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8. _power_system_2012-13


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8. _power_system_2012-13

  1. 1. Modern Power System power@pantechmail.comSI.No Topics FieldPSMPS 1 Standalone Hybrid Wind-Solar Power Generation System Applying Dump Power Control Without Dump LoadPSMPS 2 Photovoltaic-grid integrated systemPSMPS 3 Current Control for Inverter-Interfaced Grid-Connected Photovoltaic GeneratorPSMPS 4 Control of Grid Connected Inverter System for Sinusoidal Current Injection with Improved PerformancePSMPS 5 Generalized UPQC system with an improved Control Method under Distorted and Unbalanced Load Conditions.PSMPS 6 Improving the Power Quality Performance for Distributed Power GenerationPSMPS 7 Multi Machine Power System Stability Enhancement Using Static Synchronous Series CompensatorPSMPS 8 Simulated Control System Design of a Multilevel STATCOM for Reactive Power STATCOM |SSSC |UPQC |RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES CompensationPSMPS 9 Modeling and Simulation of a Distribution STATCOM (D-STATCOM) for Power Quality Problems-Voltage Sag and Swell Based on Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation (SPWM)PSMPS 10 Analysis, Design and Control of a Unified Power-Quality Conditioner Based on a Current- Source TopologyPSMPS 11 Direct Power Control of Series Converter of Unified Power-Flow Controller With Three- Level Neutral Point Clamped ConverterPSMPS 12 A New Control Method of Wind Energy in Power System IEEE 2012PSMPS 13 Design a Unified Power Quality Conditioner using V2G TechnologyPSMPS 14 Fuzzy-based Static VAR Compensator Controller for Damping Power SystemPSMPS 15 Disturbances Control Method of the Transient Compensation Process of a Hybrid Energy Storage System Based on Battery and Ultra-Capacitor in Micro-gridPSMPS 16 Decoupled control of a unified power quality conditioner based on a current source topology for fast ac mains disturbance compensationPSMPS 17 Stability Study for a Hybrid AC-DC More-Electric Aircraft Power SystemPSMPS 18 Stability of power transmission capability of HVDC system using facts controllersPSMPS 19 Design of Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) to Improve the Power Quality Problems by Using P-Q TheoryPSMPS 20 Grid-Connected Three-Input PV/FC/Battery Power System with Active Power Filter CapabilityPSMPS 21 Cost-Function based Predictive Voltage Control of Two-Level Four-Leg Inverters using Two Step Prediction Horizon for Standalone Power SystemsPSMPS 22 Single-Phase Five-Level Inverter with Less Number of Power Elements for Grid ConnectionsPSMPS 23 Design and Simulation of Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter Based DSTATCOM for Compensation of Reactive Power and HarmonicsPSMPS 24 Large-Signal Stabilization of a DC-Link Supplying a Constant Power Load Using a Virtual Capacitor: Impact on the Domain of Attraction 32 I I ©2012Pantech ProEd Pvt Ltd
  2. 2. Modern Power System power@pantechmail.comPSMPS 25 Modeling of STATCOM under Different Loading ConditionsPSMPS 26 Application of UPFC Based on Improved Double-loop Decoupling PI Control in |UPFC |POWER FLOW Photovoltaic SystemsPSMPS 27 An Output Regulation-Based Unified Power Quality Conditioner With Kalman Filters IEEE 2012 METHODPSMPS 28 Design of Four-switch STATCOM for Voltage Control of Wind-Driven Squirrel Cage Induction GeneratorPSMPS 29 Application of static compensator to improve the power quality of grid connected induction generator based wind farmPSMPS 30 Digital plug –in repetitive controller for single phase bridgeless PFC convertersPSMPS 31 Isolated Wind–Hydro Hybrid System Using Cage Generators and Battery StoragePSMPS 32 Grid interconnection of renewable energy sources at the distribution level with power- POWER QUALITY quality improvement features IEEE 2011PSMPS 33 Matrix Converter-Based Unified Power-Flow Controllers: Advanced Direct Power Control MethodPSMPS 34 Load Compensation for Diesel Generator-Based Isolated Generation System Employing DSTATCOMPSMPS 35 Power System Stability Enhancement Using Static Synchronous Series Compensator (SSSC)PSMPS 36 Fuzzy Gain Scheduling PI Controller for a Sensorless Four Switch Three Phase BLDCPSMPS 37 Motor The Design and Simulation of Fuzzy Logic controller for Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicles IEEE 2010PSMPS 38 Recent Power Electronics/FACTS Installations to Improve Power System Dynamic FUZZY PerformancePSMPS 39 Power Flow Control with Distributed Flexible AC Transmission System (D-FACTS) DevicesPSMPS 40 Transformer less DVR Topology Based on Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Number of SwitchesPSMPS 41 Fault identification and diagnosis in distribution system APPLICATION BASED | FAULT |WIRELESSPSMPS 42 Intelligent control of induction motor using Scada, Zigbee and micro controllerPSMPS 43 State load dispatch centre AutomationPSMPS 44 Power theft indicator with load sharing capability of transformer Using GSM technologyPSMPS 45 Facts control devices (STATCOM, SSSC and UPFC) re-configuration techniques Using FPGA / Micro controllerPSMPS 46 Grid connected matrix converter for power system applicationPSMPS 47 Intelligent wireless street lighting systemPSMPS 48 A Compact Resonance-Based Wireless EnergyPSMPS 49 Power-Electronic Grid Supply of AC Railway SystemsPSMPS 50 Design and Analysis of a Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Power System 33 I I ©2012Pantech ProEd Pvt Ltd