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Hotels and hospitality industry


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Hotels and hospitality industry

  1. 1. EVERGREEN TECNO PLANTS SRL- ENERGIA INNOVATION Ltd “THE NATURAL ALTERNATIVE “ Website: – “NATURE’S POWER IN THE SERVICE OF HUMAN HEALTH” Hotels and Hospitality Industry SAFE AIR, WATER AND ENVIRONMENTS Evergreen Tecno Plants studies, designs and builds machinery, plants and technologically advanced systems to implement the EU Directives, regarding hygienic and sanitary matters. Integrated systems to control and abate bacterial population, perfect to operate into the hospitality sector, guaranteeing microbiological safety (STOP TO LEGIONNAIRE’S DISEASE) Our solutions are based on the chemical and physical ozone properties and can be both integrated with existing systems or replace non compliant or obsolete systems and technologies Steady and/or mobile systems, user friendly and safe to use (also with remote controlling) assuring excellent results virtually in every kind of application. Our system are especially proper in the hospitality sector for water, air and surface treatment, aimed at microbiological safety improvement, energy saving and environmental impact reduction (ISO 14000 Compliance) Main Applications Water: - Incoming water treatment - Hotel water system and circuit treatment (Legionnaire’s disease risk elimination) - Systems for pools, spas and whirlpool bath. Air: - High efficiency air treatment system for microbiological safety of rooms and common areas - Systems/Machines steady and mobile for bacterial population abatement, ATU (Air Treatment Units), air conduit, surfaces, rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, gyms, environments sanitation. Contacts: energia innovation Ltd Tel +30 2392076209 Fax +30 2392076210 www.energialtd.grPDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version
  2. 2. EVERGREEN TECNO PLANTS SRL- ENERGIA INNOVATION Ltd “THE NATURAL ALTERNATIVE “ Website: – OZONE APPLICATIONS AND ADVANTAGES IN HOTEL&HOSPITALITY SECTOR INCOMING WATER TREATMENT § Reduction of pathogen agents carried by water § Water quality improvement through oxidizing dissolved minerals (iron, manganese, ecc..) § Reduces/Eliminates chemical compounds usage WATER CIRCUIT TREATMENT SYSTEMS § The systems are based on a natural gas, therefore there is no pollution for the water circuit § Guest are not disturbed and their privacy is guaranteed (The systems are automatic and non-encroaching) § Affordable, functional and completely automatic § Operable both in existing and new systems POOL WATER TREATMENT SYSTEMS § Guarantee bacterial disinfection and virus deactivation. § Colour removal (Oxidation) and odours and flavours elimination. § Algae removal (Oxid.) and biological process pre-treatment. § Oxidize organic compounds ( Detergents, Pesticides, Phenols). § Affordable and easy to install both in new and existing implant and installations § Reduces chlorine usage of 80% improving water and air quality and protect guests health (chlorine is carcinogenic and causes asthma and dermatitis § Doesn’t fade guests tan AIR TREATMENT SYSTEMS § Air quality improvement with micro-dust removal (electrostatic precipitation) § Installation of ATU with free-cooling (energy saving) § Installation of ATU with cross-flow heat recovery system § Installation of ATU with ozone air treatment for microbiological safety § Abatement of the superficial bacterial population (surfaces/machines) § Odours elimination and significant sanitation cost reduction (man-hour and cleaning chemicals purchase) CCTV INSPECTIONS, ATU/AIR DUCTS/FAN COIL RECLAMATION § Analyses with tampon of atu/air ducts/fan coil conditions § Inspections and reclamation, with dedicated robot, of atu/air ducts/fan coil § Release of Reclamation/Sanitation Certification § Improvement and simplification of HACCP systems § Greater security for operators carrying out sanitation treatments because of substitution and significant reduction of chemical product harmful for human health § Existing machines and implants improvement (energy saving) § Guarantee of deactivation of mildews, bacteria, parasites, fungi, and virus from spaces and surfaces also in corners, ceiling and spots hard to be reached § Exposure in rooms and hotel spaces of the sign “sanitated area” FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT EVERGREEN TECNOPLANTS AGENT Contacts: energia innovation Ltd Tel +30 2392076209 Fax +30 2392076210 www.energialtd.grPDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version