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Cleansed s2e2 River Sequence



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Cleansed s2e2 River Sequence

  1. 1. THE CLEANSED - SEASON 2 EPISODE 2 – THE RIVER An original audio drama by Frederick Greenhalgh FIRST DRAFT July 28, 2012 © 2010 Frederick Greenhalgh (207) 650-6198 P.O. Box 51 Alfred, ME 04002
  2. 2. The Cleansed: Season 2 Episode 2 ©2011 - Frederick Greenhalgh - 23 we’ll try to throw the buoy. If you get484 farther than that - you ride the river.485 There’s a still part at the end and we can486 retrieve you there. If it comes down to487 that - you cannot fear. You must float on488 your back, keep your legs ahead of you and489 ride the river. If you fight it, it will490 destroy you. Do we understand?491 SOME ‘YESSES’ GO THROUGH THE PARTY492 JOHN: We are in this thing together. Do we493 understand?494 ALL: Yes, John!495 JOHN: Good. Let’s ride.496 SCENE 8 – RIDING THE RIVER497 SFX: SPLASH!498 MARC: You got it, mom?499 CAITLIN: Hop in, Marc.500 MARC AND CAITLIN PADDLE OFF501 SAM CRUNCHES DOWN THE GRASS.502 SAM: We’re a well oiled machine today, Luke, you503 understand?504 LUKE: Yeah.505
  3. 3. The Cleansed: Season 2 Episode 2 ©2011 - Frederick Greenhalgh - 24 SAM: When I yell paddle, you paddle. When I say506 for the love of God stop, you’ve already507 stopped.508 LUKE: Yeah.509 SAM: Luke.510 LUKE: Yeah?511 SAM: I love you Luke.512 LUKE: Sam?513 SAM: Listen to me and we’ll be alright. You’re a514 strong boy, Luke –515 LUKE: Sam –516 SAM: Man. Sorry. Luke, you’re a strong man.517 Now – paddle right.518 LUKE TAKES SOME HESITANT STROKES, THEN THEY GO....519 JOHN AND MARIA PUT IN520 JOHN: You alright?521 MARIA: Me? ... Yeah.522 JOHN: You’re still a little shaken.523 MARIA: No...524 JOHN: I may not be intuitive, but you’re an open525 book, Maria.526
  4. 4. The Cleansed: Season 2 Episode 2 ©2011 - Frederick Greenhalgh - 25 MARIA: It’s just -527 JOHN: Yesterday.528 MARIA: Well, yeah.529 JOHN: I’ll keep you out of the water. Just listen530 to me, and paddle like hell.531 MARIA: Okay...532 JOHN: If you fear it, it will destroy you. Ride533 it like a wild horse.534 MARIA: I’ve never ridden a wild horse.535 JOHN: Well, you’re about to find out what it’s536 like. Come on!537 SFX: SPLASH, SPLASH - THEY PADDLE OUT INTO THE538 RIVER.539 ACTION BEAT BACKS OFF, AND UNDER540 SCENE 0-6 VOICEOVER541 MARIA: You remember, then, the raging waters --542 LUKE: It had been dry all summer, and now it had543 turned, it was mighty and raging --544 MARIA: Like a mythic beast, there to challenge us,545 to test us --546 LUKE: To destroy us for daring to think that we547 could cross it safely.548
  5. 5. The Cleansed: Season 2 Episode 2 ©2011 - Frederick Greenhalgh - 26 MARIA: We were crazy, Luke. We were so crazy.549 SCENE 8 - DESCENDING THE RIVER550 MUSIC: MUSIC UNDERSCORES THIS WHOLE SCENE, ECHOES551 OF THE MAIN SCORE LOW FOR FIRST BIT THEN552 BUILDING...553 JOHN: It means life or death to listen to me, you554 got it, Maria?555 MARIA: I got it!556 JOHN: Alright, so when I shout RIGHT -557 SFX: MARIA SWITCHES POSITION QUICKLY558 MARIA: Paddling!559 JOHN: LEFT!560 SFX: MARIA YANKS HER PADDLE, SWITCHES POSITION561 MARIA: Paddling!562 JOHN: STOP!563 SFX: MARIA YANKS HER PADDLE564 MARIA SHOUTS A WORD OF FRUSTRATION565 JOHN: Just like that! And if I shout it quickly -566 it means do more, you got it?567 MARIA: I got it!568 JOHN: Here we go!569
