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Mauritius holidays fun under the sun


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Mauritius holidays fun under the sun

  1. 1. Mauritius Holidays- Fun Under The Sun
  2. 2. Mauritius is a tiny island state that is situated in theIndian Ocean, off the south-east coast of Africa. It is closeto the Tropic of Capricorn, and is the only fullydemocratic country in the African continent. While tradeand business bring in revenue, tourism is one of the mainsources of income for this small nation.
  3. 3. Mauritius has one of the highest rates of returning touristsin the world. The facilities and the attractions are socaptivating that visitors who visit the island wish to comeback over and over again. The tourism and hospitalityinfrastructure is managed perfectly to offer the bestexperience for visitors. Holiday crowds that wish to spenda luxurious Mauritius holidays would find a wide varietyof options to choose from.
  4. 4. The island has many natural as well as man-madeattractions that draw huge crowds from all over theworld. Being in the southern hemisphere, Mauritius enjoysa warm and pleasant summer from November to January.People living in cold countries in the northern hemisphereoften visit Mauritius to escape the winter in their region.The sub-tropical climate and the clean beaches make it anideal tropical paradise for sun lovers.
  5. 5. The island has a longcoastline which makes itideal for a variety ofwater sports like surfing,water-skiing, windsurfing,yachting, and deep-seafishing. Visitors can alsogo for submarine rides toexplore the shallowwaters among the reefsclose to the shore.
  6. 6. A variety of sporting activities on land are also available.Trekking, mountain biking, ATV riding, skiing, sky divingand a number of adventure activities are available atvarious location in the island. Tourists can choose from awide list of Mauritius holiday packages that offer them thebest of accommodation facilities, day tours, recreationalactivities, educational tours and various other programs.
  7. 7. English is the official language of Mauritius. Therefore,tourists from English-speaking countries can feel at homeon the island. The beauty of the island and the world classfacilities available here make Mauritius is one of the mostsought after tourist destination of the world. The futuretruly looks bright for this island paradise.