wyeth Deutsche Bank 32nd Annual Health Care Conference


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wyeth Deutsche Bank 32nd Annual Health Care Conference

  1. 1. Deutsche Bank Health Care Conference Cavan M. Redmond Executive Vice President, General Manager BioPharma Business Unit May 3, 2007
  2. 2. Forward-Looking Statement The statements in this presentation that are not historical facts are forward- looking statements based on current expectations of future events that involve risks and uncertainties including, without limitation, risks associated with the inherent uncertainty of pharmaceutical research, product development, manufacturing, commercialization, economic conditions including interest and currency exchange rate fluctuations, the impact of competitive or generic products, product liability and other types of lawsuits, the impact of legislative and regulatory compliance and obtaining approvals, and patent, and other risks and uncertainties, including those detailed from time to time in Wyeth’s periodic reports, including quarterly reports on Form 10-Q and the annual report on Form 10- K, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Quarterly results, in particular, can vary due to issues which include, but are not limited to, changes in exchange rates, the timing of actions taken by the Company to ensure long-term improvements to our manufacturing processes, the timing of regulatory approval of new products and/or facilities and the timing of promotional programs. Actual results may vary materially from the forward-looking statements. The Company assumes no obligation to publicly update any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.
  3. 3. Biotechnology: Three Key Areas for Success Ability to Globally Commercialize Products Expertise in Process Development and Commercial Manufacturing Ability to Create a Sustainable Biotech R&D Pipeline
  4. 4. Biotech’s Unique Position in Healthcare Only 227 Commercial Biotech Products on the Market n Today The Top 10 Biotech Companies Accounted for 100 of n the 227 Biotech Products on the Market in 2006 Ex-US Markets Have Become Important Biotech n Markets Wyeth Has Two Top 20 Biotech Products: n 4Enbrel 4Prevnar
  5. 5. Biotech Industry – Top 10 Companies Wyeth Ranks 4th in Audited Sales MAT/12/2006 MAT/12/2006 Rank (000's) Total Biotech Industry $ 76,535,257 Top 10 Biotech Companies $ 54,302,797 AMGEN 1 $ 15,895,830 ROCHE 2 $ 13,342,857 JOHNSON & JOHNSON 3 $ 6,751,136 WYETH+ENBREL* 4 $ 6,275,683 NOVARTIS 5 $ 3,055,300 NOVO NORDISK 6 $ 3,041,482 GILEAD SCIENCES 7 $ 2,331,733 LILLY 8 $ 2,265,241 SANOFI-AVENTIS 9 $ 2,156,318 SCHERING-PLOUGH 10 $ 2,149,310 *Enbrel for North America included in both Wyeth and Amgen; however, industry number does not double count Enbrel. Source: Market Insights; IMS Quarterly Midas; Biotech industry based on definition by biotechnology industry organization, www.bio.org.
  6. 6. Wyeth is 3rd of Top 10 Pharma Companies in Biotech Audited Sales as a Percentage of the Business MAT/12/2006 MAT/12/2006 Percent Rank ('000's) Biotech Global Rx Industry $ 552,691,651 14% Global Biotech Industry $ 76,535,257 NA PFIZER 1 $ 45,061,752 2% GLAXOSMITHKLINE 2 $ 35,134,973 3% SANOFI-AVENTIS 3 $ 29,058,798 7% NOVARTIS 4 $ 28,826,878 11% ASTRAZENECA 5 $ 26,389,075 0% MERCK & CO 6 $ 24,734,873 1% JOHNSON & JOHNSON 7 $ 22,662,100 30% ROCHE 8 $ 21,371,780 62% WYETH+ENBREL+ALTACE* 9 $ 17,971,027 35% AMGEN 10 $ 15,992,680 99% ABBOTT 11 $ 15,912,513 13% *Enbrel for North America included in both Wyeth and Amgen; however, industry number does not double count Enbrel. Source: Market Insights; IMS Quarterly Midas; Biotech industry based on definition by Biotechnology Industry Organization, www.bio.org.
  7. 7. Wyeth Biotech Results 2007 1Q GROWTH Wyeth Biotech Worldwide Revenue 1Q07 vs. 1Q06 $1.7 Billion – 1Q2007 1Q07 + 39% Biotech Reported Solid Results for 1Q07
  8. 8. Wyeth Biotech – A Global Reach 2007 1Q Results Growth vs. 1Q06 Asia Pacific $83M 92% 92% Latin America $73M EMEA- EMEA - 45% 45% Canada 34% 34% $702M 16% 16% US Region $847M US EMEA Asia Latin Region CA Pacific America
  9. 9. Wyeth Biotech Net Revenue Results 2007 1Q Key Growth Drivers 49% 43% 33% 13% $617M $445M $177M $97M (Ex North America) Represents 1Q2007 Net Revenue and percentage increase compared with prior year. Infuse/Inductos (BMP) represents Net Revenue reported by Wyeth for US sales recorded by MSD.
