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emerson electricl

  1. 1. [ 08 ] Emerson 2008 Emerson’s industry Industry-leading innovation by Emerson Climate Technologies is equally compelling. One of leadership provides a the most important issues of our time – for strong foundation for individuals, business owners and governments – is the environment, particularly the responsible growth as use of new use of energy. Emerson’s ability to pioneer refrigerants and efficiency compressor technology over the years has led to standards are mandated substantial increases in the efficiency of global residential and commercial air conditioning around the world in systems. In North America, for example, resi- the coming years. dential systems are more than 60 percent more efficient than they were two decades ago. These improvements equate to the power generated by 17 one-gigawatt power plants. As we continue to drive forward, Emerson Climate Technologies is partnering with refrig- eration and air conditioning manufacturers to phase out ozone-depleting, chlorine-based refrigerants for new systems in the United States by 2010. The latest generation of Copeland Residential systems are more than 60% more efficient than they were two decades ago. These improvements equate to the power generated by 17 one-gigawatt power plants.
  2. 2. Scroll compressors are engineered for optimum performance with today’s more environmen- tally responsible R-410A refrigerants while also providing the unmatched reliability that has become synonymous with Emerson. Superior technology and industry leadership provide a strong foundation for global growth as well. In China, Emerson is working closely with both government and industry to develop energy-efficiency standards for that country. We are also supplying the Chinese market with a wide range of energy-responsible solutions. Emerson engineers in Suzhou, China, for example, are designing and building next- generation Copeland Digital Scroll solutions to transform the Asian air conditioning market. At the same time, Emerson is working closely with local manufacturers to create more effective, efficient and environmentally friendly heating products for the half-billion people who live in China’s northern region. Climate change demands smart and pragmatic solutions …
  3. 3. A Powerful Force for Innovation [ 09 ] solutions that WorK for eVerYone. There are no simple answers to the world’s energy issues and needs. So as the innovators in Emerson Climate Technologies continue their quest for heating and cooling solutions that require less electricity and reduce global warming, they collaborate with engineers in other Emerson businesses to understand how motors, flow devices and controls impact the total system. At the same time, Emerson partners closely with customers, industries, governments and regulators to create practical and viable standards and solutions that all parties can follow to responsibly manage the world’s resources. Emerson leadership. For more information about Emerson Climate Technologies, visit www.EmersonClimate.com.