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Presentazione eng


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Presentazione eng

  1. 1. Filippo TognolaProject: Mind The PlaceGeo Social Network that connects thoughts and places
  2. 2. Project DescriptionWhat is it?Mind The Place is an innovative project for a social network basedon geolocation and focused on the interaction between peopleand places.
  3. 3. Project DescriptionWhat is it?Mind The Place:Mobileweb application
  4. 4. Project DescriptionThe user leaves geotagged messages:- opinions- thoughts- comments- descriptions
  5. 5. Project DescriptionThe Place sends push notifications:- events- promotions- informations
  6. 6. Why users should use it?To give everyone the opportunity to express what theythinkTo be different from the mass without having to befamousTo socialize with people in a placeTo receive informations about the place nearby
  7. 7. Why places should use it?To send informations and promotionsTo increase visibilityTo create a 1 to 1 marketing
  8. 8. Innovationsnew kind of socializationinformations in real timeMarketing 1 to 1importance of the presentovercoming of the concept of friends list
  9. 9. Economic and social impactMind the Place is free for the usersNew way of relationship between peopleUseful informations for the tourist and the citizenAdvantage for commercial companies and pubblicadministrationsCreation of virtual and real meeting places
  10. 10. overcome difficultiesThe research of the technical partnerFinancial supportdevelopment of commercial networkDifficult to start a newco (burocracy and taxes)
  11. 11. the stage of the projectMind the Place is in Android and iOS beta versionNow we are a startup companyWe are looking for investors
  12. 12. Thanks for your attentionwww.mindtheplace.comFilippo Tognolafilippo@mindtheplace.comm. +39 338 59 17 680