernon Transfer Station Seaboard Waste Systems, Inc. Sparta, Sparta Transfer Station Michigan St. Petersburg, Pinellas Environmental, Inc. Tampa, East Bay Sanitation Service, Inc. Indiana Birch Run, Tay Ban Corporation,Tri-County Refuse Service Vero Beach, Treasure Coast Refuse Corp. Anderson, Anderson Refuse Company, Inc. Hopkins, Compactor Rental Systems W. Palm Beach, Sunburst Sanitation Corp. Chesterton, Able Disposal South Haven, Reliable Disposal, Inc. Winter Garden, CWI of FLA, Inc. Anaheim, California 58
  23. 23. Stevensville, Reliable Disposal, Inc. Conover, GDS, Inc. Texas Three Oaks, Forest Lawn Landfill Greensboro, Upper Piedmont Environmental, Inc. Abiline, Charter Waste Hendersonville, GDS, Inc. Alpine, Wes Tex Waste Services, Inc. Mississippi Hickory, GDS, Inc. Arlington, Arlington Disposal Co. Inc., Grand Corinth, ASCO Sanitation Mill Spring, Burgess Refuse Removal Services, Inc. Prairie Disposal Co., JC Duncan Company, Inc., Missouri Morganton, GDS, Inc. Pantego Service Co., Inc. Mt. Gilead, Moore County Transfer, Uwharrie Avalon, CSC Disposal and Landfill, Inc. Jackson, CWI of Missouri, Inc Environmental, Inc., Richmond County Transfer Big Wells, RCLJ Construction, Inc. Kansas City, Environmental Specialists, Inc. Salisbury, National Tire Recyclers Campbell, Republic/ Malloy Landfill Potosi, CWI of Missouri, Inc, Gilliam Transfer, Inc. Shelby, Cleveland Container Service, Inc. & Sanitation, Inc. Ste. Genevieve, Continental Waste Industries Spindale, GDS, Inc., Waste Handling Systems, Inc. Conroe, Living Earth Technology Co. of Missouri, Inc Washington, Smithton Sanitation Dallas, Living Earth Technology Co. Nevada West Jefferson, Collection Service Co., Inc. Duncanville, Tos-It Service, Inc. Las Vegas, Silver State Disposal Services, Inc. Houston, Laughlin Environmental, Inc., Pennsylvania Living Earth Technology Co. New Hampshire West Chester, Area Container Services, Inc. Linn, C & T Landfill Brentwood, Astro Waste Services York, York Waste Disposal, Inc. Midland, Wes Tex Waste Services, Inc. Laconia, Astro Waste Services South Carolina Missouri City, Living Earth Technology Co. New Jersey Odessa, Charter Landfill Batesburg, United Rubber Recycling Pineland, Elliot's Agri-Service, Inc. New Brunswick, Mid-Co Burton, ECO Services of South Carolina, Inc. Plano, Living Earth Technology Co. South Plainfield, Statewide Environmental Greenville, Fennell Waste Systems, Inc. Richmond, Houston Organics, Living Earth Services, Inc Hilton Head, Hilton Head Disposal, Inc. Technology Co. Whitehouse Station, Raritan Valley N. Charleston, Fennell Container Company, Inc. San Angelo, TrashAway Services Co. Disposal/Recycling Summerville, Suburban Disposal Service, Inc. Stamford, Triple C Disposal Service, Inc. New York Tennessee Virginia Albany, Capital Waste & Recycling Clarksville, Dependable Disposal Chesapeake, Area Container Services, Inc. Rochester, Upstate Disposal Services Covington, Covington Waste Fairfax, AAA Disposal Services, Inc./Rainbow North Carolina McKenzie, McKenzie Transfer Station Industries, Inc. Memphis, Safety Lights, Inc. Angier, Peede Sanitation Costa Rica Nashville, AAA Disposal Services, Inc. Asheville, GDS, Inc. Paris, Paris Transfer Station Los Mangos, WPP/Continental De Costa Aulander, East Carolina Environmental, Inc. Union City, Barker Brothers Waste, Inc., Boone, GDS, Inc. Northwest Tenn Disposal Charlotte, GDS, Inc. 59
  24. 24. J.P. Bryan George D. Johnson, Jr. Board of Directors Chairman of the Board President & Chief Executive Officer H. Wayne Huizenga Torch Energy Advisors, Inc. Extended Stay America, Inc. Chairman of the Board (a company that manages energy- (an economy extended-stay & Co-Chief Executive Officer related institutional holdings) lodging chain) Steven R. Berrard Rick L. Burdick John J. Melk President Partner - Akin, Gump, Strauss, Chairman of the Board, & Co-Chief Executive Officer Hauer & Feld, L.L.P. (a law firm) President & Chief Executive Officer H2O Plus, Inc. Harris W. Hudson Michael G. DeGroote (a bath and skin product Vice Chairman of the Board Chairman & Chief Executive Officer manufacturer and distributor) & Chairman Republic Solid Waste Division Century Business Services, Inc. (a provider of professional business Robert J. Brown services and products) President & Chief Executive Officer B&C Associates, Inc. (a management consulting and public relations firm) 60 Directors, from left to right: John J. Melk, Rick L. Burdick, Robert J. Brown