Portuguese students presentation


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Portuguese students presentation

  1. 1. 1PortugueseOcean@net students
  2. 2. Name: Margarida CarvalhoDate of birth: 24th December 1998Height: 1,50 mHobbies: playing the flute andreadingFood I don’t like: corn, grainLikes: chocolate, cakes, gums andice cream, music.Dislikes: FootballAllergies: NoneHealth problems: NonePersonality: friendly, nervous andfunnyFavourite sport:swimmingI am a person who talks a lot, Im verynervous, a good student and patient.Iplay the flute at the conservatory ofmusic. I love music, theatre andscience.When I grow up I want to be apsychologist or a teacher.2
  3. 3. Name: Bruno CarvalhoDate of birth: 28/12/1998Height: 1,57mHobbies: Playingbasketball, surfing the net, readingcomics, etc.Food I don’t like: fish, shellfishLikes:basketball, videogames, internet, music, clothesDislikes: cold, noise,Allergies: shellfish, catfur, mites, physical effortHealth problems: severe asthmaPersonality:sporty, nice, funny, outgoing andfriendlyHi! In Italy I would really like to trypizzas, ice-creams and lots of other things.Iam interested in Italian culture, language andhistory.I have 4 dogs, some fish, a parakeetand a horse. I really like house, techno,elektro, pop music and various sports.3
  4. 4. Name: Ana Carolina SousaDate of birth: 9th August 1998Height: 1.70mHobbies: playing the guitar, listeningto music, being with my friendsFood I don’t like: spicy foodLikes: chocolate, pets, the colourblue, music, beach, camping,drawing, painting and cooking.Dislikes: pollution, violence, smellyair, noiseAllergies: I don’t have any allergiesHealth problems: I don’t have anyhealth problemsPersonality: playful, smiling,laughing, shy, a LITTLE BIT bossy,active, extroverted, cheerful, lively,stubborn, determined.Favourite sport: volleyball,basketballI live in Monte Estoril. I love blue cyan. Ilove everything about life: nature, animals,plants, flowers... I just get mad whensomething really bad happens to me or tosomeone that is close to me or when I likereally, really something. When I grow up I’mthinking of being an architect, a lawyer ormaybe have a hotel :DSee you! =)4
  5. 5. Name: Linda Inês Simões SiogaDate of birth: 09-09-1998 (13 years)Height: 1,45 mHobbies: singing, playing football, go shopping,Food I don’t like: soybeans, cauliflower,mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, rye bread,brown bread, pineapple juice, pears, wholegrains, soy milk, clams, snails, sugar beet,chickpea, excessive cheese, mushrooms;Likes: listening to music, football, shopping,fast-food, friends, sightseeing, go to the cinema;Dislikes: DOGS, mess, war games, rugby,volleyball, cold, too much noise and fumblingthrough my things without permission.Allergies: flannel sheetsHealth problems: nonePersonality: I think I am friendly, a bit shywhen Im with people who I don’t know; Imsmart, I don’t really like fake people. My style issimple and casual: like people that wear jeans, along sleeve or t-shirt, and a sweatshirt.Favourite sport: footballHi!I live in Cascais, Lisbon . I’m a cool,intelligent, friendly person and a bit shy. Ilove having fun and I hope when I getthere I ‘ll have fun with you visitingmuseums, places, Venice, etc…I’m afraid of big dogs which jump onpeople or bark a lot. I ‘m looking forwardto being there and tasting your food. Seeyou soon.5
  6. 6. Name: Afonso Meireles GonçalvesDate of birth: 24th September1998Height: 1,52 mHobbies: Playing the guitarFood I don’t like: I eat everything.Likes: Music, Friends, Pizza,SportsDislikes: R&B music, studying,coats and rain.Allergies: HackersHealth problems: asthmaticbronchitisPersonality: Curious, shy at thefirst time but jackdaw after sometime, friend and annoying.Favourite sports: Basketball,football (Soccer), gymnastics.Hi, my name is Afonso and I’m aPortuguese 13- year- old boy. I’m eagerto know you and your country. Aboutme, I like music a lot and, in school, Iprefer the maths/science side of thething, but I’m still no friend of studying.I live with my parents and my 4- year -old brother. I love Italian food, fast andfancy food. I hope I’ll be your friend,see you soon.6
  7. 7. Name: Miguel RamosDate of birth: June 13th 1998Height:1.57mHobbies: Gaming, Playing Football,Reading,Food I don’t like: Cheese, MashedPotatoes, Tomato, Onions.Likes: Swimming in a hot waterbeach, 9Gag, Animals, Anime, Goingto the Cinema, House M.DDislikes: People with no sense ofhumor, Bad food, Cold Water, RainAllergies: NoneHealth problems: NonePersonality: Very,Very Funny,Sarcastic, Outgoing, RelaxedFavourite sport: AthleticsI’ve got brown eyes and spiky brown hair. MyZodiac Sign is Gemini. I love animals, especiallyreptiles. I am a volunteer at a local pet shop, andI intend to make that a full time job. I wouldreally enjoy to stay in a pet owner’s houseespecially a reptile or arachnid owner.7
