The Future of PLM


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A description of projects launched in 2011 under the EU ICT for Factories of the Future Programme

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The Future of PLM

  1. 1. PLM Innovation Live•The Future of PLM. 7/6/2012• Experiences and Objectives of the EF-Future-of-PLM_07Jun12 European Research Programme• Dr. Erastos Filos• ICT Programme Coordinator «Factories of the Future», European Commission, Brussels 1
  2. 2. Context• PLM links with Manufacturing• Manufacturing in Europe 7/6/2012• The Factories of the Future PPP EF-Future-of-PLM_07Jun12• PLM Research: Digital Factories• What Future for PLM?• EU ActionPlanT Project: A Vision & Roadmap for Manufacturing 2.0 2
  3. 3. Manufacturing – the Heartbeat of Europe’s Economy • 17% of EU GDP 7/6/2012 • 22 million of jobs • 20% of direct jobs & twice as many EF-Future-of-PLM_07Jun12 indirect jobs • 66% of private R&D investment • 28% of final energy consumption • part of a complex global economic system 3
  4. 4. Manufacturing: Higher Productivity Gains• Process & product innovation (e.g. ICT, automation) 7/6/2012• Outsourcing of non-core activities (e.g. logistics, EF-Future-of-PLM_07Jun12 ICT services, facility management) 1995-200746 % increase in manufacturing productivity compared to 20 % economy-wide productivity increase 4 Source: European Commission, 2010
  5. 5. Factories of the Future: Context• What: • Part of the European Economic Recovery Plan • To help manufacturing, in particular SMEs, across a broad range of sectors to be competitive after the Crisis is over 7/6/2012• How: • Industry-driven R&D projects EF-Future-of-PLM_07Jun12 • 4 annual co-ordinated calls until 2013 between the two relevant FP7 Themes, ICT and NMP• Who: • R&D stakeholders of European Technology Platforms • Technology providers & industrial users (large & SME), academic researchers• Total FP7 budget (2010-2013): • More than 600 M€: 245 M€ (ICT) + 400 M€ (NMP) 5
  6. 6. Recovery Plan Objectives: Industrial CompetitivenessSupply sideTechnology/manufacturing equipment suppliers to gain market share: 7/6/2012• Automation/industrial robotics & laser technology solutions for factory environments• Product/production design tools (eg software for modelling, simulation, visualisation)• Enterprise/supply-chain management tools EF-Future-of-PLM_07Jun12 ICT Demand side European industrial end users: • To integrate latest technology into their production environments • To develop new competencies (knowledge, organisation, skills, business models) • To use technologies that enable energy-efficient and “waste-less” production 6
  7. 7. Factories of the Future: The ICT VisionSmart Factories: Factory productivity • Goal: More automation, better control & • Less waste & energy use optimisation of factory processes • Increased efficiency • Means: • Fast turnaround 7/6/2012 Software, lasers & intelligent devices • Better quality embedded in machines & factory infrastructureVirtual Factories: Supply-chain productivity EF-Future-of-PLM_07Jun12 – Goal: • High-value products To manage supply chains; to create • Jobs value by integrating products & services • SC transparency – Means: • IPR security Software to holistically interconnect • CO2 footprint & manage distributed factory assets; new business models & value propositionsDigital Factories: Design productivity – Goal: • Less design errors To “see” the product before it is produced • Better & efficient products – Means: • Less waste + rework Software for the digital representation & • Faster time-to-market test of products & processes prior to their manufacture & use 7
  8. 8. FoF Digital Factories: Projects launched in 2011 Desired Projects Issues Issues outcomes covered not covered RLW Navigator I-Conik (IP)a) Comprehensive engineering amePLM All platforms (IP, STREP) LinkedDesign (IP) Vistrab) Simulation & virtual prototyping Simposium (IP) tools for product/process design Terrific All (IP, STREP) FFDc) Holistic modelling & simulation Simposium (IP) Digital evaluation Digital modeling and of full complex products/ & simulation of simulation of material proper- product & process processes (IP, STREP, CSA) ties - from micro-to behaviour macro-scale
  9. 9. Comprehensive Engineering Platforms Part 1/5: RLW Navigator System From Trial & Error Towards Math-based Manufacturing Control 7/6/2012 Engineering Platform: • Introducing new emerging joining EF-Future-of-PLM_07Jun12 processes in manufacturing • Universal simulation engine + experimental models • Model, configure, optimise & control process variation, Remote Laser Welding (RLW) production throughput & System: cost 9
