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MATLAB, DSP, DIP & Communication Email: | 4 | P a g e
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MATLAB, DSP, DIP & Communication Email: | 5 | P a g e
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MATLAB, DSP, DIP & Communication Email: | 6 | P a g e
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MATLAB, DSP, DIP & Communication Email: | 7 | P a g e
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2013 14-dsp-project-titles-pantech-me


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We at Pantech ProEd provide assistance in academic projects based on IEEE standard journals and transactions. Our services cater to all the domains belonging to Circuit branches and Information and Communication engineering branches.
Our methodology of execution and delivery is state - of -art, in essence a professionally designed, intensively tested, work flow model is applied.
Our Project support services caters to the following courses,
1) B.E / B.Tech (EEE/ECE/CSE/IT)
2) M.E (Power Systems)
3) M.E (Power Electronics & Drives)
4) M.E (High Voltage Engineering)
5) M.E (Electrical Drives & Embedded Control)
6) M.E (Control & Instrumentation Engineering)
7) M.E (Embedded System Technologies)
8) M.E (Applied Electronics)
9) M.E (Communication Systems)
10) M.E (VLSI Design)
11) M.E (Medical Electronics)
12) M.E (CSE)
13) M.E (Software Engineering)
14) M.E (Multimedia Technology)
15) M.Tech (Information Technology)
16) M.C.A
17) M.E (Systems Engineering and Operations Research)
18) M.E (Communication and Networking)
19) M.E (Avionics)
20) M.E. (Mobile Pervasive and Computing)
21) M.E. (Network Engineering)
22) M.E (Computer & Communication)

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    i am doing project in and my project name is (Contrast Enhancement Using Dominant Brightness Level Analysis And Adaptive Intensity Transformation For Remote Sensing Images) for this i want code and documentation
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2013 14-dsp-project-titles-pantech-me

  1. 1. MATLAB, DSP, DIP & Communication Email: | 4 | P a g e © 2013 Pantech ProEd Private Limited. Sl.No Topics Filed PSDIP001 Novel Techniques to reduce PAPR in OFDM Systems Using Threshold SLM IEEE2013 DigitalDataCommunication PSDIP002 Hybrid Carrier CDMA Communication System Based on Weighted-Type Fractional Fourier Transform PSDIP003 Comparative analysis of BER performance of dwt based OFDM system with conventional FFT based OFDM system. PSDIP004 PAPR Reduction based on a Modified PTS with Interleaving and Pulse Shaping method for STBC MIMO-OFDM System PSDIP005 DWT Based Optimal Power Allocation Schemes For Scalable Video Transmission in OFDM Based Cognitive Radio Systems PSDIP006 Separable Reversible Encrypted Data Hiding in Encrypted Image Using AES algorithm and Lossy Technique IEEE2013 SecretDataTransmission PSDIP007 An Efficient Steganography Technique Based on Chaotic Maps and Adaptive PPM Embedding PSDIP008 A Robust QR- Code Video Watermarking Scheme Based On SVD and DWT Composite Domain PSDIP009 Dual Transform Based Steganography Using Wavelet Families and Statistical Methods PSDIP010 General Framework to Histogram-Shifting-Based Reversible Data Hiding PSDIP011 Least Significant Bit Matching Stego analysis Based on Feature Analysis PSDIP012 Wavelet Based ECG Steganography for Protecting Patient Confidential Information in Point-of-Care Systems PSDIP013 A Hybrid Chaos- Fuzzy -Threshold Steganography Algorithm for Hiding Secure Data PSDIP014 Segmentation of Micro calcifications in Mammogram IEEE2013 Medical&Research PSDIP015 Brain Tumor Classification Using Discrete Cosine Transform and Probabilistic Neural Network PSDIP016 Cancer Detection using Bi clustering PSDIP017 Retinal Blood Vessel Segmentation using an Extreme Learning Machine Approach PSDIP018 Segmentation of Tissues in MR Images using Modified Spatial Fuzzy C Means Algorithm PSDIP019 Fuzzy Shape Clustering for Image Retrieval PSDIP020 Palm-Print Classification by Global Features PSDIP021 Adaptive Local Tone Mapping Based on Retinex for High Dynamic Range Images IEEE2013 VisionApplication PSDIP022 Binary Plane Technique for Super Resolution Image Reconstruction Using Integer Wavelet Transform PSDIP023 Contrast Enhancement Using Dominant Brightness Level Analysis and Adaptive Intensity Transformation for Remote Sensing Images PSDIP024 Satellite Image Resolution Enhancement Using Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform and Nonlocal Means PSDIP025 Satellite Image Enhancement Using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Threshold Decomposition Driven Morphological Filter