  8. 8. Name: Rafael LopesDate of birth: 2/06/1998Height: 1,67 mHobbies: Playing videogames,reading,playing basketballFood I don’t like: Sardines.Likes: Video games,taking longtrips,honest people.Dislikes: False people and wars.Allergies: Cats and dogs (but notmuch, so no worries)Health problems: AsthmaticPersonality: Honest, funny but Ican be a bit grumpy.Favourite sport: Swimming,basketballHi!My name is Rafael as you saw above...I’m notreally sure of what I’m going to say so I hopethat the trip to Italy will be fun!I’m quite curious to visit Italy because I’venever been there and I like knowing othercultures and monuments.See you soon,Rafael8
  9. 9. Name: Maria EduardaDate of birth: 10th March 1998Height:1,67mHobbies: listening to music, hangingout with my friends.Food I don’t like: spicy foodLikes: I like trying new things. I likechocolate, pets and music.Dislikes: I don’t like waking up early, speed, football, pollution, violence,smelly air, noise.Allergies: NoneHealth problems: I don’t have anyhealth problems.Personality: Active, extroverted,cheerful, lively, stubborn, determined.Favourite sport: Basketball andHandball.Ciao!Mi chiamo Maria Eduarda . I lovetalking with my friends on facebook. Iknow how to deal with hard situations. Ilove walking with my friends at thebeach, and I LOVE SHOPPING!!; on theother hand, I like the countryside, too.See you later! 9
  10. 10. 10Name: João LourençoDate of birth: 27th of OctoberHeight: 1,60 mHobbies: Playing PlayStation andPSP, whatching TV, playing withmy dog and my little sister,running, playing football, praticingsports, eating and visiting newplaces.Food I don’t like: Raw tomatoLikes: All food.Dislikes: Staying at home anddoing nothingAllergies:Health problems: AsthmaPersonality: Funny, sociable,amusing and nice.Favourite sport: Football andswimmingI m 13 years old. I live with my mother, mybrother, my two sisters and my dog, Sparky.In January I had another sister. Her name isInês and she is very cute. She is my new loveand will be forever. My dog is black andbrown and is also a great love to me.
  11. 11. Name: Joana Coelho QuintelaDate of birth: 25th SeptemberHeight: 1,53mHobbies: watching tv, playingcomputer, sending mobilemessages, listening to music, goingto the cinema and travelling.Food I don’t like: cheeseLikes: practising sports, visitinginteresting places.Dislikes: staying at home.Allergies: none.Health problems: none.Personality: sociable, outgoing,kind and funny.Favourite sport: Tennis.I am Joana and I m 13 years old. I live with mymum, my stepfather and my brother who is 16years old. I love my dog, Miles Davis, it is aLabrador Retriever, It is my love.I adore travelling and knowing new countries andcultures. I like meeting new people and knowingnew lifestyles.I like inviting my friends to stay at my home, too.11
  12. 12. Name: Roman Ishchuk;Date of birth: 18/09/1998;Height: 1,60 m;Hobbies: doing sport;Food I don’t like: I eat all types of food;Likes: I like going out with my friends; Ialso love sport.Dislikes: I don’t like spending a lot oftime at home;Allergies: I haven’t got any allergiesHealth problems: My health problem iswith my ears;Personality: I am a calm personFavourite sport: My favourite sport ishandball.I look somethinng like this!Hi! I am a Ucranian boy, but I live in Cascais,Portugal!I love new things, like Italy, I am looking forward togoing to Italy! I live with my parents, and my littlesister in an apartment, so my house isn’t big.I like all types of food, including Italian, like pizza,and spaghetti.12
  13. 13. Name: Nádia AzevedoDate of birth: 12th February 1998Height:1.70mHobbies: playing football, basketball,volleyball, computer, PS3 and Nintendo’sgames, playing with my dogs, hanging outwith my family, friends and pets,contemplating the ocean,…Likes: Digital games, dancing and singing,going to the shopping centre, kids, elderly,water, beach, sun, snow, cuddly, wildlife,White chocolate, drawing, painting, heat,cold,…Dislikes: smelly air, pollution, violence,diseases,…Allergies: Pollen and (dust) mitesPersonality: I’m calm, playful, stubborn,smiling, laughing, shy, active, perfeccionist,intelligent, cheerful, a LITTLE BIT bossy,determined, lively, Sometimes a Little bitoutgoing, picky, curious,…Favourite sports: football, volleyball,handball, basketball,…Hi! I love Science, Physics and Chemistry, Art,Physical Education,… I really, really loveMathematics. I think I’m a good student. I don’t likecontroversial people. I am very picky with people andthings but more with myself. I don’t admit mistakes. Iam never happy with my grades because I know Ican get better results. On the one hand, one of mylife goals is to take a PhD in medicine, I would like tobe a medical examiner and want to do autopsies. Onthe other hand, I would like to deal with wild animals.I look forward to our trip to Italy because I think thistrip will be an asset for us ... See you!! :-D13
