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Sap 2014

  1. 1. Committed towards Clean Tech Design & Delivery in emerging markets Strategies for low energy buildings.
  2. 2. Multinational Partnerships-truly. John Filipidus Geothermal Space Conditioning Solar Thermal Yerasimo Cambicchi Mechanical Plumbing Electricals Safety and Certification
  3. 3. Back drop. • Buildings account for 40% energy use and GHG emissions , the single largest reason for Ozone layer depletion. • Our crusade ....our journey is against this. We believe in living lightly on the planet, the truest definition of SUSTAINABILITY.  To make this planet a better place to live in.  Leave behind a cleaner world for a children. Every building needs PLAN + CONTROL / EFFICIENCY + GENERATE RE to be truly sustainable.
  4. 4. DEMAND SUPPLY Optimized Built form & Orientation. Climate Analysis. Façade Central Glazing. Insulation Day lighting. Ventilation & HRV. Passive Design. CrapCool Automation / BMS Waste and Water management Solar BIPV. Micro Wind. Geothermal CHP. Ozone Generators Hydrogen Fuel Cells Automation Lighting Controls Integrated Systems INSULATION STRATEGIES FOR LEB
  5. 5. Lighting design & automation. • Competencies – Design , Engineering and Integration. • Lighting Design – Lighting design for Exteriors and Interiors- to choose the correct light source , LPD , Watts per sft , in combination with Lighting Controls. • Technologies – KNX ,BUS, IP, CIB , BMS-DEOS, and a host of other 3rd party integrations.
  6. 6. Francesca Projects Lighting Design
  7. 7. BMS
  8. 8. Energetics • Sustainable Architecture – We strategise primary energy plan, energy modelling , day lighting , north lighting , outsulation , thermal bridge free design within the scope of Sustainable Architecture. • Radiant Space Conditioning– with the increasing demand in energy – modern low energy buildings are moving away from “forced air space conditioning to radiant water based space conditioning, we plan and execute RADIANT distribution of thermal energy inside buildings including TABS ( Thermo active building systems) • Geothermal Energy– with an exclusive JV with EIL , Greece we bring on the table a formidable experience of 3 MW of Geothermal Installations and 0.5 MW of Solar Thermal installations spread over 100 + projects all over Europe.
  9. 9. Geothermal Division. Ioannis Filipidus ASHRAE MEMBER 8123422 20 years of rich experience in the area of Heating, Ventilating, Air-conditioning (HVAC), Plumbing and Utilities. Pumping Systems, HVAC, Piping and, Industrial Drainage of Hydrocarbon Upstream Industrial Plants, GOSPs and Bulk Plants and Water / Waste Water facilities in accordance with International and Local Codes and Standards. Extensive knowledge of sizing Pumping, Piping, HVAC, and Plumbing systems Office Buildings, Substations, and Plant Support Buildings. Has an in-depth knowledge of Uniform Mechanical Code, NFPA, ASHRAE, SMACNA, API Codes, and ISO-9000 Series 90 geothermal projects Total installed capacity of geothermal heat pumps 3 MW. Total installed capacity of solar thermal systems over 500 KW. Yerasimo Cambicci ASHRAE MEMBER 8097509
  10. 10. One Company –All Geothermal Space Conditioning Solutions Drilling & Geo Exchangers Logging Test /TRT Designing Radiant UF Cooling Manifolds & Controls .
  11. 11. Geothermal + Radiant Cooling
  12. 12. What we do . • Sustainable Architecture & Primary Energy Plan. • Energy Modelling. • Lighting & HVAC Design and execution. • MEP & Services Planning and execution. • Controls and Automation. • Generation through Renewable Energy. • Design and Build • INTEGRATION in single window.
  13. 13. S.A.P. Partnerships. Be an Associate. Be a Vendor.`Be a Designer If you wish to join our team in design and build mode. Kindly send an email on
  14. 14. S.A.P. Bangladesh JV S.A.P. Bhutan JV S.A.P. Nepal JV India HQ S.A.P. Europe SP S.A.P.MENA JV
  15. 15. Contact Us. Communication & Admin Office : CONTACT PERSON : ARIJIT GHOSH Hand Phone - +91 99716 00708 MZ 5 , Ansal Fortune Arcade , K –Block , Sector 18 , NOIDA , UP 201301 INDIA Telephone +91 120 4246311 Email :