  2. 2. MATLAB, DSP, DIP & Communication Email: | 5 | P a g e © 2013 Pantech ProEd Private Limited. PSDIP 026 Design and implementation of an automatic traffic sign recognition system on TI Processor IEEE2013 AutomotiveApplication PSDIP 027 Foggy Image Enhancement Using Wavelet Decomposition, Quadratic Thresholding and Auto-Adaptive LUM Filter PSDIP 028 Usage of Electroencephalography to detect drivers’ emotion with Neural networks PSDIP 029 Practical Camera Calibration From Moving Objects for Traffic Scene Surveillance PSDIP 030 Raindrop detection and removal using salient visual features PSDIP 031 Irregular Moving Object Detecting and Tracking Based on Color in Real-time System IEEE2013 Banking&IndustrialApplication PSDIP 032 Machine Vision-Based Defect Detection in IC Images Using the Partial Information Correlation Coefficient and Pit Detection using image processing in PCB boards PSDIP 033 Intensity Range Based Background Subtraction for Effective Object Detection PSDIP 034 Visible and IR image fusion algorithm for short range Smoke and weapon detection PSDIP 035 Track Creation and Deletion Framework for Long-Term Online Multi face Tracking PSDIP 036 Shadow Removal for Background Subtraction Using Illumination Invariant Measures PSDIP 037 The Human-Height Measurement Scheme by Using Image Processing Techniques for sport applications PSDIP 038 object retrieval based on visual word pairs for shirting and suiting matching tactics in textile shopping PSDIP 039 Real Time Edge Detected Advanced Image Acquisition System using RGB Analysis PSDIP 040 Image processing for solar panel tracking as per nature source movement PSDIP 041 Finding broken line in urban area using digital data transmission PSDIP 042 Flame Image pre-processing research for power saving and generating IEEE2013|2012 Photoshop|Defense|HealthCare PSDIP 043 Separation of Composite Maternal ECG Using SVD Decomposition for child theft control PSDIP 044 EEG Signal Analysis Based Patient Monitoring PSDIP 045 Medical Image segmentation using clustering method PSDIP 046 PDE-Based Enhancement of Color Images in RGB Space Video Enhancement using Tone Adjustment PSDIP 047 Color Filtering Method for CFA Images Based on Gradient PSDIP 048 Remote-Sensing Image De noising Using Partial Differential Equations and Auxiliary Images as Priors PSDIP 049 A Single Image Enhancement using Inter-channel Correlation PSDIP 050 Adaptive Stego analysis using novel PPM technique PSDIP 052 Pixel Bit Manipulation for Encoded Hiding – An Inherent Stego PSDIP 053 Robustness of Offline Signature Verification Based on Gray Level Features PSDIP 054 New Channel Selection Rule for JPEG Stegnography
  3. 3. MATLAB, DSP, DIP & Communication Email: | 6 | P a g e © 2013 Pantech ProEd Private Limited. PSDIP 055 Content-Based Image Compression for Arbitrary-Resolution Display Devices IEEE2013|2012 NeuralNetwork|FuzzyLogic|Machinevision|ComputerVision PSDIP 056 A Bi orthogonal Wavelet Transform Based Robust Watermarking Scheme PSDIP 057 Tumor-Cut Segmentation of Brain Tumors on Contrast Enhanced MR Images for Radio surgery Applications PSDIP 058 Wavelet-Based Energy Features for Glaucomatous Image Classification PSDIP 059 Multilevel Segmentation of Histopathological Images of Tissue Objects PSDIP 060 Non-Melanoma Skin Lesion Classification Using Color Image Data In a Hierarchical K-NN Classifier PSDIP 061 Innovative Feature Set for Retinopathy Analysis of Diabetes and its Detection PSDIP 062 Automatic Image Segmentation by Graph Cuts for Bio-Medical Applications PSDIP 063 Multimodal Biometric Recognition Using Iris Feature