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Greece presentation


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Published in: Education
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Greece presentation

  1. 1. Volos a beautiful city in Greece
  2. 2. VOLOSVolos is a coastal port city in Thessaly situated midway on the Greek mainland. It is the capital of the Magnesia regional unit.
  3. 3. Volos panorama from Pelion mountain
  4. 4. History Modern Volos is built on the area of the ancient cities of Demetrias,Pagasae and Iolcos. Demetrias was established by DemetriusPoliorcetes, King of Macedon. Iolcos was the homeland of mythologicalhero Jason, who boarded the ship Argo accompanied by the Argonautsand sailed in quest of the Golden Fleece to Colchis. To the west ofVolos lie the Neolithic settlements of Dimini, with an acropolis, walls,and two beehive tombs dating to between 4000-1200 BC, and Sesklo,with the remains of the oldest acropolis in Greece (6000 BC) and inEurope, one of the most characteristic examples of Neolithiccivilisation. Reconstruction of a Neolithic house
  5. 5. Climate Volos, as a Mediterranean city, experiences a typical climate ofneither particularly high nor extremely low temperatures throughoutthe year. Its climate is one of a low humidity, favourable for all kindsof activities. The Pelion mountain, with its own microclimate, affectsthe citys weather. Volos seaside by night
  6. 6. Winter In Pelion at the ski center
  7. 7. And Papa Nero Beach
  8. 8. Our school issituated inVolos ( Βόλος )
  9. 9. Our school is near a hill called Goritsa and has a distance ofnearly 50 m from the sea (Pagasitikos Gulf). Thus itcombines mountain and sea!
  10. 10. 8 Geniko Lykeio Volou, secondary school, wasfounded in 2000. There are about 300 students(15 – 18 years old) and 30 teachers.
  11. 11. COMENIUSMultilateral school partnerships 2007 - 2009
  12. 12. 21st Youth Conference of Caretakers of theEnvironment International 2007 – Hong Kong
  13. 13. Our ComeniusProject Team
  14. 14. Preparing the cookies
  15. 15. WORKING TIME!!!
  16. 16. “THE PACKAGE”
  17. 17. The Debate
  18. 18.  THE END 