  10. 10. Comprehensive Engineering Platforms Part 2/5: I-CONIK Internet-based Collaborative Platform to Manage Manufacturing Knowledge 7/6/2012 Agent-based Process Design Collaboration EF-Future-of-PLM_07Jun12 Platform: • „Engineering Desktop“ for agent-based collaborative design • Faster, easier, guided user interface for workers & engineers 10
  11. 11. Comprehensive Engineering Platforms Part 3/5: amePLM Architecture of an Open Engineering Platform New & extensible approach to collaborative 7/6/2012 engineering with state-of-the-art heuristics, semantics EF-Future-of-PLM_07Jun12 & visualisation methods• Ontology: interoperable model & integrating element• Based on existing tools & libraries (incl. OSS) 11• New knowledge-based tools for simulation, optimisation, …• Visualisation tool for (remote) x-disciplinary collaboration
  12. 12. Comprehensive Engineering Platforms Part 4/5: LinkedDesign Linked Knowledge in Manufacturing Engineering To boost engineering 7/6/2012 productivity: • A holistic view on data, EF-Future-of-PLM_07Jun12 persons & processes across the full lifecycle • Provide user-centric lifecycle information management • Context-driven access to information & knowledge • Enabling x-discipline collaboration 12
  13. 13. Comprehensive Engineering Platforms Part 5/5: VISTRA Virtual Simulation & Training of Assembly Processes Platform to enable 7/6/2012 simulation, documen- tation & training of EF-Future-of-PLM_07Jun12 manual assembly processes, allowing workers to be trained on the production process before a physical mock-up of a new product exists 13
  14. 14. Simulation & Virtual Prototyping Tools Part 1/3: SIMPOSIUM Non-destructive Evaluation of Structures & Materials• Numerical models for most-deman- 7/6/2012 ding NDE appli- cations EF-Future-of-PLM_07Jun12• Multi-scale, multi- physics approach• High computa- tional performance• Data exchange between CAD s/w, mechanical codes & material models 14
  15. 15. Simulation & Virtual Prototyping Tools Part 2/3: TERRIFIC Enhanced Integration of Design & ProductionCurrent flow of CAD to FEA: Interoperability of CAD & FEA:CAD model is approximated with a CAD model is extended to isometric 7/6/2012surface mesh, then extended to a model & used throughout analysisvolume mesh process. Resulting model can be reduced to a CAD model EF-Future-of-PLM_07Jun12 15
  16. 16. Simulation & Virtual Prototyping Tools Part 3/3: FFD Future Fashion Design 7/6/2012 EF-Future-of-PLM_07Jun12 • Removes obstacles to wide adoption of virtual prototyping techniques in the fashion & clothing industry (e.g. realistic garment simulation) • Improvements (20 … 100%) in product development efficiency, e.g. time-to-market reduction by 3 weeks 16 • Opens new market opportunities to CAD, PDM/PLM vendors
  17. 17. What Future for PLM?• ActionPlanT project: • Vision • Manufacturing 2.0 7/6/2012 • Roadmap 2020• ActionPlanT Goals: EF-Future-of-PLM_07Jun12 • Foster a cross-sector and cross-industry dialogue, information exchange, industrial learning, and road mapping. • Increase understanding of how ICT can impact European manufacturing enterprises. • Facilitate the growth of new business models in manufacturing. 17
  18. 18. ActionPlanT Quick FactsImpacts Timescale Increased awareness of “ICT  Duration: June 2010 – May 2012 7/6/2012 for Manufacturing” in Europe through ActionPlanT Vision &  FP7 Factories of the Future Call ActionPlanT Roadmap EF-Future-of-PLM_07Jun12 Best practices and expert Funding engagement through  1.5 Million EUR ActionPlanT Workshops Prioritise and schedule Consortium promising topics for the next Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (‘Horizon 2020’, covering the period 2014-2020). 18
  19. 19. ActionPlanT Scope:Two parallel work streams Vision & Awareness & Roadmap Industrial– Inventory analysis & Learning 7/6/2012 roadmap workshops– New applications, – ICT for Manufacturing EF-Future-of-PLM_07Jun12 services & business Information exchange models amongst European– “ICT for industries & academics Manufacturing” input – Trial and sustainability of to Horizon 2020 knowledge delivery workprogramme mechanisms. June 2010 – May 2012 19
  20. 20. Global Megatrends Market Pull Perspective Global Competition New Customers EU recovery slow after  Urbanization and growing economic crisis middle class Europe’s competitors in  Younger generation 7/6/2012 BRICS growing demanding niche products Cost versus quality barriers  Ageing population need diminishing user-friendly products & EF-Future-of-PLM_07Jun12 assisted living Being Innovative Being Sustainable SMEs outpacing large  Key topic for corporations enterprises in innovation and governments Need to put innovation in  Transition from a wasteful practice fast to a frugal economy Innovation can come from  Low carbon economy, anywhere – especially higher energy efficiency, 20 users and product takebacks
