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The netherlands


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Published in: Education
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The netherlands

  1. 1. The NetherlandsEmira Khacheche, Esther Veenhof, Pawan Biswas en Joar Spangenberg
  2. 2. We are going to show five zoomed-inpictures. They seem to be standardpictures at first, but what happenswhen we zoom out?
  3. 3. Now we are going to show you thezoomed-out pictures
  4. 4. Did you expect to see that? Wellthought it would be nice to makepictures like that ourselves. So wedid:
  5. 5. Above:Photo in the left corner: It has much to do with sight.The photo the middle: Strange, never seen before.Photo in the right corner: It was very artificial.Below:Photo in the left corner: Is a close- up from the photo in the middle above. It is a clarification of the other photo.Photo in the right corner: A good idea for the project Sight.
  6. 6. InspirationAbove:Photo in the left corner: On this picture you can see clearly that people in Amsterdam live nearby canals.Photo in the right corner: You can see in the picture that the education in the Netherlands is diverse(mathematics, Greek)BelowPhoto in the left corner: This is how she made the picture in the right corner.Photo in the right corner(clarification by the other photo): It is a good example for the project sight, with the bright colours.
  7. 7. InspirationAbove: ItPhoto in the left corner: She thought it was a nice photo for the project.Photo in the middle: She went to this football game and she thought it was funny because Amsterdam(Afc Ajax) was playing against Bucarest (FC Steaua Bucuresti)The photo in the right corner: It is not what it seems like and its typically Dutch.Below:Photo in the left corner: It is not what it seems like and it is richly decorated and that was nice to see.The photo in the right corner: She liked that someone draw something randomly on a boat.
  8. 8. InspirationThis pictures makes you realise how developing or non developed countries do their laundry. I think almost every Dutch citizen has their own wash machine, but do we realise how much effort, energie and time it would take to clean your clothes without it?
  9. 9. InspirationMany kids have been in one of these mini vehicles before. When you insert a coin, the vehicles starts to move, lights wil go on and the child will have the time of his life.This machine is powered by electricity. What would happen if we let a human generate this electricity? One thing is clear: it would be a lot less effective...
  10. 10. Working for the project!