MODERN POWER SYSTEMS Email: I 16 | P a g e
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MODERN POWER SYSTEMS Email: I 17 | P a g e
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2013 14-power-systems-project-titles-for-me-m-tech-pantech


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2013 14-power-systems-project-titles-for-me-m-tech-pantech

  1. 1. MODERN POWER SYSTEMS Email: I 16 | P a g e © 2013 Pantech ProEd Private Limited. Sl.No Topics Filed PSMPS001 Control of Δ-Y Transformer Based Grid Forming Inverter for Unbalanced Stand- Alone Hybrid Systems IEEE2013 RENEWABLEENERGY/STATCOM/GRID,MICROGRID,SMARTGRID PSMPS002 Simulation Comparisons and Implementation of Induction Generator Wind Power Systems PSMPS003 A New Single-Phase Inverter with D-STATCOM Capability for Grid-connected Small Wind Turbines PSMPS004 A STATCOM-Control Scheme for Wind Energy System to Improve Power Quality PSMPS005 co-ordination of smes with statcom for mitigating ssr and damping power system oscillations in a series compensated wind power system PSMPS006 Dynamic Stability Improvement of Four Parallel-Operated PMSG-Based Offshore Wind Turbine Generators Fed to a Power System Using a STATCOM PSMPS007 Single-Phase Single-Stage Transformer less Grid-Connected PV System PSMPS008 A Modified Three-Phase Four-Wire UPQC Topology With Reduced DC-Link Voltage Rating PSMPS009 A Novel DC Voltage Balancing Method for Cascaded STATCOM PSMPS010 DC Voltage Controller for Asymmetric-Twin-Converter-Topology-Based High-Power STATCOM PSMPS011 Multilevel SVPWM With DC-Link Capacitor Voltage Balancing Control for Diode- Clamped Multilevel Converter Based STATCOM PSMPS012 Stat Com Control at Wind Farms With Fixed-Speed Induction Generators Under Asymmetrical Grid Faults PSMPS013 The Direct Current Control Method of STATCOM and It’s Simulation PSMPS014 Wind farm grid voltage stability researching based on Cascade STATCOM PSMPS015 A Novel STATCOM Model for Dynamic Power System Simulations PSMPS016 Damping of SSR Using Sub synchronous Current Suppressor With SSSC PSMPS017 Hardware Implementation and Control Design of Generator Emulator in Multi- Converter System PSMPS018 A Flexible Control Strategy for Grid-Connected and Islanded Micro grids With Enhanced Stability Using Nonlinear Micro grid Stabilizer PSMPS019 Single-Phase Single-Stage Transformer less Grid-Connected PV System PSMPS020 Stat Com Control at Wind Farms With Fixed-Speed Induction Generators Under Asymmetrical Grid Faults PSMPS021 A Doubly Fed Induction Generator Controlled in Single-Sided Grid Connection for Wind Turbines IEEE2013 DVR/SSSC/UPFC PSMPS022 A Hybrid Micro grid With DC Connection at Back to Back Converters PSMPS023 Modeling and Control of a Micro-Grid Set Up using Photovoltaic Arrays PSMPS024 DC-Voltage Fluctuation Elimination Through a DC-Capacitor Current Control for DFIG Converters Under Unbalanced Grid Voltage Conditions PSMPS025 Realization of Cascaded H-Bridge5-Level Multilevel Inverter as Dynamic Voltage Restorer PSMPS026 Control Scheme With Voltage Support Capability for Distributed Generation Inverters Under Voltage Sags PSMPS027 D-STATCOM With Positive-Sequence Admittance and Negative-Sequence Conductance to Mitigate Voltage Fluctuations in High-Level Penetration of
  2. 2. MODERN POWER SYSTEMS Email: I 17 | P a g e © 2013 Pantech ProEd Private Limited. Distributed-Generation Systems PSMPS028 Two-Phase Modulated Digital Control for Three-Phase Bidirectional Inverter With Wide Inductance Variation IEEE2012 FATCS/STATCOM PSMPS029 VAR Planning With Tuning of STATCOM in a DG Integrated Industrial System PSMPS030 Stability Enhancement of DFIG-Based Offshore Wind Farm Fed to a Multi-Machine System Using a STATCOM PSMPS031 Simulated Control System Design of a Multilevel STATCOM for Reactive Power Compensation PSMPS032 Design of Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) to Improve the Power Quality Problems by Using P-Q Theory PSMPS033 Design and Simulation of Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter Based DSTATCOM for Compensation of Reactive Power and Harmonics PSMPS034 Modeling of STATCOM under Different Loading Conditions PSMPS035 Control Method of the Transient Compensation Process of a Hybrid Energy Storage System Based on Battery and Ultra-Capacitor in Micro-grid PSMPS036 Digital plug –in repetitive controller for single phase bridgeless PFC converters PSMPS037 Improving the Power Quality Performance for Distributed Power Generation PSMPS038 Multi Machine Power System Stability Enhancement Using Static Synchronous Series Compensator PSMPS039 Control of Grid Connected Inverter System for Sinusoidal Current Injection with Improved Performance PSMPS040 Application of UPFC Based on Improved Double-loop Decoupling PI Control