  6. 6. The Cleansed: Season 2 Episode 2 ©2011 - Frederick Greenhalgh - 27 SFX: ROAR OF RIVER PICKS UP570 CAITLIN: (OFF) We’re coming to the first rapid!571 SFX: KA-PLOOSH!572 LUKE: (ASIDE) Look at them - they go like it’s no573 trouble ...574 SAM: What?!575 LUKE: (SPEAKING UP) I said - they make it look576 easy!577 SAM: Don’t worry about what others are doing,578 Luke, focus on your own paddling.579 LUKE: I can paddle.580 SAM: Good. PADDLE LEFT! LEFT! LEFT!581 SFX: ROARING RAPID COMES UP, SPLASHES, ERUPTS582 OVER CANOE583 LUKE: Holy!584 SAM: Good work, Luke, Good work, now pay585 attention!586 MUSIC: CRANKS UP A NOTCH, AS RIVER GETS MORE587 SERIOUS588 MARIA: Joohnhnnnnnn -589 JOHN: RIGHT! RIGHT! RIGHT! RIGHT! RIGHT!590
  7. 7. The Cleansed: Season 2 Episode 2 ©2011 - Frederick Greenhalgh - 28 SFX: KER-PLASH!!!591 MARIA: (SHRIEKS)592 JOHN: Keep paddling! PADDLE PADDLE PADDLE!593 MARIA: John it’s - it’s fast John!594 JOHN: Ride it, Maria! Ride it!595 SFX: KERPLASH!596 JOHN: That’s three! Maria, Not so deep!597 SFX: KERPLASH!598 MARIA: (SHRIEK)599 JOHN: HOLD ON TO THAT DAMN PADDLE!600 MARIA: There’s water, John - in the canoe!601 JOHN: Ride it out! We’re coming up to the big602 one!603 MARIA: It’s - there’s a lot!604 JOHN: We can’t deal with it, just paddle!605 MARIA: John--606 JOHN: PADDLE, dammit!607 SFX: THE APPROACHING ROAR OF A MAJOR RAPID608 MARIA: John!609 JOHN: Ride it, Maria, Ride!610
  8. 8. The Cleansed: Season 2 Episode 2 ©2011 - Frederick Greenhalgh - 29 SFX: SONIC TIME FREEZE611 SCENE 0-7 VOICEOVER612 MARIA: And in that moment... It all came crashing613 down614 SCENE 9 – THE RIVER, CONT.615 SFX: TIME RELEASES616 SFX: CRASH! THE WAVES SPIT THE CANOE UP AND OPEN617 A ROCK, SPLINTERING IT618 MARIA: (HOWLING IN TERROR)619 SFX: MARIA PLUNGED UNDERWATER - A BRIEF620 UNDERWATER WASHY SFX TONE THEN BURSTS AGAIN621 TO THE SURFACE, GASPING FOR AIR622 JOHN: MARIA! Behind you!623 MARIA: JOHN!624 JOHN: Grab the canoe! Grab the canoe!625 MARIA STRUGGLES FINDS THE CANOE AND GRABS FOR PURCHASE, A BRIEF626 BURST UNDERWATER AND NOW SHE’S UNDERNEATH THE CANOE, WITH THE THIN627 BRIGHT REVERBERANCE628 MARIA: (GASPS) John --629 JOHN: Keep your legs tucked up, don’t let the630 river grab you. We’ll make for that eddy.631 MARIA: John, I’m sorry -632 JOHN: Just ride, Maria!633
  9. 9. The Cleansed: Season 2 Episode 2 ©2011 - Frederick Greenhalgh - 30 MARIA: I’m trying --634 JOHN: Rock!635 SFX: KI-KRAK! THE CANOE FLIES OVER A RAPID AND636 WITH A WHET THUK! PROPHET GOES DOWN637 MARIA: Prophet! (BEAT) Prophet! PROPHET!638 MUSIC: MUSIC TAKES ON AN OMINOUS TONE639 MARIA: PROPHET!!!640 SFX: ELSEWHERE ON THE RIVER - STILL ON A CANOE641 SAM: You still with me?642 LUKE: Yeah!643 SAM: Prophet and Maria went down. We’re gonna644 paddle to them. You got it?645 LUKE: I got it!646 SAM: O.K. LEFT! LEFT! LEFT! LEFT! LEFT! Maria!647 MARIA!648 MARIA: MOM!649 SAM: Push left!650 MARIA: Prophet, he’s --651 SAM: GRAB MY GODDAMN PADDLE!652 MARIA: I’m trying ---653 SAM: LUKE! Keep us straight!654
  10. 10. The Cleansed: Season 2 Episode 2 ©2011 - Frederick Greenhalgh - 31 LUKE: I’m trying!655 SAM: MARIA- Kick!656 MARIA: Prophet --657 SAM: KICK!658 WITH EFFORT, MARIA GRABS ONTO THE PADDLE, SAM YANKS HER KICKING AND659 SCREAMING OUT OF THE WATER AND SLOPPILY ONTO THEIR CANOE.660 MARIA: (GASPS)661 SAM: Brace yourself - there’s another one!662 SFX: WITH A SPARKLY ROAR, THEY RUSH ACROSS663 ANOTHER CRASHING RAPID, THAT ABSORBS ALL664 SOUND... IT SLOWLY DIMINISHES, TO A LOWER665 RUMBLE666 CAITLIN: (SHOUTED) Hey! What happened!667 SAM: Prophet’s canoe flipped!668 CAITLIN: What?669 SAM: Prophet flipped!670 MARC: Mom - he’s there!671 CAITLIN: We’ll get him!672 SAM: OK! Then what?673 CAITLIN: Follow us to shore!674 SFX: RIVER SOUND LOWERS TO RUMBLE.675