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Candle baby shower favors


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Candle baby shower favors

  1. 1. Candle Baby ShowerFavors
  2. 2. You have two options for using candles as yourbaby shower favors. First, if youre adventurous,you can make your own candles. Making candles issomething of an art, but its something that can belearned if you have the patience and the time. Youcan learn how to make candles step-by-step bypurchasing a candle-making book or by doing anonline search for detailed instructions.
  3. 3. But, if youre like most people and youre strappedfor time, youll want to opt for store-made andbought candle baby shower favors. Fortunately, youhave plenty of online shopping options when itcomes to finding unique and memorable candlebaby shower favors.
  4. 4. Traditionally, candle baby shower favors are blue orpink. Of course, if you dont know the sex of thebaby, youll want to choose something moreneutral. Keep in mind that, just because you knowthe baby is a boy or a girl, you dont have to choosepink or blue candle baby shower favors. Some hostsand moms-to-be prefer choosing a unique candlebaby shower favor rather than opting for thetraditional.
  5. 5. A popular option when it comes to choosing a candlebaby shower favor is to find something that fits withthe theme of the baby shower. So, if the babyshowers theme is elegant, you might choose a slimmartini glass with a delicate candle, housed in anelegant black box and adorned with an olive tag.Another elegant option is a candle that most, fromafar, can easily mistake for a tall glass ofchampagne. Or, for a beach-themed baby shower,the Seashells Gel Candle in Clear Box is bothelegant and beautiful. And, when the candle burnsdown, the guests will enjoy real seashells andstarfish.
  6. 6. If you cant find a candle that fits the theme of thebaby shower, consider finding a candle baby showerfavor that fits the personality of the mother-to-be.If the mom-to-be loves nature, choose a gorgeouspurple or pink silk orchid encased in a candle andwrapped neatly with a silver bow.
  7. 7. Finally, you may want to choose a traditional pink orblue candle baby shower favor. Most traditionalbaby shower candle favors will make your guests,especially the guest of honor, pause to say "ahhh."For a cute baby shower candle, theres a candle inthe shape of a baby bottle, complete with a rubberbottle top and a tag proclaiming "Its a Boy" or "Itsa Girl." Not sure the sex of the baby but want anadorable baby shower candle? The Yellow DuckCandle Baby Shower Favors or the Sweet Peas In APod Candle (Set of 4) are ideal baby shower favorchoices.
  8. 8. Consider choosing a candle baby shower gift that isencased in a vase or a glass that can be used againonce the candle has burned itself out. (Additionally,some people wont burn the candle, instead using itas a decoration.) You can also find candles that,once burned, reveal another small surprise. TheSeashells Gel Candle in Clear Box burns down toreveal authentic starfish and seashells.
  9. 9. Baby shower favors are meant to be a keepsake,but they dont have to be expensive. With somethought and creativity, you can find the perfectcandle baby shower favor that the mom-to-be andguests will love and cherish for years to come.