  14. 14. Name: Raquel Sofia Lopes EstevesDate of birth: 27th September 1998Height:1,51mHobbies: playing football, playing computer,listening to music, and socializing with friendsFood I don’t like: cheese and chocolateLikes: playing sports and drawingDislikes: I don´t like sad peopleAllergies: noneHealth problems: none.Personality: sociable, funny, I like helpingpeople Favourite sport: FootballI live with my mum, my dad and my sister who is18 years old and of course my dog​​, called Lunawhich is crazy I love playing football, it is a sport that gives mepleasure, happiness, but, at the same time,helps me to forget bad things.I like meeting new people and new living habits,but I also enjoy helping people and making themlaugh.14
  15. 15. Name: AndréDate of birth: 31/03/1998Height: MediumHobbies: Playing computer games,runningFood I don’t like: Fish, vegetablesLikes: Surfing the NetDislikes: Do gimnasticsAllergies: Don’t haveHealth problems: Don’t havePersonality: I am a calm person, Ilike laughing very much and I amniceFavourite sport: Riding a scooterI m 13 years old, I like playingcomputer games, or surfing theInternet, I love running or ridinga sooter because it’s all aboutspeed. My favourite food islasagna, I dont like fish andvegetables. I like laughing, I m abit calm and I think I’m nice.15
  16. 16. Name: Rita DuarteDate of birth: 5th AprilHeight:Hobbies: Watching TV; readingFood I don’t like: kiwisLikes: Animals; movies; shoesDislikes: False and lying people.Allergies: Brufen (medicine)Health problems: nonePersonality: I’m spontaneous andnatural.Favourite sport: Ballet; BasketballHi! I like some sports, so I don’t like being quiet. Ilike walking around and meeting new places. I lovetaking photos. I enjoy learning something new andmaking a lot of new friends. My friends like my eyesand my smile. I’m always laughing and I’m rarely sad.I love being happy! I enjoy shoes very much.16
  17. 17. Name: Catarina SantosDate of birth: 29th, August 1997Height: 1,52Hobbies: Watching TV, reading and playingcomputer gamesFood I don’t like: Cheese,Likes: Travelling, sightseeing, listening tomusicDislikes: taking the lift, heightsAllergies: noneHealth problems: nonePersonality: shyFavourite sport: swimmingMy name is Catarina, I’m 14years old, I like to knowother cultures and meet newpeople.17
  18. 18. Name: Joana Bastos MendesDate of birth: 20-06-1998Height: 1.60Hobbies: Acrobatic gymnasticsFood I don’t like: peasLikes: Italian foodDislikes: I like everythingAllergies: allergic rhinitisHealth problems:nonePersonality: Quiet, friendly and shyFavourite sport: BasketballI love to socialize with my friends, I enjoyseeing different places. I usually dogymnastics every day. It is my favouriteactivity. I like listening to music, reading,among other things .I am very shy but after some time I get alongwith people very well. I have difficulty in theEnglish subject. Joana Mendes :)18
  19. 19. Name: Luana LourençoDate of birth: 31.08.1998Height: 1.56 mHobbies: Listening to music; Readingand doing gymnastics.Food I don’t like: peas, beansLikes: Hanging out with my friends,going to the beach, singing and beingonline.Dislikes: dishonest people.Allergies: I’m allergic to flowers inthe spring and to animal fur (cats,dogs, rabbits)Health problems: NoPersonality: I am a little bit shy and Idon’t like when people lieFavourite sport: Acrobatics,swimming and doing outdoor sports.Hello, I’m Luana and I’m 13 years old. Ihave two brothers and they are very nice(sometimes). My mother is German andmy father is Portuguese. In my free time Iusually hang out with my friends on thebeach, at the shopping center or I go tonice places in Portugal with my family. Iloooove spaghetti and I hate beans.19
  20. 20. Name: Rodrigo Ferreira VallejoDate of birth: 17/08/1998Height: 1,60 cmHobbies: Playing sports and being with my familyand friendsFood I don’t like: I like everythingLikes: I like extreme sportsDislikes: I don´t like when people disrespect meAllergies: I don´t have any allergiesHealth problems: I don´t have any healthproblemsPersonality: I´m funny and extrovertedFavourite sport: Surfing and playing tennisI´m thirteen years old. I´m funny and outgoing. I like radicalsports like surfing and skating, and I also enjoy playingfootball with my friends and tennis with my brother. What Iactually don´t like is that other people make fun of me.Concluding, I think I´m a good person.20
  21. 21. 21Name: Joana CostaDate of birth: 1st October 1997Height: 1.61 mHobbies: taking photosFood I don’t like: fishLikes: I like hanging out with myfriends, dancing and listening tomusicDislikes: walking a lotAllergies: noneHealth problems: nonePersonality: shy; friendly; calmFavourite sport: basketballHi, I’m Joana. I am very happy to visit yousoon. I like making friends and visiting newplaces. I also like taking photos and I hope totake many photos in your beautiful country.