  10. 10. Wyeth in Biotech: Global Growth Resulting in Two Products Reaching/Exceeding $3 Billion in 2010 Enbrel: $3 Billion Ex-US n 4Market Opportunities 4Geographic and Medical Expansion 4Unique Mechanism of Action With Extensive Safety/Efficacy Prevnar: Double Sales From 2005 to 2010 n 4Launches in New Countries 4National Immunization Programs
  11. 11. Enbrel – Second Largest Global Biotech Brand (Audited Sales) MAT/12/2006 MAT/12/2006 Rank ('000's) Selected Market $ 76,535,257 ARANESP 1 $ 4,964,712 ENBREL 2 $ 4,518,925 ERYPO 3 $ 3,661,877 REMICADE 4 $ 3,560,530 NEULASTA 5 $ 3,249,424 MABTHERA 6 $ 3,206,692 EPOGEN 7 $ 3,142,188 Enbrel Remains One of Top 10 Pharmaceutical Products Worldwide
  12. 12. Prevnar® Launched in 76 Countries Additional 9 Launches by 2008
  13. 13. National Immunization Programs Current NIPs Potential NIPs Netherlands Austria New Zealand United States n n n n Norway Denmark Portugal Australia n n n n Qatar Finland Saudi Arabia Canada n n n n Switzerland Hong Kong Singapore France n n n n United Kingdom Iceland South Korea Germany n n n n Mexico Ireland Spain Greece n n n n Italy Japan Sweden Kuwait n n n n Belgium Taiwan Costa Rica Luxembourg n n n n Total Birth Cohort ~10 Million Total Birth Cohort ~3 Million
  14. 14. Emerging Market Opportunities Private to Potential NIPs Private Markets Argentina Chile Peru n n n China Philippines Brazil n n n Colombia Ecuador Romania n n n Hungary Russia Czech Republic n n n Poland India South Africa n n n Indonesia Thailand Turkey n n n Uruguay Venezuela Malaysia n n n Pakistan n Total Birth Cohort ~58 Million Total Birth Cohort ~8 Million
  15. 15. Hemophilia Franchise: Driving New Innovation The Only Recombinant Factor Recombinant FVIII n n IX ReFacto AF n A New Formulation of n 4New Albumin-Free ReFacto BeneFIX Expected to Launch Mid-2007 4Manufactured Using No Human or Animal Products 4Key Additional Convenience 4Filed 2Q07 Devices to Meet Patient’s Needs Additional Convenience n Full European Rights Revert to Devices to Meet Patient’s n Wyeth in July 2007 Needs
  16. 16. BMP-2: Innovating Biotech & Devices INFUSE Sales Indications (As Reported by Medtronic) 2004: Open 2002: Spinal $700 Tibia Fracture Fusion + 30% 0% $600 ~5 : + 41% GR CA $500 $ mil + 102% $400 $300 $200 Revolutionary Product Meeting n Significant Medical Needs $100 Oral Maxillofacial Procedures n $0 4 Approved by FDA in March 2007 2003 2004 2005 2006 AMPLIFY for Posterolateral n Spinal Fusion 4 Submitted to and Accepted by FDA in Q1 2006
  17. 17. Algete, Spain Andover, MA Algete, Spain Andover, MA Grange Castle, Ireland Grange Castle, Ireland Pearl River, NY Sanford, NC Pearl River, NY Sanford, NC
  18. 18. Biology Over Stainless Steel Our Current Investments Are in Process n Standardization and Upstream/Downstream Process Efficiencies and Yields Upstream: Proprietary Position on Enhancing n Cell Culture Yields With Defined Media (2004) CHO Chip Scan 4 “Wyeth Recently Created a Cell Culture System That Can Generate 9 Grams of Protein Per Liter of Culture. Just Four Years Ago, the Standard Was 1 Gram Per Liter.” Nature Biotechnology, September 2006 We Are Focused on Further CHO Cell n Improvement Through Genetic and Metabolic Engineering (Gene Chip)
  19. 19. Changing the Paradigm of Biotech Manufacturing Capacity DOWNSTREAM: Proprietary n Position on Two-Column Purification for Mabs (2005) All Proprietary Processes n Incorporated Into Standardized Platform 4 Speed to IND and Launch 10 Metric Tons of Theoretical n Capacity From Standard Facilities 4 Or 1 Metric Ton X 4 Products - Sept 2006 ACS in SF Transforms the Thinking on n Cost Structure and Importance of Volumetric Capacity
  20. 20. A Robust Biotech Pipeline Contributing to Future Growth 1/3 of Current Pipeline Is Phase 0 Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Registration n Biotech and Vaccines Mylotarg ® – AML CME-548 Inotuzumab/ Bapineuzumab 13vPnC Infant Torisel™ AAB-002 (CMC-544) GAP-486 13vPnC Adult Combination of In-house ReFacto® AF TRU-015 (Onc) IMA-638 TRU-015 (RA) n IMA – 026 ILV-094 BMP-2 Inject. and In-licensing ILV-095 MnB Infant MYO-029 RAS -072 ACC-001 MnB Adolescent SBI -087 Broad Therapeutic n BLD-089 BMP-12 Coverage BHS-019 ACC-002 4 Immunology HIV Vaccine (4) Staph aureus 4 Vaccines 4 Oncology 4 Bone Growth Proteins 4 Neuroscience Vaccines 4 Hemophilia Our Discovery Pipeline Continues To Grow
  21. 21. Biotech at Wyeth – A Look At the Future 45% 45% 2010 33% 33% (est.) (est.) 14% 14% 2006 2000