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  1. 1. Music Industry G322 Lesson Aims To look at development of music hardware and consumption To consider the advantages/disadvantages to audiences and institutions of the digital revolution
  2. 2. For each list of developments put them in A date order-what happened when? You have 10 mins to read and decide In your group you need to arrange the digital timeline to see how the digitalisation has changed the music industry
  3. 3. The development of mobile music access (apps) The synergy with gaming consoles The growth of digital distribution The battle of the industry to protect revenue and combat piracy There are several key issues that this timeline demonstrates to us: For each point give two pieces of evidence from your timeline
  4. 4. Music Industry G322 Music Consumption Hardware We have moved from this to this what are the advantages and disadvantages? For audiences and institutions?
  5. 5. Music Industry G322 How many separate things are available in this one device? Why? Why do companies continue to develop new technologies What convergent hardware do Sony own?
  6. 6. Music Industry G322 Proliferation Convergence Portability Access Fragmentation Key terms
  7. 7. Music Industry G322 What are the issues that are raised by the introduction of digital production, distribution consumption of music for audiences and institutions? Audiences Institutions
  8. 8. Music Industry G322 To look at the impact of piracy on the music industry To look at the effects of piracy for the audience and institutions and how they can be combatted