Extraction and Palm print Features PSDIP 064 IRIS Recognition for High level Security Authentication using Concentric Circles PSDIP 065 Iris Data Indexing Method Using Gabor Energy Features PSDIP 066 Improvement in Palm print Recognition Rate Using Fusion of Multispectral Palm print Images PSDIP 067 Background Subtraction for Dynamic Texture Scenes Using Fuzzy Color Histograms PSDIP 068 Feature Extraction of Currency Notes An Approach Based on Wavelet Transform PSDIP 069 Gender Recognition from Face Images with Local Wld Descriptor PSDIP 070 A New Change Detection Algorithm for Visual Surveillance System PSDIP 071 Unscented Particle Filter in Road Extraction from High resolution Satellite Images PSDIP 072 Object Tracking Using High Resolution Satellite Imagery PSDIP 073 Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm for Land Cover Mapping Using Satellite Images PSDIP 074 Number Plate Recognition - Neural Network PSDIP 075 Removal of High Density Salt and Pepper Noise through Modified Decision Based Un-symmetric Trimmed Median Filter PSDIP 076 A New Adaptive Weight Algorithm for Salt and Pepper Noise Removal PSDIP 077 High quality Image Recovery from dark region Images using Adaptive Filter Technique PSDIP 078 Fusion of Infrared & Visual Light Image using Wavelet Decomposition PSDIP 079 Block based Feature level Multi Focus Image Fusion in Photoshop Applications PSDIP 080 Combination of Discrete and Stationary Wavelet Decomposition for Image resolution enhancement for Photoshop Application PSDIP 081 Block based Feature level Multi Focus Image Fusion in Photoshop Applications PSDIP 082 Copy-Move Forgery Detection based on SVD in Digital Image PSDIP 083 Removal High density Salt & Pepper noise in quick transients or faulty switching images
  4. 4. MATLAB, DSP, DIP & Communication Email: | 7 | P a g e © 2013 Pantech ProEd Private Limited. PSDIP 084 Wavelet based enhanced fusion algorithm for multi sensor images in research applications PSDIP 085 Discrete wavelet transform based satellite image resolution enhancement for research applications IEEE2013|2012 Geographical|Military|FilterDesigning PSDIP 086 Discrete wavelet transform based satellite image contrast enhancement PSDIP 087 Shadow removal of Foreground detection in Video Surveillance System PSDIP 088 Retinex Image Processing Based On Wavelet Transform PSDIP 089 DWT & SWT based satellite resolution enhancement PSDIP 090 Probabilistic Neural Network for Brain Tumor Classification PSDIP 091 Image Texture Classification using Artificial Neural network (ANN) for scene analysis Problems PSDIP 092 New algorithm of automatic Lung parenchyma segmentation in CT images PSDIP 093 Image Segmentation based on effective Fuzzy C Means in Biomedical PSDIP 094 Curvelet based Fusion in Medical Image Processing PSDIP 095 Improving the Edge content of Image based on wavelet coefficient contrast PSDIP 096 Liver Segmentation in Medical Application using Region Growing Method PSDIP 097 Fuzzy, Geo-statistical, and Information Combining Models – white matter PSDIP 098 Efficient Relevance Feedback for Content-Based Image Retrieval by Mining User Navigation Patterns PSDIP 099 A Texture-Based Content Based Image Retrieval for Plant Leaves Images PSDIP 100 Comparative Analysis of Content Based Image Retrieval Technique using Color Histogram. A Case Study of GLCM and K-Means PSDIP 101 Image Retrieval using Multi Feature similarity score using Genetic Algorithm PSDIP 102 Secret Communication Through Audio For Defense Applications PSDIP 109 High Capacity Image Security through Obscurity in Wavelet Domain PSDIP 110 Online Voting System Powered By Biometric Security Using Steganography PSDIP 111 A Novel Data hiding method based on Integer Wavelet Transform & Genetic Algorithm PSDIP 112 Finger movement based driver assistant system - A novel Approach PSoC Application PSDIP 113 EEG signal based health monitoring tool using various sensor with ARM processor PSDIP 114 Auto vision based home security and intimation system using real time Psoc. PSDIP115 Auto vehicle verification arrangement in toll gate and public sector using real time PSoC Microcontroller.