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Tfac newsletter22


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Published in: Travel, News & Politics
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Tfac newsletter22

  1. 1. TFAC News Letter Vol.22
  2. 2. Koxinga Cultural Festival – Taiwan Boat Launching Ceremony After 5 years of restoration and construction plan, a reproduction of Koxinga Dynasty warship, Taiwan Boat was launched at Lin Mo-Niang Park on 1st of May hosted by Tainan City Mayor Hsu Tain-Tsair with blessings from Yanping King and Matsu wishing for a smooth sailing. Followed by the Anping local ancient ceremony, gave out red rice cakes and candies to give blessings to the general public. The launching ceremony was crowded with people from all over Taiwan to witness this rare event. The general public counted down from 6 which in Chinese cultural mean luck, together with reworks and applauses to celebrate the launching of Taiwan Boat. Mayor Hsu stated that every personnel involved in the restoration plan had worked very hard and were very dedicated to the project, and every piece of wood are carefully examined and tested before put to use. This cautious act signi es Taiwanese spirit, and it is Taiwan’s proud and honor. This time next year, Taiwan Boat will also be launched at the birthplace of Koxinga – Hirado City of Japan. Other than launching at the birthplace of Koxinga (Hirado City of Japan) this time next year, Taiwan Boat also plans to voyage to destinations such as Penghu, Kinmen, Xiamen and Quanzhou, following the footsteps of Koxinga, and this international festival will be one of the most glorious and honorable event of Tainan City. The Real Taiwan and the Dutch – Book Launching Tainan City Honorable Citizen Menno Goedhart, also the present Netherland Representative to Taiwan has been in Taiwan for nearly 8 years, following the 17th century Dutchman. His traveling book ‘The Real Taiwan and the Dutch – Traveling Notes from the Netherlands Representative’ was launched in the afternoon on 23rd of April just before Queen’s Day at Chihkan Tower. Mayor Hsu personally arrived at Chihkan Tower to celebrate this event. Mayor Hsu gave both English and Chinese speech to the guests and media at present, and acclaimed Mr. Goedhart to be Marco Polo of Taiwan. Mayor Hsu also stated that Marco Polo introduced Asian cultural to Europe, and now Mr. Goedhart is doing the same with Taiwan. During Mr. Goedhart’s presence in Taiwan for the last 8 years, he has recorded the Dutch historical remains and cultural assets, this signi cantly helped Taiwan in promoting its tourism industry. Therefore this book can be seemed as Taiwan’s best friend and present. Mr. Chiang-Yi Lin, the Deputy Minister of Council of Indigenous People, Executive Yuan and Kaohsiung County Mayor Mr. Chiu-Shin Yang also participated the event to give Mr. Geodhart their gratitude for his generous donations and cares toward aboriginal friends and culture. Mr. Geodhart stated that he did not complete the book on his own, together with his good friend Cheryl Robbins, a freelance writer who is devoted to promoting Taiwan’s indigenous arts and culture internationally, he share his insights in this book, and encourages Taiwanese and foreigners to explore the real Taiwan. Mr. Geodhart also wanted to think Tainan City Government for assisting the in host of this book launch at Chihkan Tower.
  3. 3. Penghu Fireworks Festival The Penghu County Government and Penghu National Scenic Area Administration, this year's event will feature activities every Wednesday and Saturday from April 24 to May 29 as well as activities on May 30 and 31. Apart from dazzling reworks displays, the evening skies over Magong will be further energized with performances by Sodagreen. Penghu County Magistrate Wang Chien-fa warmly welcomes everyone to join the early summer fun! One of the highlight events at this year's festival will take place on May 29 (Saturday) in front of Ziwei Temple in Suogang Village, Magong City. On that day, the local gods will be taken on a tour with traditional temple street performances adding to the celebratory air. Festival visitors will therefore have a rare chance to experience this grand annual event The festival sponsors say that this year's reworks displays will be the biggest and most spectacular ever. Visitors unable to buy plane tickets or who are looking for more budget-friendly transportation can take the High Speed Rail to Taibao Station in Chiayi, continue by shuttle to Budai Port and then sail to Magong by passenger boat.
  4. 4. Visa & Taiwan Tourism Bureau team up for the "go discover Taiwan with Visa" promotion In order to promote tourism development in Taiwan, Visa and the Taiwan Tourism Bureau are teaming up again for the "go discover Taiwan with Visa" promotion. Visa is inviting all overseas Visa cardholders traveling in Taiwan to enjoy special o ers and discounts at famous shopping malls, hot spring resorts, restaurants, historic spots and gift shops. The promotion is aimed at developing Taiwan's tourism industry and o ering super value for visitors. Nearly 40 merchants are participating this year, including well known hot spots like the National Palace Museum and Taipei 101 Mall, internationally renowned restaurants like Din Tai Feng and Du Hsiao Yueh, and shopping destinations from Eslite Bookstore to Paci c SOGO Department Store and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi. The activity period is from now to March 31, 2011. For more information on special deals go to:
  5. 5. It’s your turn to have a say: Become a TFAC newsletter contributor! Dear reader: How would you like to become one of our writers and get your work published in this newsletter? TFAC newsletter team is now inviting you to write down some of those unforgettable moments and fun experiences that have been a part of your Taiwan life, and email them to together with your contact information and some relevant pictures. Writers whose submissions are chosen for publication will also receive a specially selected gift from us. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and share your stories with your fellow residents in this wonderful place we call home!
  6. 6. Tainan Foreigner Assistance Center Tainan City Hall (06) 298-1000# 8244 2F, 6, Sec2, Yonghua Rd. Tainan City 70801