Christopher Columbus projecto comenius - inglês


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Christopher Columbus projecto comenius - inglês

  1. 1. Christopher Columbus
  2. 2. Christopher Columbus Biography Christopher Columbus was born in 1451, in Genoa. He lived during some years in the Madeira island of Porto Santo. He married the daughter of Porto Santo´s captain. He met several Portuguese navigators that used to sail the West Coast of Africa and he started believing that it was possible to reach India by the west. He presented that project to the king of Portugal who didn´t accepted it. He decided go to Spain to present the same idea to the Spanish kings, Isabel and Fernando. They also didn´t accept the project because they were involved in the recovery of the Arab kingdom of Granada. Later, in 1492 Isabel finally agreed to support the expedition.
  3. 3. Christopher Columbus 1st Voyage On the 3rd August 1492, three ships under the command of Christopher Columbus left Spain. On October 12th, they saw land for the first time in the Bahamas. He explored the islands of Haiti and Cuba, believing that he was in the Orient. In 1493, he returned to Spain.
  4. 4. Christopher Columbus 2nd Voyage In 25th November 1493, he returned to the West, to command one Armada of fourteen caravels and three ships, carrying 1500 people. During this travel, he discovered four more islands: Guadalupe, Puerto Rico, Martinique and the Antilles. He returned to Europe in 1406, leaving behind a group of colonizers in Haiti.
  5. 5. Christopher Columbus 3rd and 4th Voyages In 1498, he did his third expedition. During this, he discovered the Trinity Island and the Coast of Venezuela. He was victim of intrigues and returned to Spain under arrest in 1500. His forth travel and last was in 1502. He went to Honduras and Panamá. When he returned to Europe two years later, he was ignored and died in 1506. He was still convinced that he had been to the Far East.
  6. 6. Curiosities Christopher Columbus was the first to prove what a lot of people already believed : that the world was round. He believed that it was possile to travel either to the East or to the West and return to the starting point. He was born in a small maritime city in the north of Italy, where he grew among ships and sailors. In those times, the European trade with the Far East was a growing activity. But, the know route by land was long and difficult. Presently we know that the Earth is round, with vast land masses in the Easter and Western hemispheres. But in Europe until Columbus age, people believed that the Earth was flat like a dish, and if people sail too far, they would fall from the Earth.
  7. 7.  The Kings of Spain benefited greatly from Columbus discoveries. They invested vast resources exploring and colonizing the recently discovered territories. For them, Columbus discovered a real “New World”. Christopher Columbus was himself a sailor and a creator of maps and charts. When he lived in Portugal, at that time the center of world navigation and oceanic discoveries, he dedicated himself to copy navigation charts and world atlas, to help him in his future navigation adventures. He has also very influenced by Marco Polo travel stories. Columbus changed the world´s history because he discovered the American continent, without knowing it, believing he has arrived at the Eastern Indies. More Curiosities
  8. 8. Christopher Columbus 1st Voyage
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