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Continuous Delivery on PaaS


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Continuous delivery is an agile approach to software delivery that helps to achieve frequent and reliable releases through team collaboration and full automation. Platform as a service (PaaS) is a cloud computing paradigm that enables rapid deployment of applications without the complexity of managing the underlying infrastructure.

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Continuous Delivery on PaaS

  1. 1. Continuous Delivery on PaaS
  2. 2. Filippo Liverani @filippo
  3. 3. Continuous Delivery
  4. 4. why?
  5. 5. build the right thing photo credit
  6. 6. photo credit reduce risk
  7. 7. photo credit measure real progress
  8. 8. how?
  9. 9. collaboration photo credit
  10. 10. automation photo credit
  11. 11. trunk based development photo credit
  12. 12. deployment pipelines
  13. 13. Commit Unit tests Integration tests Stress tests User tests Acceptance tests Production confidence
  14. 14. Platform as a Service
  15. 15. service models software - SaaS complexity flexibility platform - PaaS infrastructure - IaaS data center
  16. 16. private vs public photo credit
  17. 17. benefits rapid development easy to setup easy to scale short-term costs consistency
  18. 18. drawbacks limited flexibility vendor lock-in integrations long term-costs
  19. 19. Continuous Delivery ♥ PaaS
  20. 20. accelerators production-like environments automated provisioning automated deployment
  21. 21. PaaS in practice! photo credit href=""