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  1. 1. Vo lo s is a c o a s ta l p o rt c ity inThe s s a ly s itua te d m id wa y o n theG re e k m a inla nd . I is the c a p ita l o f tthe M g ne s ia re g io na l unit. a
  2. 2. Volos is built on the area of the ancient cities of Demetrias, Modern Pagasae and Iolcos. Iolcos was the homeland of mythological hero Jason, whoboarded the ship Argo accompanied by the Argonauts and sailed in quest of the Golden Fleece to Colchis. To the west of Volos lie the Neolithic settlements of Dimini, with an acropolis, walls, and two beehivetombs dating to between 4000-1200 BC, and Sesklo, with the remains of the oldest acropolis in Greece (6000 BC) and in Europe, one of the most characteristic examples of Neolithic civilization. a nc ie nt c iviliz a tio ns o f Se s klo n a nd Dim ine
  3. 3. “ F.I.V.E. Project ’’For An Innovative and Valuable Experience
  4. 4. Our School8th High School of Volos
  5. 5. ebate sessions
  6. 6. *Our own pictures ! Shooting our own photos was an interesting experience for us as we managed to capture different aspects of our town.
  7. 7. * QUESTIONNAIRE ON SIGHT After conducting a questionnaire on sight, answered by both adults and teenagers we gathered and analyzed the results shown later on this page consisting of Greek people’s responses on the subject.
  8. 8. 1. When you read a story do you picturethe setting and characters in your mind? Yes. 82% No. 10% I dont know. 8% 2. Do you find it easy to remember the faces of the people you see?Yes. 82%No. 16%I dont know. 2%
  9. 9. 3. Can you remember the details (color, shape, size, characteristics)of an object you see briefly? Yes. 40% No. 32% I dont know. 28% 4. Do you learn more easily when the content is associated with pictures/images? Yes. 90% No. 2% I dont know. 8%
  10. 10. 5. Do you think there is a connection between the colours we likeand our personality? Yes. 70% No. 18% I dont know. 12% 6. Do you think the sense of sight is connected to the other senses?Yes. 86%No. 8%I dont know. 6%
  11. 11. 7. In a dark room do you feel afraid because you cannot see where you are? Yes, I am always afraid. 16% Sometimes, especially when the room is not familiar to me. 54% No, because I rely on my other senses 30% 8. Are you satisfied with the way you look?Very satisfied. 38%Not very satisfied. 44%I don’t pay attention to the way I look. 18%
  12. 12. 9. Does the image or appearance of famous people have aninfluence on your own image? Very much. 16% Not so much. 36% Not at all. 48% 10. To what extent does sight influence our judgment on people?Very much. 14%Quite enough. 52%Not much. 34%
  13. 13. 11. Do you think that first impressions arecorrect? Yes, always. 14% Not all the time. 70% Not at all. 16% 12. How much do you think that physical appearance contributes to a person’s self-esteem? Very much. 62% Not so much. 36% Not at all. 2%
  14. 14. 13. How often do you visit a museum or an artgallery? Very often. 20% Sometimes. 54% Never. 26% 14. How much do you think our ideas are influenced by what we watch on TV or in the Internet?A lot. 56%Not very much. 34%I don’t know. 10%
  15. 15. 15. Can you identify some typical images you associatewith your own country? Yes, a lot. 86% No. 6% I don’t know. 8% 16. Do you associate typical images with other countries? Yes. 62% No. 18% I don’t know. 20%
  16. 16. *End of Presentation