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Tfac newsletter24


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Published in: Technology
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Tfac newsletter24

  1. 1. TFAC News Letter Vol.24
  2. 2. Anping Tree House Anping Fortress Chihkan Tower Anping Tainan Train reviewing stand Station Koxinga Tainan Foreigner Assistance Center Shrine Tainan City Cultural Eternal Golden Castle Center and Barclays Park
  3. 3. To promote the idea of conservation, tainan city government has set a website which about Bird/ Sihcal Wetland Ecology. ( and help people to understand further more information.
  4. 4. If you traveled around Tainan a lot, you might have noticed a distinguished blue ‘i’ sign amongst the streets, with writings ‘information center’ just underneath it. These information centers, scattered across Tainan, are actually free service stops that can provided you with traveling information. So if can’t nd a certain tourist hotspot or any shop location of local delicacies, here will be a great place for you to drop by. Furthermore, inside these shops, you will also nd tourism maps, brochures and other information too, which are also readily available at our Foreigner Assistance Center.