  21. 21. ICT Megatrends Technology Push Perspective 7/6/2012 EF-Future-of-PLM_07Jun12Collaboration Mobility Connectivity Intelligence• OEM – subcontractor • Proliferation of mobile • Sensors, controllers, • Data analytics and collaboration through devices embedded devices a forecasting on-the-fly cloud paradigm • ‘On-the-go’ and commonplace • Leveraging cheaper• Trends of contract ‘Always-on’ users • ‘Intranet of Things’ to storage and low cost manufacturing and • New businesses ‘Internet of Things’ processors ‘product as a service’ (manufacturing apps & • Bidirectional • Better visualization &• Customer involvement manufacturing app interaction with real- intelligence on in product design store) world objects manufacturing data Human–centric Manufacturing 21
  22. 22. Ambitions for Manufacturing 2.0 • Accommodate changing demands & deliver customized products On- • Make supply networks agile, interoperable, and manageabledemand 7/6/2012 • Deliver high quality products that are durable and competitively pricedOptimal • Focus not only on the design but also on after-sales services EF-Future-of-PLM_07Jun12 • Faster introduction of collective innovationInnovate • Short turnaround – from laboratory prototype to full-scale production • Reduce energy footprints on shop floors and increase End-of-Life (EoL) use Green • Be compliant with new regulations • Change perception from being production-centric to human-centricHuman- • More accommodating towards needs of the workforce and customerscentric 22
  23. 23. Beyond the Shop Floor A Manufacturing 2.0 Enterprise Seamless Factory Lifecycle CEO Management CIO  Controlling and holistic planning of future factories  Intelligent maintenance, HPC, and energy management in factories 7/6/2012 Planners VP Sales  On-demand KPI monitoring through Sales Manager suite for comprehensive mobility VP Manuf. factory management EF-Future-of-PLM_07Jun12 Design Manager Plant Manager SALES & MARKETING ENGINEERING MANUFACTURING FIELD SALES Orders CUSTOMER returned CUSTOMEREXTERNAL DESIGNER 23 SUPPLIERS & SUBCONTRACTORS
  24. 24. Beyond the Shop Floor A Manufacturing 2.0 Enterprise Agile Manufacturing Systems & CEO Processes CIO  Seamless integration of disparate systems, devices, and robots  Monitoring, perception, and awareness at the shop floor 7/6/2012 Planners VP Sales  M2M connectivity in cloud and Sales Manager VP Manuf. great UI for shop floor systems EF-Future-of-PLM_07Jun12 Design Manager Plant Manager SALES & MARKETING ENGINEERING MANUFACTURING FIELD SALES Orders CUSTOMER returned CUSTOMEREXTERNAL DESIGNER 24 SUPPLIERS & SUBCONTRACTORS
  25. 25. Beyond the Shop Floor A Manufacturing 2.0 Enterprise People at the forefront CEO  Better data visualization & skills CIO improvement for workers  Assistance tools for aged workers & attracting younger workforce  Intuitive e-learning tools, next generation recommendation 7/6/2012 Planners VP Sales systems and linked organizational Sales Manager knowledge VP Manuf. EF-Future-of-PLM_07Jun12 Design Manager Plant Manager SALES & MARKETING ENGINEERING MANUFACTURING FIELD SALES Orders CUSTOMER returned CUSTOMEREXTERNAL DESIGNER 25 SUPPLIERS & SUBCONTRACTORS
  26. 26. Beyond the Shop Floor A Manufacturing 2.0 Enterprise Collaborative Supply Networks CEO  Cloud-based Manufacturing CIO Business Web for collaboration  Hostel mobile app store with apps for all stakeholders to use  Quick response in supply chain planning, tracking and total visibility 7/6/2012 Planners VP Sales  New paradigms such as “products VP Manuf. as a service” for closing information Sales Manager gap in End of Life products EF-Future-of-PLM_07Jun12 Design Manager Plant Manager SALES & MARKETING ENGINEERING MANUFACTURING FIELD SALES Orders CUSTOMER returned CUSTOMEREXTERNAL DESIGNER 26 SUPPLIERS & SUBCONTRACTORS
  27. 27. Beyond the Shop Floor A Manufacturing 2.0 Enterprise Customers in-the- loop CEO CIO  Manufacturing intelligence for improved product design  Collaborative design environments for SMEs  Crowdsourcing, manufacturability 7/6/2012 Planners assessment, and mobile service VP Sales Sales Manager for better “after sales” centers VP Manuf. experience EF-Future-of-PLM_07Jun12 Design Manager Plant Manager SALES & MARKETING ENGINEERING MANUFACTURING FIELD SALES Orders CUSTOMER returned CUSTOMEREXTERNAL DESIGNER 27 SUPPLIERS & SUBCONTRACTORS
  28. 28. ActionPlanT Vision and Roadmap Release and Access Information Online Access 7/6/2012 Roadmap EF-Future-of-PLM_07Jun12 Release Brussels, July 10, http://www.actionplant- 2012 Hardcopies to be distributedContact: @E_Filos 28