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Planificação da gala comenius


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Planificação da gala comenius

  1. 1. LITTLE EUROPEANS KNOW EACH OTHER EU LLP COMENIUS MULTILATERAL SHOOL PARTNERSHIP PROJECT ACTIVITY PLAN FOR PRE-SCHOOL EDUCATION SUBJECTS COUNTRY / CITY Portugal – Torres Novas SCHOOL Assentis and Chancelaria School Centre LEVEL / AGE GROUP 5 years old THE NAME OF THE ACTIVITY TITLE OF THE LESSON Choreographed song “The Magical Balloon” TOPIC / MAIN IDEA Anual show of the School Grouping Gil Paes, where every children of every school teaching levels participate and where the school pay homage to the best students and to the retired assistants and teachers. SUBJECT Anual Show at the School Grouping Gil Paes MATERIALS CD ( music: “ Magical Balloon”) OBJECTIVES To promote the articulation between the different teaching levels To provide a different experience To develop the musical taste and body language To stimulate the involvement of the parents METHODS AND TECHNIQUES Listening and memorizing a song Rehearsal in small groups Rehearsal in a big group ACTIVITY This activity is a work that involves all the Pre-school educators. The work with the children was done within every school in the classrooms with the educator and the teacher of music. The final rehearsal was on the eve of the show in the Assentis and Chancelaria School Centre. On the show day the children arrived earlier so as they can adapt themselves to the space. The activity consists in a choreography made by the children and the educators of the music “Magical Balloon”.
  2. 2. Assessment This activity was considered very good since the children spread their excitement , happiness and joy to the audience.